Trekking to Everest base camp

The trek to the Everest base camp is undoubtedly a challenge not only for mountaineers, climbers, and climbers but for all nature lovers. Despite its height and the challenge that this entails, this trip is quite feasible to do regardless of your physical condition,...

A child’s grief at the loss of a parent

All parents have worried at some point that our children have to go through the death of one of their parents when they are still small. How and when is such tremendous news communicated to a child? How does a child suffer? How can we help our children in such a...

How to dress in winter for mtb: Fight the cold

The biggest risk of mistaking clothing in winter? Being too hot, it seems counterintuitive, but choosing the right clothes is essential. We explain why. Fortunately for us, in recent years, increasingly technological and cutting-edge fabrics have arrived, much...

How to set mountain bike brakes?

Mountain biking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. But you'll want to be safe when you're out there. And that means having the right gear. For example, you'll need a good pair of mountain bike brakes. So how do you know which ones to buy? We've done the research...


China’s ties with North Korea show growing signs of strain

THE geopolitical relationship between China and North Korea is starting to show subtle but significant signs of change. China’s vice president, Li Yuanchao, on a visit to North Korea on July 27, 2013, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice day,...

Rare earths: the US fights back

THE United States is at a crossroads over the production and use of rare earth elements (REE). The 17 minerals, essential for products and processes from cruise missiles to smartphones, are widely used in the US defence industry, but this represents only a fraction of...

Indian satellites provide new era for space

INDIA is set to launch more of its own rockets in 2013 than it has in any previous year. Its budget is less than a tenth of NASA’s US$17.7 billion, but it has increased every year since the early 2000s, jumping from US$591 million in 2004-2005 to US$1.3 billion in...

Belarus ‘dictator’ plays cat and mouse with Europe and Russia

Belarus is Europe’s last dictatorship. And despite Brussels’s steadfast concern over the harsh repression meted out by its president, Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus stands defiant in the face of Western pressure for change. Europe’s ambitions to encourage...

Azerbaijan is the winner in European pipeline race

AZERBAIJAN can be seen as the biggest winner in the race to decide the route for the final leg of the trans-European pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Italy. It cooperated with Turkey in building the TANAP pipeline and made the supply of Caspian gas to Europe...

China’s ties with North Korea show growing signs of strain

THE geopolitical relationship between China and North Korea is starting to show subtle but significant signs of change. China’s vice president, Li Yuanchao, on a visit to North Korea on July 27, 2013, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice day,...

Major oil nations warned over failure to develop shale

MAJOR oil exporters are warned they could see a significant deterioration in their balance of trade if they fail to develop their own shale oil resources. Countries such as Russia and the Middle East could see a drop of around four to 10 per cent of GDP, according to...


Colombia’s search for peace and prosperity

Colombia’s search for peace and prosperity

COLOMBIA has been undergoing an economic transformation in the last few years. It has now become an attractive place for foreign investment in the energy sector after a series of reforms which relaxed labour laws. Since then, there has been a dramatic increase in...

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Security crisis delays the expansion of Iraq’s economy

IRAQ'S officially proven oil reserves are approaching 115 billion barrels. In 2013 the Iraqi Ministry of Oil reported an increase to 143 billion barrels. If this is correct, Iraq is the fifth biggest producer in the world. Most of the oil is in the Shi’i south – Iraq...

Indian satellites provide new era for space

INDIA is set to launch more of its own rockets in 2013 than it has in any previous year. Its budget is less than a tenth of NASA’s US$17.7 billion, but it has increased every year since the early 2000s, jumping from US$591 million in 2004-2005 to US$1.3 billion in...

Azerbaijan is the winner in European pipeline race

AZERBAIJAN can be seen as the biggest winner in the race to decide the route for the final leg of the trans-European pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Italy. It cooperated with Turkey in building the TANAP pipeline and made the supply of Caspian gas to Europe...

Major oil nations warned over failure to develop shale

MAJOR oil exporters are warned they could see a significant deterioration in their balance of trade if they fail to develop their own shale oil resources. Countries such as Russia and the Middle East could see a drop of around four to 10 per cent of GDP, according to...


Security crisis delays the expansion of Iraq’s economy

Security crisis delays the expansion of Iraq’s economy

IRAQ'S officially proven oil reserves are approaching 115 billion barrels. In 2013 the Iraqi Ministry of Oil reported an increase to 143 billion barrels. If this is correct, Iraq is the fifth biggest producer in the world. Most of the oil is in the Shi’i south – Iraq...

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Azerbaijan is the winner in European pipeline race

Azerbaijan is the winner in European pipeline race

AZERBAIJAN can be seen as the biggest winner in the race to decide the route for the final leg of the trans-European pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Italy. It cooperated with Turkey in building the TANAP pipeline and made the supply of Caspian gas to Europe...

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Major oil nations warned over failure to develop shale

MAJOR oil exporters are warned they could see a significant deterioration in their balance of trade if they fail to develop their own shale oil resources. Countries such as Russia and the Middle East could see a drop of around four to 10 per cent of GDP, according to...

Russia’s hold Europe’s gas market is changing rapidly

THE 28 countries in the European Union form the world’s largest energy importer with Russia its biggest supplier of oil, gas, uranium and coal, as well as the third-largest electricity exporter to the EU. The EU is Russia’s largest trade partner, accounting for more...

Gas consortium backs the Adriatic route to Europe

YEARS of corporate rivalry in the energy industry and international competition has ended with the decision to award a contract to build a pipeline to take gas from the Shah Deniz gas field in Azerbaijan to Europe. The BP-led Shah Deniz Consortium selected the 876km...


Brazil builds fleet to parade military on world stage

BRAZIL has several reasons for wanting more submarines. A larger, modern submarine fleet would be a strong deterrent to protect Brazil’s extensive coastline and its offshore and onshore resources, including oil, wood and uranium. A nuclear-powered submarine, which...


Trekking to Everest base camp

The trek to the Everest base camp is undoubtedly a challenge not only for mountaineers, climbers, and climbers but for all nature lovers. Despite its height and the challenge that this entails, this trip is quite feasible to do regardless of your physical condition, age, or gender. read more…

A child’s grief at the loss of a parent

All parents have worried at some point that our children have to go through the death of one of their parents when they are still small. How and when is such tremendous news communicated to a child? How does a child suffer? How can we help our children in such a situation?

“Children do not understand the concept of no return”

When Should We Communicate To A Child News As Traumatic As The Death Of One Of Their Parents?

Starting from the fact that it is never a good time, you do not have to wait long to inform the child of the death of his parent. Ideally, the adult who transmits it is the other parent, and he can be as “whole” as possible. But it cannot always be achieved, and the wait and the uncertainty if we wait until the father or mother has overcome it, can be worse.

Children need to know what is happening, they realize that something terrible has happened, seeing the reactions of adults, that their parents are not there…

In no case can we lie, we will tell the truth, in the sweetest way possible and adapt the information to their age. The management of silence and uncertainty or lies will almost never give good results.

Once The Moment Has Been Chosen, What Do We Say?

Child phycology

It is very important not to give more information than necessary. Children should be told that the person in question has died, but there is no need to give further explanations about the causes or details about the death. They don’t need them.

Something that helps them understand death is to talk to them about a pet, the typical orange fairground fish that died on them. As hard as it may seem to us, children have to know that life ends.

Regardless of our religious beliefs, we must be clear in the message, we must not use aphorisms or metaphors such as “he is gone”, so as not to create false expectations about the return of the loved one. Children, especially when they are very young, do not understand the concept of no return. So you have to explain to them that he is dead and that they will never see him again. Religious explanations can be included such as that he is in heaven… but we must explain to them that heaven is metaphorical, it is not a place where we can go, because it may happen that some children think that he is going to return and that can create a lot of confusion.

What Can We Expect From A Child’s First Reaction?

The first reactions can be tremendously nonsense. They will depend a lot on the child’s age and personality variables. There may be children who remain in a state of shock, that is, at first they do not realize what is happening, they do not accept it and they need time to assimilate it and begin to grieve, however, there will be other children who from the outset they are tremendously affected.

We cannot think that the reaction is always the same, it will depend a lot on the child. But what we should always do is respect each child’s own time. Give everyone the time they need. The important thing here is to know that the duel has its phases and that we cannot skip them, everything takes a certain time.

Should A Child Go To The Funeral Of His Father Or His Mother?

Also in this, there will be many individual differences, it will depend a lot on the characteristics and personality of each child, as well as their age.

We must bear in mind that going to a funeral home to see the coffin of any family member is very painful, even more so for a father or a mother. So we absolutely must not force the situation.

Nothing is going to contribute to the presence of a child in these situations and with very sensitive children the only thing that we will achieve is that they have a really bad time. What the child should always do is say goodbye, but he can do it through a letter, going after the place where the body rests, or doing it figuratively… when some time has passed. The farewell is key to being able to start the duel, but this does not imply, in any way, that the farewell must be with the body present.

What Happens When Feelings Of Guilt child care?

Sometimes there are children who feel guilty for not having behaved well with their father or mother, or even relate the death to something they did or said, so you have to explain to them what has happened if they have had an accident, or illness. .. (but without going into many details) explaining that they are not to blame for what happened.

A very common response in these cases is that children feel insecure in the new situation, not only because of the sadness of the moment but because they think that something can happen to the other parent, that people can die and disappear one day to the next and that at any given moment you can be left alone. That is why it will be essential to give the child a lot of security, making him see that the surviving parent is not sick and that nothing is going to happen to him… Insecurity is a very common response in children, perhaps not immediately but a little more in the medium term.

What Other Symptoms Can Manifest In The Medium Term?

In the short term, the child may feel very sad, even angry at the loss of the parent. These reactions are normal and must be allowed to express. You have to let the child cry as much as he wants and express his feelings for her, in the medium term there may be symptoms of regression and, above all, that feeling of insecurity.

The child will be sad and you have to make him see that it is normal for him to feel that way. It’s okay if he sees that adults cry too because it’s normal to mourn the death of a close relative, especially at first.

When Should We Seek Help From A Psychologist Or A Specialist?

Before asking a psychologist for help, the first thing to do is always talk to the school. So that their teachers are informed, so that they can give them support, so that they can protect them a little… and not only at the time of the outcome, but also afterward at school they must know the situation, that the child is orphaned by some parents so that it is taken into account at school when carrying out family activities, such as Father’s or Mother’s Day, and properly manage these issues from there.

It is also very important to have friends. At a time like this we should not consider things like changing the child’s school, or his environment, that is, not taking away the things that give him a little security, and that he can count on the rest of his family, and friends, school.

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How to dress in winter for mtb: Fight the cold

The biggest risk of mistaking clothing in winter? Being too hot, it seems counterintuitive, but choosing the right clothes is essential. We explain why. Fortunately for us, in recent years, increasingly technological and cutting-edge fabrics have arrived, much borrowed from the world of mountaineering that allows us to ride in very low temperatures, but without wearing super heavy and uncomfortable clothing. Choosing the correct clothing for winter mtb outings. Perhaps on the snow, is not easy and you must always take into consideration a fundamental detail: you must not be too hot.

Dress in winter for mtb

How to dress in winter for mtb

When we lower the pace or face a descent, the clothing dampened (or even wet) by sweat cools or even freezes due to the air, creating a cold layer that becomes impossible to recover quickly and the only solution is going into a bar to have a nice hot tea. Above all, it becomes can be the cause of ailments and chilblains. Check out the bike frame size measurement.

The classic “Onion style”

You will have heard it repeated 1000 times on 1000 different occasions, but once more, it can only do well: you have to dress like an onion! That is, you have to dress in layers that can be easily removed or put on in order to follow the thermoregulation of the body.

The ideal is to start from a primary layer in contact with the warm and technical body, with fabrics that keep sweat away from the skin, and then wear a second warm but breathable and not heavy layer. The outer layer is important both windproof because it is the cold air that cools the body the most, so choose a light, windproof outer layer that in case you can remove it uphill or when you push to the maximum and you can quickly put it back downhill or when the rhythm drops. Keep reading

In winter, accessories also become important, especially those that protect the extremities: waterproof and windproof gloves, winter shoes or shoe covers, balaclavas and neck warmers become essential for a fun-filled outing and not a cold one.

For a 4º temperature

So many words. But let’s move on to the facts. Today we went out for a rather short workout, about an hour and 45, but which we knew was intense and the thermometer at noon was 4º and here’s how we dressed:

First layer

Specialized long-sleeved, seamless merino wool sweater with high collar, the socks were also in merino wool, Northwave’s extreme pro. We preferred merino wool because it is warm even when dampened by sweat.

Second layer

As for the second layer, we wore two of our favorite garments. A brand of great stylistic appeal, but at the same time with high quality and obsessive attention to detail.

The merino bronze is warm because it is made of a mix of merino wool and polyester, while the front part, the one that protects the bust, has a gravity membrane insert that is able to protect from wind and water while maintaining breathability.

Outer layer

Above all, we have chosen the complete fox racing ranger water set consisting of long pants and a hooded jacket. Normally meant to be used as rain gear, we’re finding them perfect for winter when it’s cold, muddy, and planning to sweat.

The ranger 3l water pants are waterproof but light. They protect from wind, water and above all, they do not make the pad wet when the ground is wet and muddy, but the snug and shaped cut makes them perfect for pedaling even many hours in a row.

We started using them to test them, with the typical skepticism of the xc racer, but we were so pleased with them that we made them the essential garment in winter outings. The same goes for the ranger 2.5l water jacket. It protects from the air and does not make you sweat, avoids getting wet and above all, protects from mud.

What if it’s colder? An exit at -4 °

If you want to pedal despite the thermometer showing temperatures below zero, what you have to do is not dress with even more layers but rethink the quality of them. If we take our equipment, we could either modify the second layer by going to wear long fleece tights under the waterproof pants and a sleeveless down jacket over the merino’s shirt.

If you have the possibility, the best solution is instead to take advantage of the most advanced fabrics.

For example, the fox flexair pro fire jacket and pants take advantage of the polartec alpha fabric, which represents the latest evolution in the synthetic insulation sector, offering an extraordinary combination of warmth, lightness and breathability combined with an extra-soft hand.

It keeps you warmer, but at the same time, it also blocks the air and allows the body to breathe and thermoregulate. So keeping the first and second layers unchanged but choosing an outer layer with sports-specific synthetic padding, you get the same protection from the air, but you increase the heat without risking sweating or overheating.


Shoes are very important. If you plan to ride a lot in winter, then better invest in a good pair of winter shoes.

We always warm up little shoes and socks with the hairdryer before going out, 30 “For each foot no more, just to leave with warm feet when we have not yet warmed up. Another important thing is after each exit, take off the insoles and let them dry. No one wants to put their foot in a damp shoe in winter.

Gloves are also fundamental, personally, we prefer to have windproof and rainproof gloves, but not padded to keep a good feeling on the handlebars, but we know that many out there suffer from cold hands and therefore prefer something more padded.

We have always used gloves from fox racing’s ranger water line, but on the market, you are spoiled for choice.

Another accessory that we never do without in winter is the neck warmer, or buff depending on what you call it. We use a light one, not fleece because it keeps us warm and protected without bothering us or making us sweat, so as to keep it both uphill and downhill, a real panacea.

Helmet and glasses

If you are particularly cold in the head or ears, then choose a thin windproof balaclava. To protect the ears when going downhill or on asphalt, we simply raise the neck warmer to cover them.

The last accessory is the glasses. Cold air is very annoying, so choosing a pair of glasses with a wide lens that protects most of the face is important. Normally we choose completely transparent lenses, in this case, the alba optics delta, because we know that the winter light is less strong and annoying than the summer one and much darker in the undergrowth.

A pair of final strikes

Of course, this is just an example related to a short ride and above all to our particular personal taste, each with the experience and knowledge of his body must find what is best for him.

Always remember to wear a warm hat and jacket at the end of the ride if you do not have the opportunity to change and take a hot shower immediately.

How to set mountain bike brakes?

Mountain biking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. But you’ll want to be safe when you’re out there. And that means having the right gear. For example, you’ll need a good pair of mountain bike brakes. So how do you know which ones to buy? We’ve done the research for you, so you don’t have to. 

If you’re riding a mountain bike, you’ll want to know how to set your brakes. And if you’re a cyclist, you’ll want to know how to set your brakes. Also, you can check out the mountain bike disc brake kit. This post will tell you how to do it and how to do it right.

How to set mountain bike brakes?

How to set mountain bike brakes

The first thing you’ll need is a mountain bike. If you don’t already have one, then you can get one from your local bike shop. You’ll also need a spare set of brake pads.

Next, you’ll need to adjust the brake pads. To do this, you’ll need to remove the brake pads from the wheel and put them on the ground. Then, you’ll want to turn the wheel until the brake pads are sitting at an angle of 45 degrees. Keep reading

Now, you’ll need to use a flat piece of metal to push the brake pads into place. The flat piece of metal should be placed between the brake pads and the rim of the wheel.

Once the brakes are in place, you’ll need to adjust them. You’ll want to ensure that the brakes are adjusted, so they are just touching the rim of the wheel. If the brakes aren’t adjusted correctly, then you could damage your bike.

You’ll then need to clean your brakes. You can use brake cleaner to remove any dirt or grime from your brakes.

After cleaning your brakes, you’ll need to make sure they’re dry. To do this, you can use a towel to wipe down the brakes. You’ll also want to make sure you have a good pair of gloves.

Now, you’ll need to adjust your brakes again. You’ll want to use the flat piece of metal to push the brakes into place. Then, you’ll want to adjust them until they’re in place.

You’ll then need to adjust them again. This time, you’ll want to turn the wheel until the brakes are sitting at an angle of 45 degrees.

Finally, you’ll need to adjust them one more time. This time, you’ll want to turn the wheel until the brakes are sitting at an angle of 90 degrees.

You’ll then need to use brake pads to replace the old ones. You can use a tool to pull out the old pads. Then, you can replace them with new ones.

Things to consider while choosing mountain bike brakes

  1. Mountain bikes are a popular choice of bicycle for people who want to get out and enjoy the outdoors. They’re often used for recreational purposes, but they’re also ideal for commuting and exercise.
  2. The brake system on a mountain bike is one of the most important parts of the bike. You’ll want to make sure that you choose the right type of brake for your bike and that you fit it correctly.
  3. There are three different types of brakes that you can use on your mountain bike: disc brakes, rim brakes, and cantilever brakes.
  4. Disc brakes are a popular choice for mountain bikes. They’re lighter than other types of brakes, and they provide a more powerful braking force.
  5. Rim brakes are another popular choice for mountain bikes. They’re usually made from aluminum, and they’re easy to fit.
  6. Cantilever brakes are a traditional choice for mountain bikes. They’re heavier than disc brakes, but they provide a strong braking force.
  7. Mountain bike brakes are designed to be used in different weather conditions, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right type of brake for the weather conditions you’re likely to be riding in.
  8. You’ll want to make sure that you choose the right type of brake for your bike and that you fit it correctly. 

Make mountain bike brakes more responsive

Step 1: Clean the brakes: You’ll get better braking if you clean your brake pads. Use a little brake cleaner and a rag to wipe off the brake pads. This will remove any dirt and grime that may be on the pads.

Step 2: Remove the brake pads: Pull the brake pad out of its housing. Remove the brake caliper.

Step 3: Clean the brake caliper: Wipe off the brake caliper with a rag.

Step 4: Install the new brake pads: Put the brake pad back in the housing. Install the brake caliper back into the housing.

Step 5: Adjust the brakes: Tighten the brake cable and adjust the brakes to your liking.

Tips for improving your disc brake power

  1. The first thing you need to do when it comes to improving your disc brake power is to make sure you’re in good physical condition. You’ll want to make sure you’re not over-exerting yourself and that you’re eating a balanced diet.
  2. The second thing you should do is to make sure you’re using the right tools. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type of pads and the right size of shoes. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re using the right type of cleats and the right size of cleats.
  3. The third thing you should do is to make sure you’re using the right type of tires. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type of tires, and the right size of tires.
  4. The fourth thing you should do is to make sure you’re using the right type of rim tape. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type of rim tape and the right size of rims.
  5. The fifth thing you should do is to make sure you’re using the right type of brake fluid. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type of brake fluid and the right size of brake fluid.
  6. The sixth thing you should do is to make sure you’re using the right type of master cylinder. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type of master cylinder and the right size of the master cylinder.
  7. The seventh thing you should do is to make sure you’re using the right type of calipers. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type of calipers and the right size of calipers.
  8. The eighth thing you should do is to make sure you’re using the right type of levers. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type of levers and the right size of levers.
  9. The ninth thing you should do is to make sure you’re using the right type of brake pads. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type of brake pads and the right size of brake pads.
  10. The tenth and final thing you should do is to make sure you’re using the right type of wheel nuts. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type of wheel nuts and the right size of wheel nuts.

In conclusion, the only way to prevent the problem from happening again is to use a quality brake pad and ensure that the brake pads are properly adjusted.

How to support new moms?

As a new mom myself, I know how much a new baby can affect a person’s life. A newborn is a completely new and exciting experience. It’s a time when you’re still learning about the world around you. It’s a time when you’re learning about yourself. It’s a time when you’re learning to be a mom and a wife. But it’s also a time when you’re learning to be a woman. And that’s why it’s so important to support new moms. Check out the baby swing for bigger babies.

How to support new moms?

  1. It’s a very common problem for new moms. They’re exhausted, they’re struggling to cope with their new baby, and they feel like they’re falling behind. It’s a difficult situation, but there are ways that you can help. Keep reading
  2. Don’t wait: New moms need help as soon as possible. The sooner you can get them the support they need, the better. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or if you’re struggling to cope with the demands of having a baby, then it’s important to seek help.
  3. Stay positive: Moms need support, not criticism. You can’t expect a new mom to cope with the stresses of motherhood by themselves. You can be supportive, and you can help by being encouraging and kind.
  4. Offer practical advice: Moms need practical advice. They need to know what to do when their baby is crying, and they need to know how to make their home more child-friendly.
  5. Take time off: Moms need time to recover. They need time to sleep, and they need time to spend with their baby. You can help them by taking some time off from work.
  6. Listen to their concerns: Moms need to feel like they’re not alone. They need to know that they’re not the only ones who are struggling. It’s important to listen to their concerns and to understand that they’re not doing a good job if they feel like they’re falling behind.
  7. Be patient: New moms can be impatient. They’re tired, they’re struggling to cope, and they want to know how to do things. They need to be patient, and they need to know that you’re going to be there for them.
  8. Give them space: Moms need space to recover. They need time to rest, and they need time to spend with their baby. You can help them by giving them space and by not being too intrusive.
  9. Make sure they’re safe: Moms need to feel safe. They need to know that you’re looking out for them and that you’re protecting them from harm. You can help by making sure they’re safe at home and by looking after their baby.

Why is it important to support a new mom?

Care new moms

  1. When you have a child, you become a part of a bigger family. This means that you’re not just supporting yourself and your partner anymore. You’re also supporting your child. Your new child needs you to be there for them and to support them in any way you can.
  2. You’re helping out a friend: If you have friends who are having babies or friends who are going through a tough time, you’re helping them by supporting them. You’re helping them by being there for them.
  3. You’re helping out your community: If you have children, you’re helping out your community. You’re helping out the people who are trying to raise children. You’re helping out the people who are struggling with having children.
  4. You’re helping out your country: If you have children, you’re helping out your country. You’re helping out the people of your country. You’re helping out the people who are trying to raise children.
  5. You’re helping out your future: If you have children, you’re helping out your future. You’re helping out the people who are trying to raise children. You’re helping out the people who are struggling with having children.
  6. You’re helping out your partner: If you have children, you’re helping out your partner. You’re helping out your partner by being there for them and supporting them.
  7. You’re helping out society: If you have children, you’re helping out society. You’re helping out the people who are trying to raise children. You’re helping out the people who are struggling with having children.
  8. You’re helping out the environment: If you have children, you’re helping out the environment. You’re helping out the people who are trying to raise children. You’re helping out the people who are struggling with having children.
  9. You’re helping out your future child: If you have children, you’re helping out your future child. You’re helping out the people who are trying to raise children. You’re helping out the people who are struggling with having children.
  10. You’re helping out your parents: If you have children, you’re helping out your parents. You’re helping out your parents by being there for them and supporting them.

Things not to do with new moms

  1. Don’t forget to keep yourself healthy. Your health is one of the most important things to take care of when you’re a new mom. This is because your health will affect your baby’s health.
  2. Don’t forget to eat. It’s easy to forget about seating when you’re a new mom. But, you should still make sure you eat enough to keep yourself healthy.
  3. Don’t forget to sleep. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your health.
  4. Don’t forget to be active. If you don’t get enough exercise, you can find yourself gaining weight. That’s not good for your health.
  5. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. You need to make sure you take care of yourself. You need to make sure you eat well and get enough sleep.
  6. Don’t forget to have fun. When you’re a new mom, it can be difficult to have fun. But, you should try to have as much fun as possible. You need to make sure you’re having fun with your baby and with the other members of your family.
  7. Don’t forget to relax. It can be hard to relax when you’re a new mom. But, you should make sure you take a break from time to time.
  8. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. You need to make sure you treat yourself well when you’re a new mom.
  9. Don’t forget to take care of your baby. Your baby needs your love and attention.
  10. Don’t forget to be patient. When you’re a new mom, it can be difficult to be patient. But, you should make sure you’re patient with yourself and with your baby.

In conclusion, I believe that the best way to support someone is to be there for them.

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Ordinary maintenance and periodic mountain bike checks

More and more often (and in particular beginners), they ask me for information about the routine maintenance operations that must be performed on an MTB. Surely those who have been cycling for a long time will know in detail how to keep their MTB in shape, but this is not the case for everyone.

For example, I got to talk to a guy some time ago who had been riding an MTB for 6 months and didn’t know he had to grease the chain.

This article will talk about “small” maintenance and routine checks that do not require you to disassemble anything or fix anything but that will allow you to understand the health of your MTB. Let’s check out the best stationary bike stand.

We will also talk about what a cyclist should take with him to deal with any breakages or problems that may occur at km from home. Keep reading

Cleaning the bike

Ordinary maintenance and periodic mountain bike checks

This operation is one of the most important operations to keep your Mtb healthy. Dirt, mud and debris that grinds between your transmission or moving parts not only contribute to faster damage to mechanical parts but create friction and the friction turns into extra fatigue for your legs.

Let’s dispel a myth. In my opinion, it is not true that you cannot wash the bike with the pressure washer, it can be done and the bike is better, but you have to be careful because there are delicate critical points on which, however, it is not good to spray. If you are unsure, use the classic water hose.

I proceed like this:

– I completely bathe my bike,

– I spray a degreaser on the mechanical parts (chain, crowns, cranksets, sprockets, rear derailleur, brake disc area), then spray a specific bike cleaner on the remaining parts and on the frame.

– I wait for the products to take effect (10 minutes and in the shade), after which I rinse everything

– Once the rinsing operations are finished, I give a good blow of the compressor to dry the bike and proceed to the finishing operations with the rag and a classic spray bottle.

During drying with the compressor (or if you wash with a pressure washer), you must try to prevent any pressure (air or water) from pushing debris into the critical areas and specifically:

– Do not point the compressor lance or gun at the upper fork legs (towards the oil seals)

– No in the direction of the bottom bracket bearings in the crank area,

– No, in the direction of the headset bearings,

If you have a pressure washer with adjustable pressure, lower the pressure a little and clean without major problems.

Once the whole bike is neat and a pint, however, it is not ready for the exit. By washing, you have degreased the bike and there are some parts that need to be oiled in order to slide smoothly.

– The chain must be blown well and oiled by turning it and placing the carton inside. (This is because with the centrifugal force, the oil will pass through the chain).

– The fork legs must be greased with a silicone spray.

– I grease the crank area and the pivot point of the pedals with a bit of WD40.

Now your bike is ready to go out but are you sure it’s all right?. In what conditions is it?

Periodic checks

As mentioned in the introduction, we will limit ourselves to evaluating the condition of the bike, trying to understand whether or not it is appropriate to take it for repair. This type of check is very fast and must be done at least monthly.

Chain: At least once a month, it is best to remove it and clean it properly with a toothbrush and white petroleum. 90% of the chains have the clip that must be released to be able to remove them. The crip can be recognized because it is the only one with the joint. If you do not have it, have it installed by your mechanic. Otherwise, it will not be easy for you to proceed with the cleaning operations. Usually, the clip opens by hand, pushing the shirt to tighten. There are also specific pliers to release the clip but if you do not have the pliers or if the clip does not come off, try this technique that will surely help you. Fit the chain as shown in the photo below and lightly hammer the ring on the outgoing side.

To check the status of the chain, there is a small meter that tells you if you have to throw it away or if it is still good. It is good practice to oil the chain at each exit.

Checking the screws: This is a very important operation as screws often tend to loosen on an MTB. Check them all, especially those in the steering area, the one that supports the derailleur and the wheel pins. The screws must be tightened with a certain force (especially if you have a carbon bike). This force is usually engraved near the head of the screw (eg, 6N), so buy a torque wrench (even cheap) and to avoid doing damage and not tighten to death.

Checking the pads: The brake pads are made up of a steel/aluminum support and a lining that wears out by sliding on the disc. It is necessary to check that the lining layer is not so worn as to brake with the support. Normally this operation is feasible without disassembling anything. Just look at the caliper from above with the help of a flashlight.

Disc inspection: Discs also wear out and their thickness must not drop below a certain value to avoid catastrophic breakage (usually, the minimum thickness is 1.5 mm, but this value can change and is engraved on the outside of each disc).

Measure the thickness in various points with the gauge, taking care to peck with the gauge beats only the area where the pads work at full surface.

Also, check if the discs are straight. Usually, if they are crooked, you should have noticed because a crooked disc with rotation triggers a noise at times. Turn it with a light pointed on the opposite side of the pads. You will immediately understand if it is wrong or not.

Bearing control: basically, there are 4 sets of bearings on an MTB front to which are added those of the levers present on the full bikes. As a rule, they must all be checked or evaluated in the same way:

– Rotation: By rotating the bearing (be it a wheel, bottom bracket, pedals or steering wheel), the bearing must rotate effortlessly and without jamming. With minimal force, the bearing should not jerk.

– Play: By forcing the bearing orthogonal to the direction of rotation, the joint must have no play. To check the steering bearings, place one hand on the front brake and the other between the fork plate and the steerer. Brake and rock the bike back and forth. You should perceive any play. As for the pedals, grab them with one hand and force them up and down. For the wheels, push them on the outer spoke. 

– Smoothness. By making the bearing rotate, it must slide freely without producing any noise and must stop linearly and gradually.

Wheel Inspection: Determining if a wheel is bent is easy. Just spin it and look at it from behind. If it is wrong, you notice it immediately, but sometimes it happens that the rim is wrong. Other times it is the tire that is damaged. To understand what it is, put a small piece of wood resting on the frame very close to the rim and spin the wheel.

When looking at the wheels, run your hand over the spokes tightening them in pairs. If you have a slow or broken beam, you should feel it.

Checking the roofs: The condition of the roofs is very important. We had already talked about it here. Spin the wheels and check the surface (if you have cracks, cuts, etc. ..). Remember that the pressure of the wheels must be checked before each ride and if you have tubeless wheels, the liquid inside must be checked at least every 2 months and in any case after each puncture.

Control of the gearbox: No less important is the control of the adjustment of the gearbox. I use this technique to understand if the change is ok or not. Put the chain on the center front sprocket (if you have a double the large one) and on the second smallest sprocket. Spin the pedals and press the shift lever lightly as if you were shifting to the larger rear gear. Press slowly and before reaching the click, the chain must go up to the upper gear. Releasing the command, the chain must return to its place.

General checks: Last but not least are the general checks. When you clean the bike or take something apart, look at the frame in critical points, look for any cracks, look at the edge of the rims for drafts and try to investigate anything that seems anomalous to you. When you ride your bike, pay attention to the noises and try to understand where they come from and what they depend on, the operation of the gearbox and the driving sensations.

Repair kit

For years I have carried around a bit of everything, something I have never used and something that has often served me, but it is necessary to find the right compromise between the weight to be carried on the shoulder and the possibility of returning on foot.

A distinction must also be made between training outings and competitions. Walking alone in the woods 30 km from home is not the same as staying on foot in a race where surely within a few km it is possible to find someone who can give you a hand.

1) Pump – Essential accessory to always carry around. Many prefer to carry pre-compressed air cans with them, but I don’t like them. The air in the tank runs out and if it runs out, you are in the poop.

2) Inner tube – Indispensable even if you have latex wheels. Any cut that the latex fails to close will force you to put the inner tube to go home. Check that the chamber is the right size for your wheels and that the valve is the same as the ones you usually use and that it is mounted on your pump.

3) Tabs to open the tire – Essential. It is not always possible to open the tire by hand.

4) Multitools – Check that your accessory is equipped with the chain tool (otherwise, buy it separately and bring it). In addition, some bikes have the through pins of the wheels that are unscrewed with the Allen screws. Check that the necessary caterpillars are in your multitools.

5) Chain clip – It weighs little and if you tear the chain 99%, it allows you to go home. Be careful. The clips are not all the same. Make sure you have purchased a clip suitable for your chain (10v or 11V etc.)

6) Cable ties and electrical tape – They weigh little, take up little space and solve many situations.

In my experience, this is the bare minimum that most likely allows you to ride home. However, each situation must be evaluated separately and for example:

– If you go to a race where there is a lot of mud, consider taking a small bottle of WD40 with you (free micro samples). If halfway through the race you have the gearbox half blocked, it will be perfect again.

– If you have no weight problems, take the air reservoir over the pump. If you have a puncture, you will leave again in a flash.

– If you do very long laps, bring a piece of an old thin tire. If you cut the rubber, you risk that the inner tube will remain exposed to you. You can slide the piece of the tire under the cut.

Lastly, if you’ve never done it before, it’s a good idea to try changing an inner tube and putting on a clip at home. If you happen to be in the woods between earth and debris and often rain and mud, everything will be more complicated.

What is the difference between a cruiser and a comfort bike?

Cruisers are the ultimate in style and comfort. They’re stylish, cool and comfortable. Comfort bikes are designed to give you a comfortable ride. Cruisers are great for cruising around town, and comfort bikes are perfect for your daily commute. But cruisers and comfort bikes have a lot more in common than just their names. 

What is a cruiser bike?

difference between a cruiser and a comfort bike

A cruiser bike is a type of bike that is designed for cruising through urban areas and around town. They are typically lighter and more comfortable than traditional mountain bikes and are often equipped with a wider range of gears to make cruising easier. Read also about the schwinn ladies beach cruiser.

What is a comfort bike?

A comfort bike is a bike that is designed to make riders feel more comfortable while they are riding. Some of the features that make a comfortable bike include a padded seat, a wide saddle, and a comfortable handlebar.

What is the difference between a cruiser and a comfort bike?

Here are 10 differences between cruisers and comfort bikes:

  1. Cruisers are great for longer rides. They’re ideal for people who enjoy touring. Comfort bikes are designed to be more comfortable, and they’re great for commuting.
  2. Cruisers are often heavier than comfort bikes. Comfort bikes are usually a little lighter than cruisers.
  3. Cruisers tend to be more expensive. Comfort bikes are generally cheaper than cruisers.
  4. Cruisers tend to have a larger saddle. Comfort bikes tend to have a smaller saddle.
  5. Cruisers are usually bigger than comfort bikes. Keep reading
  6. Cruisers usually have a higher seat height. Comfort bikes tend to have a lower seat height.
  7. Cruisers tend to have a more upright riding position. Comfort bikes tend to have a more relaxed riding position.
  8. Cruisers tend to have a higher handlebar. Comfort bikes tend to have a lower handlebar.
  9. Cruisers tend to have a higher gear ratio. Comfort bikes tend to have a lower gear ratio.
  10. Cruisers are usually made of steel or aluminum. Comfort bikes are usually made of carbon fiber. 

What is a comfort bike good for?

A comfort bike is a bike that is designed to make riding more comfortable. They typically have a softer ride and are designed to be more forgiving. They are typically used by people who are new to biking or who have difficulty riding traditional bikes. 

I got my first Comfort Bike from Trek in high school. It was great because it allowed me to get over my fear of the road. I still have it today, but for the last couple of years, I’ve been using an electric bike for commuting. If you are looking into getting a Comfort Bike, or even if you already have one, here are some of the best models available on the market. 

What is a cruiser bike good for?

Cruiser bikes are typically designed as leisure bikes and are often used for commuting or recreational cycling. They are generally less expensive than other types of bikes, making them a good option for those who are on a budget. Cruiser bikes are often designed with a low center of gravity and a relaxed riding position. They are also easy to maintain and are usually fairly lightweight. Cruiser bikes are often smaller and lighter than other bikes. This makes them easier to handle and more maneuverable.

Disadvantages of the comfort bike

  1. A comfort bike is the easiest way to get around town. It’s a great way to save money on fuel costs. It’s also a lot of fun. It’s the perfect way to get to know your neighborhood and to find out what it has to offer.
  2. However, a comfortable bike isn’t as good for your health as a regular bike. There are many disadvantages to riding a comfort bike, including the fact that it can be dangerous. It can also cause serious injuries and lead to a loss of fitness.
  3. The most important thing to remember is that if you’re not in any real danger and you feel like you’re safe, it’s best to ride a regular bike. You can still enjoy the benefits of riding a comfort bike, but you should only do it if you really need to.
  4. If you’re looking for a way to lose weight, then you might want to consider buying a comfort bike. It’s a great way to keep fit and to reduce your weight. You can also use it to help you lose weight.
  5. However, you should only buy a comfort bike if you’re planning on riding it for more than just a few months. If you’re planning on buying a comfort bike for longer than that, then you should also consider buying a regular bike.

Disadvantages of the cruiser bike

  1. The cruiser bike is great for those who enjoy riding on the street and want to have a comfortable ride. This type of bike has a low seat height, meaning that you can sit comfortably while pedaling. 
  2. This type of bike is also great for people who like to go for long rides. This means that you can pedal for hours without getting tired. It’s also great for beginners because it’s easy to ride.
  3. However, there are disadvantages to the cruiser bike. This type of bike is not recommended for people who are new to cycling or those who have trouble with balance. You might also find this type of bike uncomfortable if you’re a beginner.
  4. There are also some safety issues associated with the cruiser bike. You might find it difficult to cycle when you’re on the road because you’re not as stable as you would be on a racing bike. You might also find it difficult to cycle in traffic because you can’t see well.
  5. This type of bike isn’t recommended for people who have balance problems or for those who are new to cycling.

In conclusion, the cruisers have a more upright riding position, which means that they are easier to balance and maneuver, while comfort bikes have a more relaxed riding position, which makes them more comfortable to ride and faster to ride.

The best travel guides, guided tours, and tourist activities

One of the ways to enjoy a trip more is knowing which places to visit, which routes to take, where to eat or stay and what history, secrets, and curiosities those places hide.

If you like to make the most of the place you travel to, there are companies that offer a wide variety of tourist activities, such as guided tours or excursions, and other special services for travelers such as airport transfers or transfers from the airport to the city.

You can also have the best travel guides with all the necessary information about the destination you are going to travel to.

Below we discuss some of these resources that you have at your fingertips to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Consult The Best Travel Guide!Travel and tourist guide


Travel guides are full of information about the place you are traveling to, they can recommend the best restaurants, the most useful tips, the most important places, or the most hidden and interesting corners. In addition, some of the best travel guides are usually available in various formats such as Online, PDF, Mobile Apps, or printed pocket versions to take with you during the trip and consult them at the right time or in the desired place.

Enjoy Traveling With Civitatis

One of the companies in the tourism sector that offers different tourist services to its clients is Civitatis with its slogan « What are you going to do when you don’t sleep? Fill Your Journey .”

Some of the characteristics that Civitatis has are:

  • They have activities and tours in a wide variety of tourist destinations
  • They have customer service in Spanish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Thousands of positive Civitatis opinions
  • Their prices are clear, they do not have surcharges or hidden prices

Some of the services offered by Civitatis are the following:

  • Tours and guided visits to the most emblematic places of each destination
  • Excursions to towns and cities carried out by professionals
  • Reliable and fixed price airport transfers

We invite you to click on the image above to visit the official website and see all the activities available to you.

Guided Tours Of The Most Famous Places

One of the ways to learn more about the history of a country or a city is with a guided tour. With these visits, you will be able to know in-depth the history of some emblematic place and it is a perfect way to enjoy the trip. There are companies that offer Free Tours or tourist packages with all the information about the place and monuments that you will visit.

Excursions To The Most Emblematic Cities And Towns

Excursions in a trip will show you incredible and very interesting places, with a prepared itinerary and guided routes. You will enjoy visiting beautiful towns, emblematic places and you will know the history of these places.

Airport Transfers

Some of the companies that sell tour packages also offer additional services such as airport transfers with fixed rates, professional private drivers,s and exceptional customer service.

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How to write a good journalistic article?

Writing a good journalistic article is one of the most complex and demanding tasks, especially if what we want as journalists is to attract the attention of the public by telling stories in a different and attractive way.

To achieve the objective, it is not enough just to write well, it is necessary to think about what information our audience wants to know and to be very clear about the approach, the tone of communication, and the narrative style that we will use.

For this reason, I invite you to read these 5 keys to writing a good journalistic article, they will surely help you develop your story or even discover another way of narrating.

5 Keys To Writing A Good Journalistic Article

Keys tips of journalistic article

Choose A Good Theme

The first thing you should do before you start writing is to select a topic that is current or of interest to your audience. The topics can be found in the news in the press, the information offered by the radio, in a television program, researching on the internet, or even in a conversation that arises with your friends in a café in the city.

Choosing a good topic for your article will depend on your journalistic nose, because it will help you discover, among a large amount of information, the story that people want to know and even better, the one that they did not imagine existed.

Do Some Deep Research

To develop the structure and content of your narrative, it is essential that you start by researching the topic, think about the sources that will help you build your stories such as interviews and testimonies, newspaper sources, specialized magazines, audios, videos, readings, blog, etc. personal experiences and any other information that you feel could add credibility to the story.

A complete investigation on the subject will allow you to delve into the story, choose an approach, and expose your point of view so that the reader knows your interpretation of the facts that you expose in the journalistic article.

Know Your Audience

Before starting to write as a journalist, you must know your audience very well, or the type of audience you intend to target with your story. This will make it easier for you to select the approach and type of language you will use.

For example: if your audience is young, you can address them with a close and informal language, if your audience is an adult, then the language should be a little more formal or professional.

However, the tone of communication will also depend on the medium in which you write and the objectives that you are interested in achieving with the narrative of your journalistic article.

Write A Good Introduction

The way you introduce your journalistic article is fundamental, the first paragraph must capture the reader’s attention so that he is motivated to continue reading the rest of your story.

Use the journalistic technique of the inverted pyramid to develop your writings and answer the questions in the first paragraph: what, who, when, how, where, and why, so you will immediately focus on the center of the story without giving too much away. detours.

You will develop the other details of the story in the following paragraphs in a way that captivates and maintains the interest of your readers, but remember that they must be important details that really add value to your narrative.

Title, Write And Conclude Well

A good journalistic article is characterized by having an attractive title that immediately calls or arouses the viewer’s curiosity, this title must summarize and communicate the idea that is developed in the story in an almost perfect way. Remember that a good headline depends on whether people are encouraged to read the article.

And if the title was good, the content of the article must be better, the introduction, for example, must catch the reader from the beginning and motivate him to want to know more details about the story.

It exposes, describes, and explains very well the characters and events that participate in the journalistic narration in an objective way, in such a way that the reader ends up drawing their own conclusions on the subject.

To finish your article or story, present the readers with some specific and decisive conclusions that close the excellent content that you previously presented very well.

For example: how the events influenced the lives of the characters, what positive or negative experience transformed their existence, how these events affect the national or international reality, among other possibilities that occur to you according to the topic you addressed.

Good journalism turns a simple story into a great one

To conclude, a good journalistic article must begin by choosing an interesting topic that arouses the reader’s curiosity, a fact, a character, a shocking or irresistible testimony that your audience wants to know.

To make the article a complete success, your journalistic work must be exhaustive in the investigation and in the fieldwork, in such a way that you acquire the greatest quantity and quality of information so that you can develop the story considering an attractive title, an engaging introduction, excellent content, and an unforgettable conclusion.

I hope these 5 writing keys will help you to write a good journalistic article. The value of a narrative does not always lie in its popularity, but rather in the approach, the point of view, the style of the person who writes it, that is, the author. Remember that a great story can come out of a simple topic.

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Why peppermint can become your ideal plant?

The peppermint plant is very popular in home gardens thanks to its many benefits. We tell you everything you need to know about this aromatic plant.

Mint is one of the most popular aromatic and medicinal plants, thanks to the many benefits it has and the variety of uses it can be used for. From herbal teas to help with headaches and even as a secret ingredient in different dishes, this plant will become your favorite plant, and don’t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know to incorporate this plant into your daily life.

What is peppermint?

benefits of peppermint

Peppermint is a popular genus of the plant known as a mouth freshener that has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal properties. The flavor and aroma of this plant are identified with toothpaste and mouthwashes, but the reality is that this plant has much more to offer than just a refreshing aroma. The mint has more than two dozen species and hundreds of varieties that also include the spicata mint also known as spearmint and the mentha pulegium or pennyroyal among others.

What is it for?

This plant is recognized for its versatility since it can be used in many culinary preparations both fresh and dry. In addition to the plant, there are different presentations such as teas, balms, oils, and mint-flavored inhalers. These different versions facilitate its use in cakes, cookies, ice cream, and chocolates. The mint syrup is used in soft drinks and non – alcoholic. Apart from its use in the kitchen, mint is also commonly used as a flavoring and in medical treatments, apart from being a decorative plant.

Peppermint benefits

The benefits of mint are endless since the consumption of fresh mint can provide protein, fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, iron, and vitamin A. Apart from the vitamins and minerals that this plant provides, the great Most of its uses are focused on medical benefits, among its most common uses are asthma treatment, help with digestion, skincare, anti-nausea treatments and one of the most popular is to relieve headaches

The composition of mint makes it a plant with relevant healthy properties for our body, especially for the respiratory and digestive systems, in fact, only its aroma has the quality of refreshing the respiratory tract and, as a result, stimulating the appetite. It contains ascorbic acid that greatly facilitates the expulsion of mucus and acts as an effective natural antitussive.

The ideal care for your mint plant

If you finally decided to have your own mint plant, there are some basic cares that you should take into account to ensure the proper growth of your plant.

The ideal climate for the mint plant is a temperate climate, in semi-shady conditions or shady areas, since direct sun burns the leaves and reduces humidity, this dramatically affects the growth of the plant since humidity is one of the most important requirements in the cultivation of mint. For the same reason, it needs abundant irrigation, to maintain constant humidity. With these conditions a continuous growth of the plant and rapid development and expansion of the crop is ensured, it must be remembered that mint grows very quickly. There are two key factors for growing mint, the first is the type of fertilizer that is added and the second is the high moisture content, related to the frequency and amount of irrigation that is applied.

Popular uses

The most common use for this plant is infusions, which you can consume as tea, a refreshing drink, and even natural mouthwash. Simply place 4 tablespoons of fresh mint leaves cut into four cups of boiling water. Another common use for this versatile plant is in oil, as it can be used to combat headaches and decongest. That is why mint will become your favorite plant for its infinite benefits, delicious aroma, and easy care.

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The 10 most consulted digital newspapers in Spain

Today, the online communication strategy is the most important part of a global communication strategy. For this reason, it is necessary to know the most consulted digital newspapers to be able to address them.

In an online strategy, it is essential to get mentions, visibility, and links in digital newspapers. In addition, the more audience and traffic this medium has, the better since it will help your SEO and positioning in Google.

Find Out How To Get Links In The Media

We are increasingly digitally connected to reality both by social networks and by the most powerful digital media in the country and therefore an appearance in an online medium will guarantee you much more traffic and visibility.

The sum of ‘elite’ digital newspapers in our country is approximately 50, with a scope of national influence and influence capable of attracting important advertising advertisers.

Learn How To Send Press Releases To Digital Newspapers

One of the companies that measure these audiences reports more than 330 headlines with news in the content and that meet the minimum requirements to enter this measurement.

And, with that, we Spaniards have a wide catalog that, although 50 make up most of the informative ‘monopoly’, there are more than 300 information proposals without counting blogs, local news portals, or other corporate companies.

Remember, we are only mentioning native digital newspapers here. That is, there are many more online versions of national media such as El País, El Mundo, Expansión, or Cinco Días, among many others.

Both the national press, radio and television have their online portals, however, in this article, we are going to focus on native digital newspapers.

The Ranking Of The Most Consulted Digital Newspapers

digital newspapers ranking

The digital newspapers that currently exist have very different data from the former with respect to the latter. From the twenty-four thousand readers, unique users of course, from the one with the lowest quota to the thirteen million unique visitors that the leader has.

In Spain, barely twenty digital newspapers have half a million users, there are another 7 that are between half a million and a million unique visitors and there are 11 that move in a section of more than one million. The leader marks a not inconsiderable figure of approximately 17 million visits, which is also a sustained and sustainable figure.

Here we leave you with the ranking of the 10 most consulted digital newspapers:

The Spanish

This digital newspaper peaked with more than 17 million unique visitors a few dates ago. This implies that at least half of the total readers read Spanish, but not exclusively. The total of visits exceeds 160 million according to the latest data.

The Confidential

The latest data shows figures of more than 15 and a half million readers. It is an important figure and it also consolidates the importance of managing information online.

Digital Economy

It reaches a third of digital press readers in Spain, with almost eleven and a half million unique readers and 121 million total visits.

OK Daily

With figures practically identical to those of the previous one, eleven million four hundred thousand unique readers bet on this digital newspaper. They are also a third of the total number of digital readers in Spain.


With more than eleven million two hundred thousand readers, it ranks right in the middle of this ranking. In a month its number of visits is around 90 million, also depending on the news as in all cases.

Huffington Post Spain

There are nine million unique readers that this project has in Spain. 26% of the total number of digital press readers in our country and has to its credit about 50 million monthly visits.


With a total of seven million unique visitors, they account for 20% of the total number of digital press readers in Spain. As a matter of interest, its best results are found among readers over 50 years of age.

Digital Freedom

An audience of almost seven million unique visitors to its website is the data of this online project. It represents 20% of all digital readers.

Digital Journalist

The project that is growing the most in recent years. With figures very similar to those of Libertad Digital, almost 50 million visits are recorded per month on a regular basis.

Diario Sites

The last of this group of digital newspapers collect figures of five million unique visitors and more than six hundred thousand users.

As you can see, in this ranking of the most consulted digital newspapers, the newspaper portals that were born offline and then created their digital version are taken out of the equation.

Newspapers such as El Mundo, El País, La Vanguardia, ABC, etc. .. are not included in this ranking, which is exclusively due to newspapers born digitally.

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How to Learn Cyclocross Basic Skill Quickly

Today it’s all about riding cross bikes and cyclocross and so let’s go cyclocross bikes and it might look fantastic for mountain bikers.

So, what cross bike race is great and It’s basically going off-road and it’s like many of us so here we are going to explain it in detail.

Basic Step to Follow

If you live near trails, which may be challenging if you don’t live near a beautiful mountain range, or if you’ve got few bits of a few bits of kind of hard patch and exactly or many areas of the UK pretty much.

Anywhere flattish or hippie cyclocross bikes, take average mountain bike trails that you may have progressed past can make them really fun.

I’ve always been interested in the cyclocross bikes when you proof have brought this one. Now if your tire is six 50 B It’s a really big tire.

Curious people want to know what is cyclocross and what type of bike need for it.

The monster cross there’s a monster crossbite. Yours is a 700 C. This I’ve actually borrowed from our colleagues and this is a Trek Crocket.

So, this is one of the Treks racing with cross bikes. So, you can see and there are a few key differences between this and probably the biggest one for me is the much narrower tires.

If you’ve got 47 then you’ve got a slight advantage there, but it’s still going to be fun and you’ve also got a dropper post.

I have got a drunk person and that’s bringing that man biking thing to it and that looks how wide minor compared to yours.

There are also key differences between this and a mountain bike got these brakes and It’s probably got wider tires and cross-country bikes had a few years ago.

So, not too much different there obviously it’s fully rigid again if you’re riding on trails that you find a bit simpler.

I think that makes it more fun and you know, I can’t wait to get out of there. We’re out here, Ashton court. There are a lot of trails here, so you’re going to teach me the fundamental bits of tips and tricks.

We’re going to run through a few skills that if you get across smoke, which personally I love cyclocross. I recommend you and he’s got more out of it.

Great so we’ve written the first little bit of trail first impressions and what are the big differences for you?

Trail Experience

It’s because I ride mountain bikes and then handlebars, literally like this and these are super wide compared to those and I thought my miss make it different and I’m super excited and curious what it’s like on the drops now.

Running through there, my whole-body weight, I’m like really low, but look, they’ve got to drop back and drop that saddle away when it comes to riding and also you need to concern about a neck injury.

Is there a preference like there or here on the hoods near the breaks or and I think broadly it’s a personal preference and like for most stuff, flat uphill and also gently downhill?

I’d probably be here and If I was chilling out on the flat or an uphill or not like in Charlotte, I do not bill anymore and I’d probably be here.

For certain slow speed downhills. That’d be all my hoods here and you know, like with these trombones, you’ve got a big car, you’ve got a big lever there, so you’ve got a really solid grip.

Then for like really steep kind of steep or faster downhills and I prefer to be here and there is no excuse. I just feel that you have more security when you’re there.

If you sink and like we said earlier, you are on a fully rigid bike and so if you hit a bump and you’re here and you’re not holding on properly, you just bounce off because you’re not holding it here.

It’s also more secure and You’re locked and can break, you can change gear and you also need to sort these all things carefully so when you jumped you should be careful.

It’s like and I feel like there are three minutes on the jumps and manipulate the bike a lot more than like pulling up because I feel like I pull them off.

Riding this on a mountain bike there’s full suspension is like we take this, been a trail for granted on how rough it is actually underneath you.

We get on one of these amazing races and everything changes. When you going on it’s really challenging and your line choice has to be the point is spot on.

It’s super important cause you hit a rock dead on and I did hit a rock and people also try to do it. You want to spit and I didn’t bring any different size tires on.

So, you got to pick your line super carefully and this is what we were saying earlier and you know some people will descend there but I think that’s the scent with the drops and stuff like that is really one where you want to be in the drops.

Just not being, I felt a little bit more secure I ride down like this, the first guy and the second guy went on the drops.

I was way better and alert my saddle, which I have the options, but sure and I’m sure it’s a good one and it’s a must for sure.

Remember it’s just a fixed step number. Bless your heart and we can go and it gets to get used to thinking like we’re ready to tie it all together. So, get off and get back on and there’s a bit in the middle and right.

For Mountain Biker

I think is probably most relevant to mountain bikers who are carrying your bike properly. So should have a look at that.

So first then get onto this other side of the boat. You can eat pedals ramps to be able to this one’s facing backward.

If you looking at this earlier with your bike and it’s a slightly smaller frame. So, you’re going to need to pick by the top tube. So, like that run underneath that and so like that.

So, if you lift in the back and you’re doing that and then you reach around the front. If your arms, no, your arms are enough.

There are some facts you must need to understand when you think about the cyclocross race and there is no need to feel any nervousness.

Then we can talk more about riding later and all together. We’re getting off the bike by putting it down. Then we got locked up and that was not a good get on there.

Now there is a question coming out what’s going on if I choose a gravel bike for the cyclocross race.

Like cyclocross run your bike across that field and I’m going to have to, but you can see what we were saying about a cyclocross. It’s not an inferior mountain bike.

It’s about making trails that you find less challenging but there are some basic things you need to focus on.

Especially on this greasy wet surface, but these little tires, which are called little compared to my two points, but thank you so much for giving me a bit of advice about, because I’ve not done a good.

It’s been good and I think I’m going to; I think after riding it and jumping in and how hard can I actually push them?


Here this content describes some basic and advanced topics about cyclocross and hopefully, this article helps you to figure out some critical issues.

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Conference League, Mourinho debut ok: Trabzonspor-Roma 1-2

A good first for José Mourinho on the Roma bench. The Giallorossi win 2-1 away against the Turks of Trabzonspor and approach the passage to the group stage of the Conference League, the new UEFA competition. A draw will be enough at the Olimpico in seven days. The winning goal was signed in the 81st minute by the new signing Shomurodov after Pellegrini’s advantage in the 55th minute was nullified by the equal of the former Parma Cornelius, who scored in the 64th minute.

Trabzonspor-Roma Conference League

In the initial 11 the special one deploys on the trocar captain Pellegrini together with Zaniolo and Mkhitaryan behind Shomurodov, preferred to Mayoral. Inside also the new entries Rui Patricio and Vina, while Ibanez replaces the unavailable Smalling. Better in the Turks at the start for possession and intensity, but Avci’s team only stings with the conclusions from a distance of Nwakaeme and the former Napoli Hamsik. Before the half-hour, here is the ring of Mkhitaryan (goal canceled for touch with the arm), he like Pellegrini, who does not go far from the target. Particularly effective on the right Karsdorp, also close to scoring before the interval.

Decidedly more lively recovery

With Roma passing at minute 55: action built by the three men of the trocar, Zaniolo and Mkhitaryan, the latter author of the assist for Pellegrini’s tap-in. The joy for the Capitoline does not last long, mocked in the 64th minute by the newly entered Cornelius on the pitch for a few seconds: his header on Bruno Peres’ cross leaves no way out for Rui Patricio. The Portuguese saved on Nwakaeme a few minutes later. The goal of the match arrives in the 81st minute thanks to Shomurodov’s tap-in: the Uzbek does not miss a few steps after Mancini’s post from the corner developments. A fundamental success in view of the return to the Olimpico on August 26th.

MOURINHO – “The opponent is not from the Conference League, people thought it was an easy match, but it was very difficult. The team was balanced. We were solid and put on the pitch. In the second half, we had a physical problem, it was not easy, but we were a team. On Thursday, the Olympic stadium will speak, we hope to get to the group stage”, says Mourinho after the match.

“Even those who played little like Perez and Mayoral did their job – the Portuguese coach adds to Sky Sport -. We didn’t always make the right choices and there were technical errors, but I liked the team after the goal was conceded. We have always been a team, even in difficulty and tiredness. The feeling with the team has always been positive “.

“The fans’ dream is the dream of all professionals. You don’t play football just to have fun but also to win. Last year we finished 29 points behind Inter, 16-19 points from fourth place. Things have to be built slowly, the market was fantastic, but it was not planned between Spinazzola’s injury and Dzeko’s exit. I mean, something is missing and I hope it can come in the future. Certainly, there will also be defeats, but we are working to think of winning all the games”, concludes Mourinho.

Victor Hugo asked for the “release” of Britney Spears: “She is suffering”

The La Manana host referred to the message of the singer Madonna for the “liberation” of Britney Spears from the “abusive” guardianship. It has weighed on her.

The journalist Víctor Hugo Morales highlighted the gesture of the “queen of pop.” Madonna supports the #FreeBritney movement that demands the release of superstar Britney Spears from guardianship. It has weighed on her and that prohibits her from making her own decisions. “She is a fighter who supports Britney for what she is suffering,” he exclaimed.

The main fact of the news

“It is one of those facts that become curious in the world but that are also really cruel. I want to highlight the role of Madonna who for many reasons is a much-admired woman. A combatant and openly supports Britney Spears for what she is suffering,” said the driver of La Manana in AM750.

Madonna shared a photo of herself with a “Britney Spears” T-shirt on her Instagram stories in which she wrote: “Bring this woman back to life. Slavery was abolished long ago. Death to the greedy patriarchy who has been doing this to her women for centuries.

For Morales, the singer of hits like prayer is a “true diva who whenever she has to say something she sends all the words that correspond.” “He supported everything that this young woman is suffering who rejects the guardianship imposed on her for reasons that have completely aged,” he considered.  “Spears, on the other hand, let us remember, she appeared before the Los Angeles court to ask for the end of the guardianship. It weighs on her and reappears in the information for this that Madonna has dedicated to her. We hope that indeed what Madonna claims is make it happen, “he stressed.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge recently denied a motion

It was Wednesday to remove Jamie Spears as guardian of the estate of her daughter, Britney Spears. Although the decision was made a week after the singer’s strong testimony, Judge Brenda Penny’s decision was not the result of that hearing.

The decision was made following a request made in November last year. In which Britney’s attorney asked that the Bessemer Trust serve as co-guardian alongside the singer’s father. Now, Judge Penny has decided that Jamie Spears will continue to control her daughter’s money. But gave rise to the singer’s request and allowed trust to act as co-guardian.

The pop idol has been under this “curatorship” by her father, according to what they said at the time. Britney was not in the mental condition to be autonomous.  Currently, legal guardianship is divided into two parts: the staff, still supervised by Jodi Montogomery. He temporarily replaced Jamie when he presented health problems. The financial one over the father still exercises control along with a fund investment.

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British Health Minister resigns after breaking social distancing by kissing his lover in his office

“Those of us who make the rules must abide by them, which is why I must resign,” Matt Hancock admitted in a video.

A Matt Hancock, British Minister of Health, have not made him drop his management of the pandemic, contracts awarded to friends and family, or the fact that Boris Johnson considered him as Dominic Cummings, “fucking useless”. Matt Hancock resigned today because of a cover of The Sun tabloid in which he is seen profusely kissing with an adviser, hand on the butt included, bypassing all social distancing restrictions imposed by your ministry. The conservative, who yesterday afternoon seemed to receive the prime minister’s support, who dismissed the issue with his apologies, has not been able to withstand the pressure 24 hours later and has already sent his formal resignation by letter to Johnson himself.

In it, he assured the prime minister that the government ” owes a debt of honesty to all those people who have sacrificed so much during the pandemic and who have been disappointed in this matter.” Johnson, for his part, has “regretted” that this situation had to be reached, encouraging him to leave the government “with his head held high for all that was achieved”, but the truth is that the cover of the Sun fell yesterday as a slab that left no room for doubt to resignation. It only remained to know when.

The image of Hancock kissing Gina Coladangelo, a former Oxford University classmate whom he had recently recruited to be his part-time adviser at the Department of Health, toured the UK yesterday, but she had been in the UK for some time. crosshairs of, among others, the Labor Party, where their appointment to a paid position with 17,000 euros in exchange for 20 days of work was not explained.

Hancock, 42, married with three children, tried yesterday without success to ask for “privacy” for himself and the rest of his family to be able to face a crisis that can hit his life at all levels. However, with that first apology it has not been enough, and, today, through a video posted on Twitter, he has again apologized, although this time the apology has been accompanied by an explanation as to why he resigned. “I have gone to see the prime minister to convey my resignation as Minister of Health. I am aware of the enormous sacrifices that people in this country have had to make, and those of us who make the laws have to abide by them.” In the late afternoon, Downing Street announced that Sajid Javid, former British Chancellor of the Exchequer,

The image in question in which he is seen kissing with Coladangelo is dated, according to The Sun newspaper, on May 6, at which time close contact with people with whom he did not live and meetings in spaces was prohibited closed. However, the video in question was not recorded by a journalist, but by a worker from the Ministry of Health, where the images were taken. “Everyone knew what was happening, in that building, there are no secrets,” a source assured the British tabloid.

Gonarthrosis: when the knees lose their bearing

Know that by the name of gonarthrosis we mean osteoarthritis of the knee, therefore a very common and known problem. The causes are many, but to simplify, we tell you the knee and its cartilages lose their elasticity and their “brake” against wear and tear on the bone. It is a problem that can affect only one knee but also both.

Surely you have already heard of gonarthrosis or perhaps you have it in its more common name osteoarthritis of the knee. It is also simply called osteoarthritis of the knee and it is a degenerative disease that causes the progressive wear of the cartilages. Let’s see how it works.

What’s this

When we talk about gonarthrosis we refer precisely to knee osteoarthritis, a very common problem that affects millions of people. Unfortunately, it is a neurodegenerative disease and therefore it will tend to get worse and worse. In fact, the problem is with the cartilage which gradually wears out: thus the cushion between the joints that are needed to cushion movements and any bumps is missing.

Gonarthrosis can be divided into:

  1. unilateral
  2. bilateral

It is often bilateral, meaning it affects not just one knee but both.

The causes

At this point you may be wondering what caused this problem, in reality, the causes can be various. Let’s see together a list of factors that favor its onset:

  • l ‘ advanced age, of course, the older you get, the more bone and related cartilage weaken and wear out
  • overweight
  • possible genetic predisposition, if in the family you have one or more people who suffer from this problem
  • trauma or strong blows to the knees
  • arthritis in its various forms


  • And now let’s look at the symptoms of gonarthrosis instead, to help you spot the signs of this disease earlier:
  • hurt the knees which usually increases when you are doing movements or sports activities
  • stiffness in the joints, essentially struggling to perform movements after a short period of being in the same position
  • swelling in one or both knees
  • bone noises

The diagnosis

Surely the first step is to talk about it with your doctor who by asking you some targeted questions will already give you an initial answer. Then he will recommend some very useful exams such as X-rays and MRIs, to understand not only if the problem is present, but also its severity.

The cure

We tell you right away that unfortunately you cannot completely recover from gonarthrosis, but you can alleviate the symptoms. Therapy is usually divided into two types :

  • surgical, chosen only in the most severe cases and with the most intense pain
  • conservative, which includes anti-inflammatories, painkillers, and targeted physiotherapy, as well as injections of hyaluronic acid.

If, on the other hand, you are forced to choose the path of surgery, they will be able to opt for cleaning of the cartilages, the use of a prosthesis or osteotomy, that is, reshaping, restoring a shape to the bone.

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Most dangerous countries in the world

Talking about the most dangerous countries in the world is the same as talking about international politics and humanity’s history. This is not a fixed classification, but each year it varies depending on the wars and conflicts that arise and die worldwide.

Most dangerous countries in the world

The Global Peace Index is the indicator that measures insecurity, inequalities and dangers in countries around the world and, through which, we can classify the most dangerous countries in the world. As you can see below, these countries are mostly in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. Although the number of global homicides has decreased, the number of victims of war conflicts and terrorism has increased. Do you want to know which is the most dangerous country in the world? In the following article, we will explain them to you.


You only need to turn on the television or open a newspaper to understand the bleak reality that this Middle Eastern country is experiencing, something that in recent years has made Syria the most dangerous country in the world.

This danger is due to the war that began in 2011 when protests against Bashar al-Ássad led to strong repression. But to understand the war in Syria, we cannot stop with protests and repression. The reality is that it is a civil war that is fought on a large scale. Many countries and crossed interests participate, which has become an international conflict in which the fight against terrorism and economic and geostrategic interests are mixed. That, so far, has already left nearly 400,000 civilians and military dead, whether Syrians or foreigners and millions of displaced people.

The war in Syria, which has made this country the most dangerous globally, is not only a great humanitarian catastrophe. It is also the deadliest war of the 21st century.


In 2001, the war conflicts in Afghanistan opened all the newscasts. At that time, the eyes of the whole world were on this territory of the Middle East. Barely 15 years later, has it seemed that almost no one remembers the suffering of this population, even though today it continues to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world?

The war, the political instability, easy access to guns, and being an essential enclave for Islamic terrorism have turned Afghanistan into the second country in the world to export more refugees.

Also, Afghanistan is considered by international observatories as the most dangerous country for women. Not only is conflict and constant bombings, which endanger everyone’s lives, political and religious practices, and the culture of rape, make Afghanistan an impossible place for women to lead full lives. It is not surprising that those who want to lead a full life, assuming public roles as journalists, are subjected to intimidation, violence and even murder.

South Sudan

In 2013, two years after his independence, the vice president of South Sudan attempted a coup in the newly created country. This clash, which is ethnic rather than political, started a war that is still in force today and has left more than 50,000 dead and nearly 2 million displaced.

But it is not only the bullets that make South Sudan one of the most dangerous countries globally, but the famine is also ravaging the population of this country. Such is the problem that almost 50% of the population can only eat with humanitarian aid, aid that does not arrive because the roads have been closed for more than 2 years. Since the armed conflict began, about a hundred aid workers have lost their lives in this country.

War, hunger and sexual violence, this African country experiences rape like a veritable plague. In Juba, the capital is where one of the largest refugee camps is located and, according to UN figures, more than 70% of the women living there have been raped.


Iraq has been at the top of this sad classification for years. In fact, in 2008, it was considered the most dangerous country in the world. All this resulted from the American invasion and subsequent war that began in 2003 since more than 850,000 people have died.

The war officially ended in 2011, yet Iraq remains one of the countries where the war has left the most devastation. Although the war has ended, the conflicts, which are still very present in Iraqi society and the region’s political and economic instability, have not ended.

All this must be added the rise of the Islamic State, which has been expanding in the area, leaving a trail of blood and gunpowder, causing major war clashes in cities such as Tikrit or Mosul.


There has been a permanent war in Somalia since 1991 and political instability dates back to more than half a century. As in almost all conflicts, the main victims are children and women, who receive the fruits of unusual and incomprehensible violence.

The violence that exists in this African country is extreme and uncontrolled. It is a fragmented area where each area is dominated with an iron hand by some guerrilla or warlord. Also, as you have also seen in other countries on this list, instability creates the perfect breeding ground for international terrorism to do its murky work, making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world to travel.

Things to do in Lille France

Lille is probably the unknown large French city for foreign tourism. Did you know that the metropolitan region of Lille is the fourth in France? And that it was the capital of Nord-Pas de Calais which, with its 48 museums, was the region with the highest concentration of museums in the country – now it is the capital of the new Hautes de France region, which includes Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardy? And what has the oldest and best-preserved citadel in France? We already talked about the wonders to see in the north of France. Now we are going to tell you what to see and Things to do in Lille France, it’s capital.

Things to do in Lille France

The intense history of the ancient Nord-pas de Calais’ capital, present-day Hauts de France, has left its mark on the city: from the buildings of old Lille to its many fortifications, churches, the Opera, the old Stock Exchange, and Euralille, the most modern part.

North of France Lille Train Station Museum

Also, as a good university city, Lille is one of the capitals with the most intense cultural life and the most “party” in France. Every year thousands of Erasmus students arrive, and they know how to animate a city! Cultural events and exhibitions, museums, bars, restaurants and estaminets with .an impressive gastronomic offer and beer. It is guaranteed that you will not get bored in the capital of Hauts de France.

Its strategic position is the other great reason to go on tourism – or Erasmus – to Lille. The TGV has brought it even closer to the rest of Europe: 80 minutes from London, one hour from Paris, and 35 minutes from Brussels. Even by car, Ghent is less than an hour away, Amsterdam is just over three hours and Cologne is less than four. The “problem”: if you are going to Hauts de France for a limited period, there is so much to see in and around Lille that you won’t want to stray. There are direct flights to Barcelona by plane, and, being so close to Paris and Brussels, you are one step away from the whole world.

The weather in Lille is not the best in the city: it is not very warm in winter as a good northern city. But we have been assured that it does not rain much and at the beginning of June, we had some wonderful sunny days.


The beautifully restored buildings of old Lille remind us that Flanders was once. Its stone and brick buildings in the Flemish style with their attractive colored facades leave no room for doubt.


The Palace of Fine Arts in Lille is considered the second most important museum in France after the Louvre. Masterpieces by Goya, Delacroix or Rodin, are just some of those that you can find here.


On Sundays and holidays, the whole city gathers in this park surrounding the wall of the old citadel built by none other than Louis XIV. Children, adults, singers, jugglers, skaters, cyclists … No one is missing!


From the late 19th century neo-Gothic to the contemporary façade, the original mixture of styles came from 1999. For its central part, 110 sheets of white marble, 28 millimeters thick, were used. The result? You have to enter to see the effects of that light between orange and pink. Unique, one of the essential things to see in Lille.


These two contiguous squares are the nerve center of the city. In them are the most emblematic monuments of Lille: the statue of the goddess symbol of the resistance of the city against the siege of the Austrians in 1792, the Grand Garde, the Opera House, the Vieille Bourse – the old stock exchange, probably the most interesting building in the city – and the Chamber of Commerce with its 76-meter bell tower.


An old station was restored and transformed into a gallery, with free exhibitions, events, and a terrace bar. Symbol of modernity and city life. Unmissable for everyone, especially for hipsters.


It is not very old – from the first half of the 20th century – but it is also one of the city’s symbols, especially its 104-meter tower.


The new part of the city was inaugurated in 1994 around the TGV station –the high-speed trains of France–, the Grand Palais –with its convention and exhibition center and auditorium– and the Euralille Shopping Center.

Northern France Lille Alleys

Le Grand Huit’s owner had it clear and now he accompanies tourists from all over the world by bike through his city. From the center and its squares to Euralille, the Citadella, and its park. A fun and comfortable way to see the city in a short time and with a little exercise. They are called Le Grand Huit because they not only have bikes and tandems but also… an eight-seater bike! Would you dare to try it?


Part of the experience of any trip to France is to taste its gastronomy. And Lille is no exception. We already talked a bit about cuisine in our article about northern France, about its brewing tradition –yes, it’s not about wine here! – and about the estaminets, the typical restaurants serving traditional Flemish cuisine.

Northern France Lille Estaminet Gantois

In Lille, we tried the Estaminet Gantois, which is located in the best luxury hotel in Lille: L’ Hermitage de Gantois – which, by the way, when we went was full because nothing less than the French selection was there. The hotel, built in a former hospital building, has an haute cuisine restaurant and an estaminet at more affordable prices. The flamiche aux Marseilles – a kind of quiche with Marseilles cheese, a typical strong cheese of the region – and the carbonade flamande–A typical Flanders beef stew on beef cooked in beer– they were exquisite. You can’t say that northern French cuisine is light, but delicious is for sure!


L’Hermitage Gantois is the best option in the city, but another very good option, of a somewhat lower category – 4 stars – is the Grand Hôtel Bellevue. The best: its unbeatable position with great views of Grand Place. And also, the breakfast is very rich and abundant. Here you can take a look at their prices and availability.

What Can You Do with a Conservatory?

Conservatories were originally invented by the Victorians so they could bring delicate plants inside over the winter and conserve them – hence the name. Nowadays they’re more often used as a cheap and easy way of extending the living space in a home.

Provided it doesn’t exceed certain size limits, a conservatory won’t usually require planning permission, so it’s little wonder that they’re popular with homeowners. But exactly what can you use a conservatory for? These days it’s about more than looking after your plants.

Living Space

You can of course use your conservatory to extend your living space. You can use it as an extra sitting room and take advantage of the natural light to show off light-colored furniture that you can highlight with darker cushions or rugs. You can add solar inserts to help control the temperature so that it’s usable more of the time.

Another popular use of conservatories is as an extension to a dining room. By exploiting a mix of natural and artificial light, you can create a dining experience to suit any mood and use the space all year round.

Adding a conservatory to the kitchen allows you to have an extra space in which guests or family members can relax and chat whilst food is being prepared. It also means that the cook isn’t shut off from what’s happening

Other Uses

Increasing numbers of people work from home at least part of the time, and a conservatory can make a great home office. Using solar inserts by Polycool, you can ensure it doesn’t suffer uncomfortable extremes of temperature. The natural light makes it an ideal space for creative work such as design.

The same things that make it a good office space also make a conservatory good for hobbies. If you’re into crafts, painting, or model-making, the light and space are ideal. Select the right furniture and you can simply close the doors on your work so you don’t have to clear it away every time.

You could of course use your conservatory for its original purpose. For enthusiastic gardeners, a conservatory means a wider range of flowers and plants can be grown. It also extends the gardening season, allowing you to enjoy plants all year round by having them indoors.

4 Tips You Must Read Before Installing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors have been a popular flooring choice for centuries. They lend homes a sense of permanence and sophistication and eliminate many of the problems with staining and allergens that carpeting is known to cause. Best of all, solid hardwood floors can have a tremendous impact on overall property values. Before you get started, however, you should know that there are a number of common mistakes that people make when tackling this project.

Following are four tips from us, which you must read before installing hardwood flooring

Make sure to check moisture levels before getting started.

Too much or too little moisture are among some of the most common causes of hardwood flooring issues. This is true even if you’re careful to have your materials shipped from a climate-controlled warehouse. From project start to project finish, it’s best to keep your wood at a moderate moisture content (MC) so that it’s never subjected to any moisture extremes. This will prevent future expansion and contraction from either crushing the edges of your boards or creating large, visible gaps between each plank.

Prep your sub-floors before getting started.

If you have experience in installing hardwood flooring, this tip might seem like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, however, it still happens to be one of the most commonly overlooked parts of the installation process. Before getting started, you have to make sure that this surface is dry, clean, and level. It should have a moderate MC and be swept free and clear of any and all debris. If there is anything sticking to the sub-floor that will compromise adhesion, this should be scraped, buffed, or sanded away. Uneven, wooden sub-floors can be leveled with layers of plywood or asphalt shingles and uneven concrete slabs can be leveled by sanding or applying a suitable leveling compound.

Consider the look of the overall layout.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to installing a seamless and perfectly laid out hardwood floor. Avoid creating areas that are all light or all dark, aside from one, a stray board that sticks out like a sore thumb. Make sure that the grain is always going in the right direction and that you have a seamless strategy for racking and laying the boards out in an attractive pattern.

Start the installation process from the middle of the room.

Expansion in hardwood flooring starts at the tongue of each board. If you install your floors starting from the wall, the expansion will invariably lead to an uneven and unattractive surface. Hardwood flooring installs should always start from the middle of the room, so that expansion and the resulting effects are uniform and do not detract from overall floor aesthetics.

What is the first Covid-19 vaccine to be authorized in the US?

The United States is taking a new step in the fight against Covid-19. The country granted, Friday, December 11, an emergency authorization to the vaccine of the Pfizer / BioNTech alliance against Covid-19, announced the scientific director of the United States Medicines Agency (FDA). A huge logistics operation was immediately launched to distribute the vaccine to the four corners of the country.

“The first vaccine will be administered in less than 24 hours,” Donald Trump said in a video posted on Twitter. “We have already started sending the vaccine to all states,” he said. It is the first vaccine authorized in the United States, the country most affected by the pandemic. Less than eight months after the first injection in a volunteer as part of clinical trials.

Governors decide where the vaccines should go

In the immediate term, approximately three million doses will be shipped by Pfizer directly to hospitals, pharmacies. And designated sites by individual states and a few major cities. The federal government has decided to reserve another three million available doses to send them three weeks later when the vaccine booster is due to be injected.

“Governors decide where the vaccines should go in their states and who will get them first,” said Donald Trump. “We want our older citizens, caregivers, and first aid to be the first. ”

Very fast authorization

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) had recommended that residents of retirement homes (3 million people) and professionals in the health sector (21 million) be given priority. Most states should adhere to these recommendations.

Never before has the FDA given the green light to a new vaccine so quickly. Just three weeks after companies filed their request. The vaccine, of which the US government has pre-purchased 100 million doses, is 95% effective, which means that it reduces the chances of contracting Covid-19 by the same amount.

In addition, CNN and the Washington Post reveal that the White House, via Donald Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, would have put pressure on Doctor Stephen Hahn, director of the FDA. The first would have demanded from the second that the US drug agency grant approval for the vaccine more quickly. Otherwise, the oncologist would have been forced to resign. This requirement of the American authorities, continues CNN, would be due to the British situation on the vaccine front. As the country began its vaccination campaign against Covid-19 this week.

Vaping Kratom: What You Need To Know For Maximum Effects

The use of Kratom varies, ranging from energy boost and stimulation to deep relaxation and physical comfort. The leaves are often ground to loose-leaf or powder that you can take as is or steep to make tea. Tablets are also available for fast swallowing if you’re tastebuds are acutely aware of the herb. With so many possibilities to take Kratom, is vaping Kratom an option?

Why should you even consider vaping Kratom?

It’s normal for you to be shocked at the mere thought of vaping Kratom. For years, Kratom use involves taking the botanical orally either by chewing or drinking. However, there some anecdotal reports wherein some will roll cured leaves and smoke it. The taste of burning leaves is a bit overpowering, so it’s only for a very select few.

There isn’t a lot of research about vaping Kratom, and there’s no technology created for this specific purpose. Some show interest in vaping because you get Kratom’s essential components in vapor form minus burnt materials.

Unlike ingesting, vaping delivers the full potency of Kratom almost directly and instantly. Vapor travels from your mouth to your lungs down to the air sacks and is distributed to the bloodstream. You don’t have to wait for your body to digest the alkaloids and get half of it eliminated in the liver.

How will you vape Kratom?

You can vape the botanical in two ways:

Using a dry herb vaporizer

Herbal vaporizers have continually evolved to vaporize essential oils from herbs without producing smoke. The device heats the botanicals through direct heat contact (conduction) or hot air (convection).

The vaporization happens inside the oven, leaving behind dry, crisp leaves. Because of this, it is believed that vaping produces fewer toxins as there’s no combustion involved. Some vaporizers have pre-set temperatures, while others allow you to set the temperature in increments.

Dry herb vaporizers can heat your Kratom leaves to 347°F-392°F. You need to note that these vaporizers are specifically designed for cannabis, which is denser and sticker. Since vaporizers are specifically designed for cannabis, you need a vaporizer that has a deep chamber. This is because Kratom leaves are dryer and looser, which means they can potentially burn in a small oven.

Using a liquid vaporizer or e-Cigarettes

Kratom concentrates are also available, and you can add them to e-liquids or concentrates. Just like dry herb vaporizers, these devices have a temperature control setting. Others prefer this method because e-liquids come in different flavors, which can help make vaping Kratom more pleasant.

The downside is that Kratom extract is hard to get by, and they can be costly. You can make your own extract, although the process can be a bit complicated.

Things to consider when vaping Kratom

Although you get faster and stronger results from vaping, the problem is that you need a larger amount of kratom leaf or powder. Also, The quality of experience you’ll get from vaping Kratom is dependent on the quality of the product you’re going to vape. You should get Kratom leaves only from trustworthy vendors who don’t cut corners with their products.

The lack of Kratom regulation makes some vendors see this as an opportunity to sell subpar leaves. You should get them from companies that conduct third-party lab tests and confidently show the results. Ensure your safety by learning more about where you’re going to buy Kratom so that you’ll get what you deserve.

Growing Kratom: The Must-Knows

When you experience success with using Kratom, you’ll eventually get curious about how farmers cultivate them. Growing Kratom isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s not totally impossible either. Here’s what you need to know to help you decide whether or not you should be growing it on your own.

Know the legalities first

Before you start planning and clearing your land area for Kratom trees, know what the local jurisdiction is about them. For example, buying Kratom is legal in California except in San Diego. It’s banned in Indiana because it’s classified as a synthetic drug.

If purchasing and holding Kratom has some limitations, growing Kratom is also the same. You have to learn what the laws are in your state, whether it’s legal or not, to grow Kratom. There’s a lot you need to know about legal restrictions, policies, and laws. It’s excruciating to invest all that time and money only to find out that you’ll be held liable by the law.

Check your environment

Kratom is native to Southeast Asia, where the climate is hot, humid, and tropical. Most of the Kratom leaves you’ll order comes from:

  • Sumatra
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Philippines
  • Bali
  • Myanmar
  • Malaysia

The soil is also very fertile, loamy, and has high humus levels, something that you have to pay close attention to. It should hold in moisture but can drain well to prevent pests and diseases.

Start from cuttings instead of seeds

Once you’ve established the legality of growing Kratom in your area, start looking for cuttings from reliable suppliers. You can start from seeds, but they should be as fresh as possible. The viability of the seeds decreases as the age of the seeds. The same goes for cuttings, but you have a higher success rate from them. You should also start the process indoors as you have better control over the environment.

Caring for your Kratom

Keep the soil moist but not wet; remember that Kratom is native to the tropics, so maintain such growing conditions as much as possible. Give the seedlings 6-10 hours of light to encourage growth and keep the temperature at 60°F up to encourage growth. Don’t let the temperature fall to below 50°F, or the plant will die.

Space is also important. Give the trees enough space to grow to allow air to circulate and prevent the spread of disease. You can have a plant or two indoors or a few of them in your garden, depending on the space.

If you started your Kratom indoors, you should move them outside once your Kratom plants are viable enough. They can grow tall and wide, needing all the ample space that they can get. The wider the area, the healthier the plants will be.

Patience is a virtue when you’re growing Kratom for personal use. It takes almost up to two years for it to reach 20 feet. You can’t harvest leaves unless the plant is fully matured as you won’t get the same potency or effects.

Growing Kratom takes a lot of research, planning, and time. It’s a commitment you have to dedicate yourself to for you to achieve success. Remember that US conditions are very far compared to where they originally grow. If you’re not confident about your schedule or don’t have that green thumb that your grandmother has, save yourself the pain and buy Kratom instead. Getting them from a reputable source will be just as good as growing them yourself.

Kratom Tolerance: Fix It With These Steps

It has happened; the thing that most kratom users dread that you thought will never experience has shown its ugly head. The botanical that has such potential that it’s under several research is no longer working the same way it used to. We’ll talk about kratom tolerance for you to know more about it and the steps to help you get back on track.

What is Kratom Tolerance?

You can say that you’ve built up a tolerance to Kratom when you don’t see any change in your system when you take your dose. It can manifest in different ways like you’re not responding to the same Kratom dose that you regularly take. Or that strain you’re fond of is no longer as potent as it seems before. Eventually, your body is going to stop showing a positive reaction to Kratom.

This happens because your body is adapting to the presence of the botanical. The compounds aren’t naturally present in the body, so your system is physiologically maintaining homeostasis or balance. You can develop Kratom tolerance after many weeks (chronic) or even after several days (acute).

The good news is, Kratom tolerance is potentially reversible. Here are a few steps that can help you fix it to enjoy Kratom once again.

Have a Kratom break

Although Kratom has been around for centuries, science is still yet to uncover Kratom’s full effects, especially for long-term use. As such, you should take a break from Kratom when you notice a lack of reaction. Curb your impulse to increase the dose just to get that same feeling as you’ll only make the tolerance worse. You may feel something, but your body will once again adapt to it. What’s more, increasing the dose will also increase the risk of developing dependence.

Stop taking Kratom for several days to help reset your opiate receptors. Once these receptors gain back their usual sensitivity, you’ll be able to feel the effects of Kratom the same way as before.

Rotate your strain

Everybody has a favorite strain, and it’s only natural that you’ll use that strain often. However, using the same strain for a prolonged period leads to stagnant strain syndrome. Keep your body guessing by changing the vein of the Kratom that you’re using.

For example: if you like using white vein Kali often, interchange it with a green vein Kali every now and then. Or, if you prefer the green Indo, you can sub it occasionally with the green Malay. Another is to take a mix of Kratom that combines two to three different types of varieties.

Mix it with a potentiate

A potentiate is something that you take along with a substance that increases its effect. Several compounds can help improve how Kratom acts in your body. Some of the potentiates used are:

  • Chamomile tea
  • Turmeric
  • Watercress
  • Magnesium
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Caffeine

These increase the potency of Kratom in different ways. Some break down the alkaloids for faster and more efficient absorption in the body. Others help make the effects last longer in the body, so you don’t have to take Kratom too often. Others work synergistically with Kratom by supporting either its energy-boosting or relaxing effect.

Kratom tolerance can happen, but it can be avoided by following these steps. Curb it to a minimum by starting at the lowest possible amount. Keep tabs on your Kratom intake by monitoring the dose, duration, and frequency. This way, you’ll be able to determine what steps you need to do to prevent Or correct the onset of tolerance.

How To Make Kratom Tea: The Ultimate Guide for A Great Beverage

There are different ways to enjoy Kratom, but tea is one of the most enjoyable forms. Our step-by-step guide on how to make Kratom tea will help you make a perfect cup each time you make one.

What you need for kratom tea

Making tea is an art, and the first step in every artwork is to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. When you’re making Kratom tea, you will need:

  • A tablespoon of powdered Kratom leaf as they can provide stable alkaloids that won’t break down with heat.
  • 2-4 cups of pre-boiled water, depending on how strong or light you want the flavor to be.
  • Two receptacles: one for preparing the Kratom leaf, and the other for the tea.
  • A tea bag that you can fill with Kratom or;
  • A fine strainer or filter to help separate the leaf from the liquid.
  • Spoon for stirring.
  • Taste enhancers such as lemon, honey, sugar, or artificial sweetener.

Water should be pre-boiled and hot enough to extract the alkaloids but not too hot that it will destroy the essential compounds. Also, the higher the volume of water, the weaker your tea will be. You can take a more diluted preparation if you’re still getting used to the taste. Just make sure you consume all of the tea to appreciate Kratom’s full effects.

How to make Kratom tea

There are two ways to prepare the Kratom tea. One is by steeping Kratom leaf in a cup, and the other is by heating a teapot.

Steeping method

  • Fill the teabag with a tablespoon of Kratom leaf and seal, or place a tablespoon of Kratom leaf powder in a cup with a lip.
  • Optional: add lemon juice and let the leaves soak to release the alkaloids.
  • Carefully pour the pre-boiled water while stirring the leaf gently to diffuse the leaves and remove the clumps.
  • Let the tea steep for 5-20 minutes, depending on the strain. If you’re not using a tea bag, let the leaves settle at the bottom of the cup.
  • Remove the tea bag or pour out the tea to a second cup with a strainer or filter. Be careful not to disturb the sediments as much as possible.

Hot pot method

  • Boil 2-4 cups of water in the pot, then take it out of the heat. Let it cool down for 3 minutes to prevent scalding the leaves and destroying the alkaloids.
  • Add your kratom leaves or prepared tea bag to the water, then put it back on the heat.
  • Keep it on a low simmer for 20 minutes. Don’t let the water come even to a near boil. You want gentle bubbling to help extract the alkaloids without damaging them.
  • After simmering, you can strain out the leaves or powder.

Ways to enjoy your Kratom tea

You can add taste enhancers depending on your preference to make drinking the tea more enjoyable. You can prepare as much as you want and then store in the fridge for a refreshing drink the next day. However, you can only keep your prepared Kratom tea for 5 days before it starts to become stale and lose its potency.

Two things can affect the intensity of the flavor and your tea’s strength: water volume and brewing time. The higher the water and the shorter the brew time, the weaker your tea will be. Adjust accordingly, and you’ll always look forward to your Kratom tea time.

Capturing the world’s first photograph

We are so surrounded by still images in advertising, in industry, and in the home that it is almost impossible to imagine a life without photographs. The journey from the first ever-humble photograph to the selfie-obsessed world of today is one filled with determination and discovery. And it is a journey that we should all be thankful for.

A world-first

Experts agree that the first recognized photograph was taken by Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce all the way back in the early 19th century. Although the exact year is uncertain, thought to be 1826 or 1827, the significance of the image is undeniable. Niepce had experimented with a range of ways to permanently capture an image through a camera but the winning combination turned out to be a mixture of bitumen and lavender oil on polished pewter. And the length of exposure that resulted in this most historic of images? Eight, yes eight, whole hours.

In our world of instant images, it might be hard to imagine just how long Niepce had to wait to see if his trial had succeeded but the wait was definitely justified when the result came. The pioneering Niepce referred to his newfound technique as heliography and the history-defining image remains on display to this day.

In living color

As fascinated as many were by the advent of photography, others were somewhat suspicious of the new technology and the strange power it appeared to wield. But although not everyone was entirely comfortable with being captured on camera, the journey of photography continued apace.

The 1870s saw two major moments in the history of photography which continue to be important to this day. Firstly James Clerk, a physicist based in Scotland, made the initial steps towards introducing vivid color into the already exciting world of photography. Vivid color that today so wonderfully provides magic moments. And secondly, English photographer Richard Maddox refined the plates used to take images improving both the quality and the speed of the entire progress.

“You press the button, we do the rest”

Building on the streamlining work begun by Maddox in the 1870s, business innovator and entrepreneur George Eastman made it his aim to deliver the art of photography to the masses. By removing the need for the constant changing of plates, Eastman’s company Kodak was able to create a flexible camera suitable for all.

Kodak’s much-deserved dominance lasted throughout much of the next century, but in the 1940s something new came along which would go on to satisfy consumers’ growing need for speed as the decades progressed. The Polaroid camera removed the need for long waiting times and provided users from the New York shutterbug to the New Forest photographer with instant gratification, something we continue to demand and expect today.

Digital dominance

For many, the convenience of digital technology and the usability of integrated cameras on mobile devices has been the most important development in photography so far. It is hard to know what will come next in the timeline, but as long as visionaries such as Niepce continue to take such leaps of faith the technology will surely continue to grow and flourish.

5 Helpful Study Tips for Information Technology Students

As an information technology student, whether you go to University or Northeastern, you will have your plate full. Indeed, there is a lot of studying to be done. The truth is that studying information technology is not like studying English or literature. You won’t be graded on how well you analyze Shakespeare or Milton – you will be graded on whether you can complete long codes and mathematical equations. This is why you want to find some efficient ways to study. If you don’t find an efficient way to study, you may be in a position where you are falling behind, which can be troublesome when you are studying this field.

Here are five helpful study tips for information technology students.

1. Don’t Let the Technical Stuff Get in the Way

When you first start studying any lesson, you want to make sure that you at least understand the main gist of the material. You don’t want to get yourself caught up in the nitty-gritty just yet, you want to be sure that you get through the lesson with an overall understanding of the material. Once you have a broad understanding of the material, you will have a much easier time making sense of all the technical parts.

2. Understand the Importance of Taking Notes

There really isn’t any way that you can truly succeed as an information technology student if you are not taking thorough notes. There are all kinds of ways that you can do this, so just find the way that works for you. If you don’t like writing notes by hand, try typing them. If you’re not much good at typing, then you can use a dictation app to either record your professor or yourself and the app will type them for you. If you need to write down complicated equations, you can get an app that will allow you to write the equation with a stylus on your tablet, and then it will translate your notes into a typeface.

3. Join Forces with Other Information Technology Students

Having some great study buddies can really go a long way. There are always going to be gaps in your understanding of the material and that’s where having other people to go over the material with you can really make a huge difference come test time. Plus, you can quiz each other and turn at least half of your social time into study time, so you don’t have to feel bad about not studying when you feel like talking to somebody.

4. Buy a Good Calculator for Complicated Calculations

You may be great at completing complicated calculations in your head, but you never know where you might make a tiny error that could throw everything off. That’s why you always want to be sure to write down all of your work and then check it with a calculator to confirm that you did everything right.

5. Take Advantage of Your Professor’s Office Hours

If you ever feel like you need help with how to approach the class or any assignment, it’s important that you talk to your professor. This can really go a long way and you will make a very good impression on your professor.

The best Kratom vendors, which one should you select?

There are so many Kratom vendors who sell their products online. The problem with buying things online is that you can easily be duped. Some websites might be scammers who only want your money or they might sell low-quality goods. It’s always good to have an idea of where to buy a god Kratom. In this article, we provide you some of the best kratom sellers in the market. Besides, we start with what makes the best Kratom vendor. By the end of this article, you will be like a pro even if you have never bought the kratom product below. If you want more information on this topic and you should read a very detailed review. This will make the prices much easier and you will not need to worry too much about anything. Well select the right one is never easy and you will need to do some research and find some good options and once you do that then things will be very easy so what are you waiting for, just look for some good options and that will make things easier for you.

What makes the best Kratom vendor?

Before we look at the best five kratom vendors let’s look at what criteria were used to determine the best kratom vendors.

  1. Quality kratom

A good seller is known for the quality of the product they sell. A good quality product will attract more people. Sometimes people want a quality product no matter how much it cost. You can know the quality of the products that the vendor is selling by the customer feedback on their websites. Most customers are honest when they give reviews. In fact, they have actually tested the product. As an example the red Kapuas kratom originally from Kapuas Hulu. The term red refers to the veins of the red leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant.

  1. Education

They provide education in using the products, how to know if the product is legit, and if it’s up to standards. Most of this information can be found in bogs on the vendor’s website. A good vendor should be very knowledgeable about the product they are selling. The information will help a customer to keep up to date with information about the product. For more information make sure that you read a very detailed review. This will help you to understand the product and can give you really good value for money and you cannot ask for something more.

  1. Uncontaminated Kratom

Let’s say from the time the plant is harvested up to the time it is sold to the final consumer it must have undergone many contaminations. This will reduce the quality of kratom. Therefore, the vendors should provide proof of evidence that lab tests were conducted on the product to confirm it was not contaminated.

The best Kratom vendors

Super Natural Botanicals

This is the best Kratom vendor that you can find. It’s located in New Jersey USA. It offers the highest quality Kratom at fair prices. Also, they provide free shipping to all customers in the US. Their customer service is very responsive and available throughout the week. In guaranteeing customer satisfaction, they offer discounts for new and existing ones, 30-day money-back guarantees and a customer can cancel a purchase.


Has its head office in Florida where all purchases are dispersed to customers throughout the US. The shipping cost is free for products that cost$100. For orders placed during the day before 3 PM, they are shipped on the same day. During the shipping period, a buyer can track the goods online. We cannot ignore how customer service is responsive to any queries.

Kratom spot

Operates in Oregon County. It sells its products locally at an affordable price with the minimum price being $7 for Kratom powders. Generally, Kratom capsules are more expensive than Kratom powders. It could be because they are hard to find.

They allow different credit cards when making payments such as master cards, Visa cards, and American Express. Besides, you can get a discount on different products. There is a choice and it is very important that you do not get confused with anything and it could be a major problem for one and all if buy the wrong product.

Top extracts

Perhaps one of the striking features of this vendor is the affiliate program. That is only found in established vendors. Price is generally $7.50 for Kratom powders. They offer free shipping for all products within the country. This is a good offer and you should go in for it without worry about anything else, this looks like a good option for one and all.


The most striking feature is its shipping. It ships its products internationally to countries such as Malaysia via express mail. Through this process, security is guaranteed. It also keeps your payment details secure. Customers can also get discounts in the form of promotional codes and coupons.

Now you know what makes the best Kratom and which sites to buy from. There are still many Kratom sellers. This does not mean they sell low-quality Kratom are scammers. If you use the above, you will be safe and get the best quality products. If you want more information on this subject then you make sure that you read the read a very detailed review, once you do that then things will be very simple and you can have a good time making use of the product and that is something very important.

Do you want to be famous on tiktok?

There are so many people finding different ways of becoming very popular on this website and that is not tough for them. If you know how nothing is tough, it is just gathering some good information on this subject. Make sure that you Get Free TikTok Followers 2019: Your Shortcut to Fame – Grplive, once you do that your process of becoming popular becomes much easier, and you can reach your fame moment ina quick time and enjoy. You cannot ask for anything more as you just need your moment of fame and enjoy it. There are many ways to get a good number of followers on the website and it is never without getting the right support and one need to work hard and should know the process well for getting a good number of fan and followers. This is your way of getting fame and you will surely enjoy every moment of it. There is nothing better, so can completely enjoy this.

Being on TikTok is one of the best things you can for yourself. If you are on the platform and you are wondering what you can do to get followers, then you are on the right track. There are two things you can do to get followers. You can wait to get followers organically, by posting content and hoping that people like your content and follow you. Once you have something unique people will surely love what you do and they will start following you up and once that happens, then there is no looking back you can really enjoy your time. Make sure that you get Free TikTok Followers 2019: Your Shortcut to Fame – Grplive, this is one of the best websites which will give you lots of good information on this subject. Many people are confused and they do not know what is the best way to get more followers, well that is not tough at all and one can completely enjoy their time. Once you have, lots of people who are really like what you are doing that will get more people by your side and you will be able to enjoy your time.

You can also get free TikTok followers without having to wait for people to like your content before they follow you. There are a lot of people online who go followers by posting videos and following others. This method usually takes a lot of time, as it can be even for years. If you want to cut out the time that you would spend trying to gather followers, then you can now try to get free TikTok followers, without waiting for people to follow you back. It is always very good to take good care and Make sure that you Get Free TikTok Followers 2019: Your Shortcut to Fame – Grplive, once you can find many people as your followers you will enjoy it a lot. Whether this is for your personal use or your professional use, there is nothing better. This is one of the best social networking websites which people can really enjoy and have a good time with it.

Follow these quick steps to get free TikTok followers:

Get on TikTok

First, you have to have an active account on TikTok to receive TikTok followers, because these free TikTok followers are for the platform specifically and not for any other platform. Sign in to your account to many sure that your account does not have any restrictions. This is one of the best places you can get one and enjoy your time with. You will surely get to see lots of unique things here.

Get site offering free TikTok followers

Log on to the website offering free TikTok followers. Even though there are so many websites that offer free TikTok followers. Find a website that gives followers without a very long process that might get you hooked up but not able to deliver the followers at the end of the day. Choose websites that have been proven to deliver followers.

Click on the button to generate followers

Click on the button that says “generate followers” This would take you to a form where you simply input your profile name and select how many followers you want. You won’t be asked for your password, but only your profile name. You mustn’t give out your password to any website in the bid to give you followers. This will help you to get many more followers and make you more famous can you ask for something more? Not really, this is one of the best websites which has come up in the last few years and people are loving it.

Select how many followers you want

You can select the number of followers you want, as much as up to 100,000 followers for your TikTok account. These give you a lot of opportunities to access a good number of followers’ to your account. Choose the number of followers as dependent on your needs.

Enter your TikTok profile name

Your profile name is all that you require to get your TikTok followers to your account. Once you have entered your TikTok profile name and a select the number of followers. Then you are ready to get the followers. This is something very important and if you have something catchy then that always helps and you can get more followers due to that and you cannot ask for anything more.

Receive you, followers, in minutes

Once you are done, you would receive the followers added to your account, in a short while. You would receive your followers in less than an hour. Yes, this will help you get lots of popularity in a quick time and you can surely enjoy making use of this.

These steps take you through all it takes to get TikTok followers to your account in less than an hour. It gives you easy access to getting free TikTok followers. So what are you waiting for?

Facts About Braces That You Might Not Be Knowing

The process of getting braces fixed is simple as a reputable orthodontist will put them on you, you wear them, you get them taken off, then you wear a retainer. You might be knowing several people who are having or have had braces and chances that, you are among the statistics and that is why you are interested to read more concerning braces.

Here are some incredible facts about braces that you might have not known.

  1. They have been around for over 300 years

If you read more about the French physician Pierre Fauchard, who is known to be the father of modern dentistry, he is the one who invented the first braces in the year 1728. During that time, they only consisted of a flat metal piece that was connected to the teeth of the wearer using a thread. Almost 200 years later, Edward Angle, a dentist, made important advancements to effectively fix tooth alignment by creating in 1915, brackets by either using 18 or 14 karat gold due to their malleable properties.

  1. Braces Have More Function than Just Straightening Teeth

Although it is wonderful to have perfectly aligned teeth, one of the main benefits of putting on the brace is to fix your teeth. If your lower and upper teeth are not well balanced then that is a problem. A good dental is where your upper front teeth are covering your lower teeth making the cusps of your molars not to touch, and this is something that not many people enjoy nature. Apart from some people viewing braces as a cosmetic investment, apart from fixing your teeth, they can correct

  • Problems with swallowing and chewing food
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Breathing difficulties
  1. NASA Invented the Wire Type Which is Used For Braces

The wire which is used to create your braces was an invention by NASA. Though the development of Dr. Angle was a milestone in this direction, the braces made of gold were expensive for everyone to be able to afford. When NASA developed a metal alloy in 1959 called nickel-titanium, there was a giant leap in the field of orthodontics. Though the heat resistant metal was created for shuttles that were space-bound, it became good for making highly flexible, thin wires which could maintain the shape even after bending it and be able to attach it to the teeth of the wearer.

dental braces – lingual braces, before and after

  1. Why The Urge for Straight Teeth?

The desire to have straight teeth can be traced to the 18th century into ancient Egypt. It is a mystery how the people of ancient Egypt knew the health benefits of having healthy teeth or if it was just for beauty but some mummies were found to be wearing makeshifts in the form of braces. According to archeologists, the animal intestines which were wrapped around the teeth of the mummies in a design similar to the modern wiring of braces might have been an attempt by them to straighten teeth which were not straight.

  1. Not all Dentists are Orthodontists

Just the way that all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares, the same applies to orthodontists and dentists. Not all Dentists are Orthodontists, but all orthodontists are dentists. Orthodontists go to dental schools to specialize in the treatment and prevention of malocclusions and other irregularities in the teeth. So after dental school, they attend an additional one or two years in a residency program of orthodontic.

  1. There are Over 10 Different Types of Braces

When you look around people wearing braces, you might think that they are all the same. But if you read more, you will come to learn that, they are actually different types of braces. You, together with your orthodontist will decide on which braces are the right ones for you. There are braces that you can put on and they become invisible and thus, if you are the type who doesn’t want people to easily notice you have braces, you can go for this particular type.

  1. You, Will, Need to Unearth Some Myths

If you are thinking about putting on braces, you might be having questions about the dos and donts due to what has been doing rounds. Don’t allow the myths to get to you. Here are some of the myths about braces which you could be relieved to know the truth:

  • With braces, you will still play your favorite sports
  • You will be able to play your musical instruments including those that require you to use your mouth
  • Braces don’t get off metal detectors
  • Braces at no given time, do they interfere with the radio frequencies
  • There is no magnet in braces
  • You will not lock braces when you kiss someone else

So rest assured that, even after you put on your braces, you will not have to give up your favorite sports or hobbies; you won’t have issues with security at the airport, and there will be no trouble with your love life.

  1. Braces are Not Just for Teens and Tweens

In the past, braces were only meant or tweens and teens, but not in modern times and age. Several adults are going for braces to correct their dental problems. The earlier you get your child to undergo consultation, the earlier you will be able to correct any abnormalities in the dental formula. The recommended age by the American Association of orthodontists to get your child checked is 7 years.

Did the psychic reading start with a crystal ball?

All human activity has, in principle, a historical journey. Even in the most recent facts there is something to tell and psychic is not the exception because it is undoubtedly one of the ​​pseudoscience areas with the longest trajectory in human life. In all those years all the reading methods used by these blessed clairvoyants have been changing, and nowadays we have much more modern techniques. Even with that, it is important to note that in the psychic the changes have not been really profound, and all methods still retain the virtue of their origins.

The psychic still seeks to win many more followers. Previously, it was more common to see people who could believe in something described as “supernatural” and “spiritual” more easily, but times have changed. With all this, it is worthwhile to make a brief review of the most important events that have occurred around this activity and from that we will be able to recognize its many virtues and the advantages it has brought without pause for humanity.

The art of divination has its beginnings in the dawn of humanity, where it was necessary to look for some way of predicting the future (which did not necessarily come from a crystal ball). The people who were dedicated to this activity were recognized for having acquired a gift that some god had provided. This made them somewhat superior, and at that time in history they were highly respected. They were known as “healers or prophets.” Others gave rise to astrological beliefs, one of the oldest in all referring to psychic reading activities.

However, with the expansion of much larger cultural phenomena, such as Christianity, this type of activity was left aside and even classified as evil or impure. These prophets or fortune tellers, who in their time had been solicited and admired, started to be associated with witchcraft. Defamation was plentiful for many years, and there are still people, though few, who associate it in such a way.

Then, important characters -as Nostradamus- appeared and this man’s prophecies and predictions have been recognized even in our generation. The psychologist’s long journey in human life has led many scientists to confront it and seek an explanation. Even though there have been few results that are in any way favorable for them, this gave rise to quite particular fields within scientific areas, such as parapsychology.

Today, we are witnessing a population that is mostly skeptical of all these beliefs, far beyond the thoughts of the psychic, even though they are curious about the subject. People naturally ask themselves questions related to what’s coming, what they have in their lives and that’s when they contemplate looking for a blessed expert or simply very well trained in the world of divination.

Every day more people are interested in obtaining cheap psychic reading as an accessible method that allows them to solve some curiosity. This has expanded with the appearance of the internet, and today we have numerous pages that talk about the subject and where you can contact a psychic specialist.

Once you contact him, you can request to cheap psychic reading where the person contacted will send you the results through the mail or any of the previously available resources. This undoubtedly, even when it does not represent a change in the technique of reading, can be considered without a doubt a great advance for this ancient activity.

Some of the branches or areas of psychic

Psychic is a whole universe when it comes to talking about specialists. Understand everything that has to do with the art of prediction, divination and reading of abstract figures to translate them into meaningful messages. Starting from this premise it is easy to imagine the amount of psychics that we could find, spread over a few areas. There will always be one that is our preference and that’s why it’s worth reading a bit about each of them. Let’s see:

  • Tarot: one of the most important and the natural protagonist of cheap psychic reading. People use letters to understand messages in them and determine numerous aspects in the life of an individual. It has become the most common and used prediction method.
  • Astrology: without doubt, the most common of all. This simply refers to the use and analysis of the positions of the stars to explain individual phenomena in our life.
  • Aura reading: there are people who define their gift through reading the aura of people, determining from it what happens in their life.
  • Crystallomancy: the popular crystal ball takes center stage when we talk about experts who are able to determine the future of people by looking through certain objects or certain elements of nature.

As you can see, this activity exists almost from the dawn of history, becoming one of the most peculiar beliefs in humanity. The human being spends much of his time concerned with a lot of situations and aspects and always seeks to resolve doubts, whether linked to his past or his present.

It does not seem a bad idea to take a short time to know what psychic reading determines for our life. It is possible that just by hearing this we know or see better what we have to do. The activity and function of clairvoyants is not limited to providing you with a message that you cannot see on your own, but also to help you solve your problems, offering you hopeful solutions to change the course of your destiny when necessary.

If we have such practical tools to make our daily life much better, why not take advantage of them? You only have to get an online or face-to-face cheap psychic reading service with recognized quality, and you will see true changes in your life. To finish this, remember that as long as you have certainty that those working with a really reliable and recommended person, there is no problem. You have a great opportunity in your hands and there are no reasons to waste it.

All you want to know about watching free movies online? Is it real?

Missing out on your favorite movie can be very de-motivating. Especially if it’s that one superhero movie you’ve been dying to watch since the trailer comes out. Unfortunately, that happens to a lot of us because of our busy schedules.  So they need a way by which they can have lots of stress-free time. You can watch movies based on your liking, there is a huge choice available and you can have great time seeing these movies.

There’s just too much to do. For some of us, we have school, a part-time job, extracurricular and what not to keep up with. For others, who are lucky enough to have finished their education, it could be the fact that they’re working forty (or in some cases, more than forty) hours a week, leaving little time to truly relax and this can happen on websites like There are many websites, which give you an opportunity to see these movies and enjoy your time with it. There is nothing better. Lots of people are confused and if they want to really see the movies, then they need t find some good website which is offering them good results. The quality of sound and movies has to be good. Lots of people have left the usage of DVD completely. Since there are lots of choice and there are lots of new website coming over, which give you a chance to see the free movies. DVD sales have gone down a great deal in last few years and this is because of the advent of the internet people love watching the movies and online and that makes it a really inserting. So what are you waiting for? Look for some good movies and you will enjoy some great time seeing the movie.

They have got onto internet and having a good time. You can really enjoy your time and have really interesting movies seen. This is for people of all age groups. There is something interesting for one and all. There is so much of choice in term of movies one can see; you will be able to enjoy every bit of it. So what are you waiting for? Just go and see the movies, which you want and have a good time. Once you do that then things will be much better. There are many people who want a good time and want to see good movies and for them, then the free movies website is one of the best ways to relieve stress and have a good time with friends and family. There is nothing better.

In these situations, where you barely have time to sleep, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get time to watch your favorite movies in the theatres according to the timings or even if you can catch the tickets before they sell out. Life can be tough but just because you lead a busy life does not mean that you shouldn’t have fun on

Enter the internet. It has the facility to allow you to do whatever, whenever from the comfort of your favorite couch, your bed or on the go. So, after a long, tiring day, you can easily settle down and use the internet until you fall asleep. Lucky for you, you can also use the internet to watch free full movies online.  This is from the comfort of your home that you can enjoy and have great time. So what are you waiting for? Just go in and enjoy your time and you will not need to worry about making payments.

And yes, this service is available. In fact, it’s very easy on the pocket as well. There are multiple sites on the internet that offer this service in addition to the range of websites that offer paid services. It’s really up to you which one you use but here, on this website, we’ve agreed that why spend money if you’re getting the same services for free. Why do we say that? Well, that’s because some websites even allow you to watch your favorite movies in HD. We’re not joking you can visit for more information. Here you can see some very good movies and enjoy your time. It is very important that you go and check the quality of video the website wants to offer and once that is done, then you will feel much better.

In order to find such websites, all you have to do is type the movie name on Google followed by keywords like watch, free and online. You can also say watch free full movie followed by the movie’s name to filter your search. The reason behind this is because some websites let you watch a proportion of a movie before asking you to sign up for their paid service- if you want to avoid that hassle, then mentioning that you want to watch full movies will help your search.

Once you’ve written that, you will come across thousands of options on the search engine to choose from. It’s really just up to you now to look at the names on the result and choose which website you think might help. Word of advice: might be best to have a VPN on in case there are stricter copyrights laws in your region or perhaps have your antivirus software on in case you (unfortunately) happen to come across a bogus website with malicious software. Your security is very important and you need to keep that in mind and once that is done, you can be sure that you are going to have fun and enjoy your time. There is nothing better. So what are you waiting for? Just see and enjoy, and you can have a great time.

If you’re cautious about that and have taken the measures accordingly, there’s really nothing to worry about! You’ll be able to watch movies online for free all the time!

Hammer drills – They are the best for getting specific jobs done

A hammer drill is a power tool used mainly for drilling hard materials. It works by making hammering movements in quick succession and also rotational movements, which make the work faster to complete. There are other types of drills available, but this article will focus on the hammer drill, particularly its history, uses, and major features, let us look at Top 10 Best Hammer Drills – Cozy Down Home, which will have the top features and you can find basically what you are looking for. This is an amazing tools and helps a great deal getting the work done. There are many products with different specifications in the market and selecting the right one is a very important thing. You need to be sure, that the quality of the product is good. For that before buying you need to do the right kind of research. If you buy after doing the research you can be sure, that you will get a good product, which does the job well.

Drilling has been traced to Han dynasty China, around 2,000 years ago. The drilling method in use was percussion drilling and involved a few men jumping on the machine after it has been raised, with the process repeated until the aim had been achieved. Since this is done for years, and people know the advantage but the machine have been developed a great deal. They are working well, with most needs. Also, the machines are not very expensive and that helps to get the job done in time. Lots of enhancements have been made on these machines.

The hammer drill, however, like many modern innovations and inventions, has an unclear history. A German company, Fein patented a product akin to what we have today in 1914, the German company Bosch released the “Bosh-Hammer” on or around 1932, while a United States company Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation claims it made had an electric hammer on sale in 1935. If you want more information about these products visit Top 10 Best Hammer Drills – Cozy Down Home.


Hammer drills are mainly used for domestic jobs. That is, jobs like plumbing and carpentry, but not in settings like oil rigs and similar production related construction, but more like residential homes as the work that can be accomplished is not large scale. Jobs like holes for wall plugs, anchor bolts, and concrete screws are among the things that hammer drills are used for. For more information about these products visit Top 10 Best Hammer Drills – Cozy Down Home. There are many options in the market and selecting the right one is not tough and once you do those then things is much easier. Buying a good product is the need of the hour, if you buy it online make sure that you read the reviews and then only go in for the product and once you do that you can be sure, that the one you are buying are really good and will give you value for money at all time.


Some features of hammer drills include:

Power: hammer drills are powerful tools when compared to some other drills. This power helps them bore through tough material like stone and concrete. This is a very important thing; you need to be sure, that it has enough power to get the job done in the right way.

Fast: hammer drills are quite fast as they power they possess makes the accomplishment that much easier, hence faster to do. This makes it ideal for time-limited jobs. There are many people who are confused and do not go in for a product which is as per their needs and then regret later. To avoid such a situation make sure, that you buy the product only when you are sure, that it will do the job for you in the right way. Once that is done, it will be much easier.

Versatile: hammer drills are quite versatile as many have the function that takes them from hammer drills to regular drills. They can also drill through a variety of materials making them the ideal drills to take to jobs where the material to be drilled has not yet been known.

Heavy: hammer drills are quite heavy, which means that there is a certain degree of strength needed to operate them.

Noisy: hammer drills are very loud. They are loud enough to bother neighbors, so may need heads up for usage. This is something that should be avoided; you do not want to buy a device which is disturbing others. For this, you do not mind paying a little more. You should be sure, that the product which you buy does the job well.

Needs expertise: the hammering motion of the hammer drill make it unsteady as the motion is quite aggressive and the drill could be dangerous. This means that training will be needed to make use of them as they could pose a threat to the user or people around with a slight mistake. There are lots of people who make use of this product, without knowing how to run it. If this is the case, then always take proper training before going in for something. You do not want to spoil the machine of end up in a mishap. That is a very important thing.

Expensive: hammer drills are significantly more expensive than regular drills, meaning that renting hammer drills rather than buying them makes more financial sense if they are not to be used regularly. You should be sure, that you are not paying a very high charge for what you buy, always compare the price and select the best options and then only go for it.

Portable: although heavy, hammer drills are quite portable and can be moved from site to site as need be.

This article has attempted to concisely educate on the hammer drill. We hope that was accomplished.

What are the Massage Chairs?

Any invention or technological product goes through its lifecycle, the same is happening with sitting furniture. Initially, it is a new product with fewer people being aware of it. The invention itself is in a rudimentary phase. It does its job but it is not as aesthetically pleasing and has its fair share of hiccups and the same is applicable for best massage chair. Then, it starts gaining popular traction and the market expands and these chairs are in lots of demand at the present time. Over a period of time, it undergoes certain changes too. New variants of the product are released so as to cater to all kinds of markets. Also, these products look refined and sophisticated.

There are many massage chairs brand too, but there is only one best massage chair. They started with simple chairs on which you could get a better massage. However, soon there were new variants which offered more comfort, covered more body parts and gave an overall better experience. You have an option of going to a website and ordering it online as well. You can really enjoy your time making use of these chairs. They are very comfortable and you can make use of them regularly. Even if you sit on them for long durations, you will not have a problem.

Variants of Massage Chairs

In this article, we will take a look at the three most popular kinds of massage chairs or massage products which one can choose from.

  1. Traditional Massage Chairs: The traditional one is an efficiently designed portable chair which will be helpful while giving head, neck, shoulders, arms and foot massages. The key point about these chairs is that they will not work on their own. They will simply provide a framework where one can easily put his or her body weight. The actual massage has to be done by a skilled masseuse. These were very well made and were perfect for the job, but in some cases, people had issues sitting on them for a long time. But then there were some better-improved chairs which hit the market and made things better. This type of variation was used for years and people had a good time making use of it also.
  2. Robotic Massage Chairs: These are technological products which involve the use of electricity and vibrations. Robotic Massage chairs can effectively imitate a lot of strokes and moves done by skilled massage personnel. A good chair has cushions for relaxation of shoulders, arms, wrists, and legs. These chairs can be used at any time and have the potential to replace professional massage parlors; you can try this if you want the best massage chair. These are one of the best and you can be sure, that you will get quality when you buy this. There are lots of good online store selling these and you will get lots of discounts for this. All this will happen from the comfort of your home and that is the best part about it. Also, you can see the customer reviews, which will give you a good idea of how to produce it is. The time for delivery of the top online selling websites is not very high. So if you buy the product online, you are at zero risks and from the comfort of your home. Some of the online websites also have a no-risk policy, which will let you return the product if you are not happy with it.
  3. Massaging Pads: Massaging Pads can be put on top of existing chairs for comfort to bodily muscles after a long tiring day at work. They are not as good as massage chairs or as functional as traditional chairs. However, they can be used for long periods of time to provide continued relief to stressed body parts. There are lots of brands, which are making this and you can very easily have it. There is something for everyone’s budget and taste. Some people do not prefer to buy online, they like only stuff, which is felt by hand and then only buy it. For such people store is a better option.


Despite all the advantages, there are a few cons of using these. The initial cost of purchasing and installing is high compared. There may also be a space created around the house to keep this. The control of this is a bit tricky as it can increase or decrease depending on your understanding.

So, overall, if you are able to put in the initial investment amount and are able to properly determine the budget based on your needs, then they will change the way your massage works! You should know how to make use of these chairs, there are guidelines given. You can go in for a brand which gives you quality results. Also, that should be pocket-friendly and it is important.

Each kind of massage chair has its own unique characteristics and all of them are made for different audiences. It is for the audience to think wisely and choose the kind of chair he or she might be interested in. So you will surely get something that is as per your needs and the taste. Since so much of choice is in the market.

For example, traditional massage chairs are portable and can be stored in small spaces too and that makes it a good choice for small rooms. They find a lot of use in offices and restricted spaces. On the other hand, robotic massage chairs are useful for home environments where a limited group of people can sit on them and relax for long periods of time. Hence, make sure you take the time out to make a well-informed choice. Just be sure, that the product you buy is as per your needs and give you good service and value for money. Once you are sure of these things, then you can go ahead and buy your chair. So what are you waiting for?

Electronic scooters are the popular choice of young people

There are so many young people who find electronic scooter as a great way to move around in the city if you want, click here to know details. There are lots of choices and people can enjoy their time riding this. Also they are not very expensive to buy, that makes it a good option. There are many companies making these and people have got so much choice that they can enjoy their ride. So what are you waiting for? Just go in for a model, which is good and suits your needs and requirements. Also will help you move around in a comfortable way. This is one such bike, that is very friendly to your pockets in terms of fuel and also the cost of buying is not very high and hence students will always enjoy and desire owning one to move around in the city. Also it is very light and comfortable for all members of the family and there is no complex method of riding which makes it a god choice for one and all.

Some features and reviews of electronic scooters:

Multiple options to choose from

Because of almost every major automobile brand into electric scooter segment, there is a wide range available in the market for a customer to choose from, in terms of price, colour, size, engine capacity and many other parameters. So we can easily say that electric scooters are great for everyone. There is so much to look forward to in terms of design and mileage, you need to make a good choice and not regret later. As once you buy then there is no looking back.

Please see below review of some of the best known electric scooters available in the market:

Okinawa Praise

  1. As it sounds, Okinawa seems more like a Japanese company, but actually it’s an Indian automobile company producing electronic scooters. Praise is a new model of electronic scooter, launched by the company towards the end of last year. Okinawa has a very nice aerodynamic body which can run up to a distance of 175-200 kms in a single charge. It can reach the top speed of 75 kmph under given circumstances, as claimed by the parent company.
  2. The main body has a very contemporary design with day time running LED light. Loaded with a digital console, USB charging port and provision to hold water bottle, this e machine is giving a run for money to its competitor gasoline run bikes in the market.
  3. Priced at approx 1000 $, this bike is little towards the higher side , but the company is sure that due to its structure and low cost of maintenance, it will have a much longer life span thus justifying the price tag.

With depleting gas resources and emphasis to improve the environment by reducing pollution, we are sure that more and more companies will come up with newer and cheaper versions of e scooters, thus getting this market more competitive and lucrative for the buyers.

Some old models of electric scooters used nickel-metal hydride batteries.

But today these two or three wheels vehicles are mostly powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Available types of batteries on market compared with lithium batteries in some parameters like energy capacity, size, weight, and cost, seem to be in a disadvantage.

Why make use of lithium-iron phosphate batteries?

Classic acid batteries have almost the same parameters, even a slightly best cost. That’s why is used as a comparable sample. Do you wonder which country dominates the electric scooters sales? There are many people who love these. They are getting popular by the day.

Well if your answer is the United States of America than you are wrong.

It’s China with 9.4 million of the total 12 million sold worldwide in 2013 referred to a statistic shown on Wikipedia. But what about the entertainment part? Every adult or teenager with an adventurous spirit would love to own one. That’s obviously known but, the related restrictions and rules are a must before going out with your preferred vehicle.

To drive your scooter:

  • You must own a driver’s license or learners permit
  • Wear a bicycle helmet to be safe
  • Do not exceed the speed of 15 mph
  • Go even uphill, but choose the adapted electric scooter

The electric scooter is an awesome choice for some other reasons I intentionally chose to conclude this article with:

  • You have not to worry about your vehicle maintenance because a very little one is needed.
  • You are not going to bother others around you because as an electric vehicle, the noise nearly does not exist (especially compared with the gas vehicles).

The above simple and unobtrusive description can give you an idea of what scooters are and what you can use them mostly. Anyone can take a look at the scooter and see what scooter it can fit most. As I mentioned above, the Scooter is very ecological and of course, everyone would like to have something to be entertained and not harm the environment. We are all responsive that today more than ever we need a clean air. We all have to contribute to making the place we have what it should be.

Some good companies are making these and you should find out about all option before going in for one .if you want click here to know details.

Make it point that click here to know details before you buy. So do you want a greener way to get things done? If yes then go in for this and you will surely enjoy riding in the city at a very good spend and also not harm the nature, which makes this a desirable choice for one and all. You can save money and this is an ideal option for making use of in the city condition and also does not cause any emission and that makes it a popular option.

So, Go-Rock It!

Philadelphia Seo Company Can Serve Best to Your Business Needs

As a consumer, when we search something on Google and it brings out a list of links available, we never bother to search till last and by default tap on 1 or 2 link. Most of the time, these places are captured by big companies with millions of turn-over annually. It is because these search engines have a crawler that goes on a hunt to search all the possible knowledge about it available on internet. The crawler gives this information to the search engine and then these search engines prepare a report card of all the above and rank them in order from 1st to last. It becomes obvious that top most result will be given priority over others. The new emerging philadelphia seo company is ranked at top amongst others.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of uplifting the quality and increasing the quantity of traffic to our website to make it rank higher in search results. Search engines like Google and Bing are most used by people to look for products and websites and SEO companies are made with the motive to list our websites on the top of results. These companies help in advertisement of websites and increase their demands and popularity amongst buyers. Online marketing is trendy these days and every market works on the policy of advertisement. SEO companies work to promote the newly established or existing companies by advertising them through ranking in search engines.

The effects of SEO are as follows:

  • Uplift the quality of website
  • Gives popularity amongst consumers
  • Gives exposure to the website
  • Improves branding of product or services
  • Increase traffic of views on the website
  • Ultimately, leads to more sales on the website
  • Provide market to the website
  • Helps in competing the big brands

Factors which influence search engines result

The factors play key role in search engines approval of being the best amongst all consists of the following.

  1. Number of links associated to the domain, the trust level of the domain, quality of the links of the domain and domain-level page rank are the factors which contribute to most part of this calculation.
  2. Content features including the topic of content, its quality and relevance play the second most important process.
  3. The brand name mentioned in domain, news and media, use of entity association, user and usage are also key factors.
  4. Social media play a very crucial and inseparable roles in our lives these days. Number of tweets, Facebook comments and information shared on social platforms are also critically examined in assessment by search engines.

Why Philadelphia SEO Company is among the best?

Beautiful and largest city in Pennsylvania, this city is famous for its rich history, display on Liberty Bell and museum of art. However, over these years, SEO companies have also made their place in the list of its famous things. The SEO companies of this city are World Wide popular because of many good reasons. SEO is the skill of collaborating the magic writing and design to create an influence on the readers instantly. This skill is best learnt by the technicians and professionals of Philadelphia. Philadelphia seo company has been selected as best firms because of customer reviews, experience of users, the attractive presentation of these firms on web and the effective results these companies have given. This city has given us more than 20 best SEO companies which help its national and international clients in making the appearance of the websites look attractive and eye-catching. The best professionals assist the websites with keyword, rich content articles, and mass-media attachment through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other popular applications and by the end of the process, result in the multiplied number of traffic on the website.

Qualities which make Philadelphia SEO company better than rest

To become best SEO office, a company must adopt some traits which make them outstanding among all. These traits play an important role because they result in effective service. philadelphia seo company have them all. They have a quality and reputation which they not only maintain but also improve every now and then.

  1. Creative and analytical– For every strategic business to grow, it needs to be creative. Also, it needs a high degree analytical mind. The content should be effective and not dull to read. Its content should not be exceeding the right length of article.
  2. Communicative- No matter how occupied the employees are, they should always give responses to their clients. This makes them professional and good at client services.
  3. Modern and fresh ideas– Every work requires new ideas to progress with time and unless trending features are not added, the company will not grow to incorporate. Change is constant and hence, it is important to keep on changing and evolving with time.
  4. Consistent growth– The growth of a company depends on its consistency. Any organisation can work for a long time when the graph of company goes up or remain consistent after good growth. Fluctuation in quality of work can take the company bloat.
  5. Evolution is must– It is important for SEO to keep evolving with time and learn the process and techniques according to the demand of market. Use the best and upgraded technology and improvising every time when required.

Why SEO is a good career option?

If clicking, browsing, being online and computers are hobbies, SEO can be the near beat option to pursue as a career. SEO services have a high demand in market and there is an increase in online shopping which leads to promote the relatively higher demand of these services. There are a lot of success stories of people and the companies which have gained success over a time by giving consistent quality of services. Also, there is a huge amount of money which comes along this wonderful career. The companies and the employees can make a good profit out of their services by giving quality work, taking care of clients, understanding them and their needs, flexibility in their services and learning the needs of market and trend. Hence, SEO can take a person or a company a long way with the help of consistency and patience.

Things You Need To Know To Pass A Urine Test If You Have Consumed Weed

Many of the people are addicted to consuming weed or cannabis. However, the drug is easy to detect in a urine test. So, if you are going for a medical test that includes a test of urine for substances and if you have consumed weed the previous day, then it is highly possible that you are going to be detected with cannabis consumption. With many employers asking for a complete medical test and a urine test for detecting substances, the situation is a wearisome one and all you think of is to pass weed out of your system. So this article is for those weed consumption who fear getting caught in a urine test. This article is all you need to know.

How Long Does Weed (Cannabis) Stay In the Urine?

Well, this is a question all weed lovers must seek knowledge of. The time you can finally relax and forget the fear of getting caught. This generally varies from person to person, basically on the frequency of the consumption of weed.

Our body cells generally tend to gel well with the cannabis metabolites. This means that the levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the active component found in weed, in our body rises as the intake of weed increases. Thus, this simply states that an avid consumer of weed has the substance present in his/ her urine longer than a first-time consumer of weed.

Generally, if one has smoked the pot only once, this urine will still test positive for the substance for up to eight days. However, the count of days rises to 18 for those who smoke weed thrice or four times a week. Regular consumers of weed can be caught for up to a good 30 days through the urine test. For the heaviest of weed smokers, the substance can be detected in the urine for about 45 days to a long 77 days.

However, the experts suggest that after a good three months, one is safe for the urine test.

It is also to be noted that this also depends on every individual with varying metabolism rate and certain other factors.

To summarize, the factors or aspects on which weed can be detected in urine can be listed as follows:

  • The time for which one has been smoking weed.
  • How frequent is the weed smoked?
  • How fast is the metabolism rate for an individual?
  • The percentage or fraction of the weed component (THC) one has smoked.
  • The body weight and body fat percentage.

How does THC end up in the Urine?

The urine test detects the substances which the body has produced as waste. This simply states that the THC consumed is metabolized and the waste excreted for the body which is known as a metabolite. The waste form of THC is THC-COOH, also called ‘carboxy’ in technical terms. This THC-COOH joins with uronic acid termed as glucuronic acid. This is passed from the body as urine.

Thus, to sum up, when one intakes or smokes weed, that is, when one inhales the THC in the weed, our body metabolises it quickly making one high in quick time. Our body then is responsible for converting this psychoactive THC into inactive THC-COOH, which is eventually detected in an individual’s urine.

How is the Urine Test for Weed Conducted?

Analysis of the urine for a substance like weed or any drug is the most common test of detecting it. The test can be easily be carried on with a requirement of just a urine sample of the subject.

The urine sample is passed through a screening test to detect the threshold sensitivity level. In case if the levels of targeted metabolites (THC-COOH) are found under the requisite of 50 ng/ mL, then the urine sample is marked negative for weed, meaning one passes the test. However, if the urine sample has THC levels exceeding 50 ng/ mL, then the urine sample is passed through a second test.

The second test encompasses the use of advanced equipment. The test uses a Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometer for analysing the urine for levels up to 15 ng/mL. This makes the detection of the substance extremely precise and accurate. If the urine sample is found to have more than 15 ng/mL levels, the test is considered positive for the substance and one fails the test.

There are other tests for the detection of weed such as hair follicle drug test, saliva drug test, blood serum drug test.

What to Do to Get Weed Out of your Body?

If one probably cannot escape the test and fears taking the test. There are certain ways one can pass positively through the urine test.

These tests involve several ways to pass the test. This includes certain things such as using synthetic urine or using a friend’s urine in case of an unsupervised test, using detoxifying agents or making use of detox pills.

There are even certain home remedies that will help to pass the urine test.

Also, drinking lots of water and intaking fluids can help to excrete THC-COOH out of the body. Exercising regularly and adding cardio exercises to the gym routine for more body sweat can also help. Moreover, having a diet rich in fibres helps to excrete the waste substance out of the body rapidly.


However, the most important thing here is to stop inhaling the toxic drug of weed. It does no good to the body and might result in avid addiction which can eventually result in chronic and serious health issues. So, stop consuming weed in the first place. Perhaps, if you have consumed already and want to pass the test, refer for the ways of passing the urine test on But make it a point to stop consuming the harmful drug for the betterment of one’s health.

Landed Property For Sale Singapore An Amazing Opportunity

In today’s world everyone wants a property that is cheap and at the same time colossal and here the property is referred in the relevance to real estate. Firstly, one must need to know what property means. In this context property is defined as a piece of land which is owned by an individual or a group of individuals. The owner of the property have all the right to alter, mortgage, redefine, sell, consume, exchange, share or even destroy it.

Landed property is termed for a property where the land on which the building is manufactured also belongs to the owner. So the title of the land with the buildings that are manufactured on it are totally a property of the owner. Detached houses, semidetached houses and Terraced houses are the example of landed property in Singapore.

On the other hand, non-landed property is the property where the different units of the property are owned by different individuals and where the property is strata titled which means the owners have the land in common. Condominium and HDB are the various examples of the non-landed property.

Why the landed property?

Landed property is always preferred for the independency of the property by the owner. For this property the land and the buildings on the land are totally owned by the owner of the property and there is no interference from another party. This type of the property is termed as freehold property where there is not a lease period for a short term of years. And the owner is the sole owner of the property and the owner is independent to do anything he/she pleases with their property.

The landed property is a safe option because there is always a security and there is not a worry about the lease but for the non-landed property there always a worry about the lease hold expiration. And if the property is a lease hold property there is not a surety that the lease for the property will be renewed by the government after the tenure is over which a risky choice for the owner of the property.

The following traits a landed property for sale Singapore should comprise:

There are enormous landed property for sale Singapore in the market from where the customer can choose. There are numerous websites online from where the customers can unravel the world of estate and there are various property selling intermediates known to be as “brokers” which acts as an intermediate between the customer and the party. But the following traits that a landed property should comprise are:

  • Reasonably Priced: The cost of the property is the most influential factor that determines the purchase of the property. If the price of the property is too high and unreasonable it is never preferred by the customer. So the landed property should be reasonably cheap so that the customers can avail the property easily and happily. The property according to its specifications and the surroundings should have a reasonable price.
  • Well situated: The landed property should be well situated so it can attract customers. The landed property for sale Singapore should be situated around a healthy and hygienic atmosphere. Where the landed property is situated, plays a major role for the purchasing of the property as no would want a property that is situated in an unhealthy environment or is situated in an excluded place. The property should be situated at a place around which there are various services providing human facilities such as market, shopping complex and a various places for recreational activities. So the property should be well situated to provide all the basic facilities required by the customers.
  • Architecture and design: The landed property for sale should have an exquisite interior and exterior architecture. The property should be well specified and the design should be remarkable. The property should be well constructed to avoid wearing and tearing of the property and it should be a well-furnished and perfectly oriented. The property for sale should provide another necessities should as water, electricity and gas connections so that the customer would not have to avail these services externally by another service providers.
  • Lease: The landed property in Singapore are of the freehold lease type in which the owner of the property is also the owner of the land. So the landed property is a freehold lease property and this property is considered as an safe option because unlike the lease hold property the owner of the this property have all the right to alter, mortgage, redefine, sell, consume, exchange, share or even destroy it. And the owner does not have to worry about the lease that much, as it the case for the non-landed property where the property goes back to the state after the tenure is over and the lease is required to be renewed to avail back the property. The landed property is 10 to 15% more costly than the other but there is a sense of relief and the property can be further passed on to the next generations.

Investing or purchasing a property is an imperative decision of life because a person invests a major part of his/her entire life income when indulging in real estate. When purchasing landed property for sale Singapore one must be very careful and must not take decisions hastily and should give a thought after a deep contemplation. The estate business is a very risky and dynamic business, so before buying or investing in a property deep analysis should be done to ensure the liability of the estate to prevent any mishaps in future.

There is a quite a debate about the leasehold and freehold property and to be honest both of them have their pros and cons. So the decision is totally dependent on the customer needs and situation at the hand. So before purchasing a property the customer should be totally contented with the property and should carefully scrutinize the legal matters related to the property. Well, the selection of the property is totally dependent upon the customers’ needs and demands.

Socket set sizes: Everything You Need to Know About!

A socket is very much important when it comes to designing and helping the mechanics to tighten, loosen, or remove any bolts and nuts which are present in the machine or vehicles. These sockets are available at various level starting from the beginners to the professional users and have a variety of budget and skill level and one can easily meet the needs of a particular trade.

You can easily perform all the maintenance and basic task by using the socket set as they are very much handy and will save you a lot of energy and time. The soccer sets are having various types of tool that are essential for operating any mechanics. Want to know more about socket sets? See this article on  They write a article about socket set reviews.

Guidance on the socket set

Every socket set comes with a lot of accessories and tools which you can choose from. There are certain things regarding the socket set which is mentioned below:

  1. When it comes to measuring the older or domestic vehicle, people mainly use the measurement which are in inches and when they are measuring the modern vehicles they will use the metric hardware which is measured in the millimeters. So whether you’re opting for metric or opt for SAE, it will completely depend on the job that you want to perform.
  2. You can get 3 various drive sizes when it comes to buying drives as they are present in both SAE measurement and metric measurement. The three sizes are 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch. One can buy the small drive if they are working for the smallest circuits and large drive if you are opting for larger sockets. The size of the circuit will determine the size of the drive. Both the largest and the smallest drive deliver work properly. Drive with 1/4 inch is mainly used for reaching the small bolts and nuts in the tight spots. Drive with 1/2 Inch can easily handle the torque.
  3. One can opt for the circuit with 12 points then buy the circuit with 6 points as the inner side is properly attached. The Circuit is properly set against the 6 point hardware. It is more convenient and can be easily operated and it is very easy to use the 12 point socket because of its easy method of lining up. 12 point sockets are considered to be very much suitable for domestic and work well then the circuit with 6 points. It is convenient for handling larger applications of hardware where there is a need for torque as a socket with 6 points reduces the chance of slipping.
  4. You can apply two types of surface finishes to the socket. One is the black oxide and the other is the chrome plating. The main job of the finishing is to protect the socket from any kind of wearing operation. You can apply the finish which is compatible with the type of the socket. Though the black oxide is used widely on the impact sockets whereas the chrome plating is mainly used on the other sockets.
  5. You should also look for the efficiency of the socket set by looking into every portion and how properly they are attaching to each other. Every socket set must fit properly into the arm of the ratchet. You should probably look for any kind of lossless or movements when you will be assembling the parts. One should be able to easily reverse the part of ratchet and every socket set that comes with small pieces will enable a person to easily stop the lock either in the counterclockwise or clockwise direction. Every operation will be a big deal when it comes to a socket set.

One should also learn the use of socket before they buy one. The sizes of every tool have a great impact on the work that you will do. You can also look into the guidance for a better idea about the size of the tools. Depending on the mechanic size and budget or the way it is operated will determine the socket set. Always opt for a good quality socket set. Check the parts properly and find the accuracy to ensure that the job will be done error free.

Get An Ideal Body Shaping Session With Strawberry Laser

In today’s age, who wants to get covered in the fat for a long time? It seems that no one! People are too much concerned about their health. This is why they do not want to stay fatty and look ugly at any cost. The result is that they continuously search for the best treatments to remove or reduce the fat cells from all parts of the body. As compared to other treatments, the laser treatments have obtained a higher reputation in the market because of their effective outcomes for a long time. In this post, we are going to talk about the Strawberry lipo laser, which appears to be an effective and popular option to be used when it comes to reducing the overall fat deposited.

Introduction to the Strawberry!

It is a second-generation laser machine, which has strong and amazing features. It is strong enough to eliminate ample quantities of the undesired fat in each session. Most of the people take it as a sweet piece of machinery, which relies on the LED. This machine adheres to the old-day laser. An interesting thing about the Strawberry is that it is a greatly potent device that can get the task done in a successful and easy manner. The main function of this machine is to slim and tighten the skin by eliminating the fat cells. This laser machine was advertised on an episode of the well-known show named Dr. Oz Show. When it comes to the full package of the machine, it generally takes eight to ten sessions if you want to have the best and promising results in a short interval of time.

This LED machine is one of the most used lasers by a number of salons and clinics all over the world. Even though, it has a higher cost that is $90,000. Still, there is a chance to get the discounts and special deals by considering its purchase online. It is recommended by professionals, clinicians, and other people, who have given it a try.

Why is the Strawberry laser popular?

It has been seen online that a lot of people have already used it and they have never complained of its side effects in the long run. They love the Strawberry laser very much because of the below-listed features:

  • It has productive capabilities
  • It can be used quickly
  • It provides high energy to the body

Several patients worldwide suggest clinics that utilize this machine to other patients to get the best experience. This is the main reason why a plenty of clinics and spas are interested in investing in this high-quality and durable equipment.

Main essential facts

If you want to consider its use, then you should know the specifications and features of the Strawberry laser before having it. Let’s discuss the main things to be covered:

  • The quantity of the bulbs in this equipment is 60.
  • It works as a diode lipo laser.
  • It has a weight of 24 kg.
  • It relies on the laser wavelength of 635 nm to 650 nm
  • It is a portable machine and can be used anywhere like homes, salons, and much more.

How does the Strawberry laser work?

You should clear out the fact that how it functions so that you cannot regret at the end. It uses the concept of the laser lipolysis as a major mechanism. This technology is growing in terms of the reputation and popularity because of its efficacy. It serves as a procedure for the hips, tummy, male breasts, and outer thighs, as well as the smaller regions of the body like redefining the jaw line, chin area, and neckline. When this machine works on any part of the body that is known to be the targeted one, it will melt the fat and make that particular part slim and well-toned. This is why it is known to be a fat melting laser machine.

Some studies reveal that there are some possible side effects of using this machine. However, it is not true in every case. If you use the laser machine as suggested, then it will not respond to the body negatively. There are some experts owning the spas and clinics, use the Strawberry laser machine after going through the treatment of the liquid to make the skin tightened and toned.

The applications of the Strawberry laser

  • Used for the fat burning or melting
  • Utilized for body shaping and slimming
  • Enhancement of the skin peel
  • Strengthening of the skin elasticity
  • Employed for the purpose of the anti-aging for facial skin
  • Repairing of the skin at the inner layer as well
  • Activating the tissue metabolism
  • Enhancement of the blood circulation
  • Betterment of the skin whitening

Extraordinary features

  • Works on the leading edge technology ultrasonic lipolysis
  • It has a color touch screen with strong treatment parameters
  • It has a friendly operation
  • It is perfect for all kinds of skin
  • It applies to the digital frequency control system
  • It gives the energy output evenly
  • It gives no pain, and no scars
  • It has no side effects to offer
  • It takes only 5 to 30 minutes of your schedule for every session

Due to its ease of operation, the Strawberry laser has become one of the top rated machines that depend on the laser technology. There is nothing harmful in using this laser machine for the betterment of the skin texture and the fat removal. If you want to look younger and sexy even in the older age, then it will really help you.

Get special deals online

When you start searching for its price, you will be amazed to know its high cost. At the same time, you also need to realize that there are some sites online, which can put you in the scam situation. This is why you need to be aware of it. If you try its purchase online, then you will be able to save you huge bucks because some sites offer lower prices of the Strawberry laser machine. Make sure to have the warranty of the laser machine along with the special deals.

How Rapid Tone Diet can help you reshape your future

Fitness and Wellness are desired by all yet only a few bother to work for the same. Everyone desires to be fit and lean but ironically most people find it hard to take time out of the busy schedule that covers their to-do list apps and memos. As we march towards machine domination, the overall health and fitness of our bodies continues to degrade. Lifestyle diseases are highly common in the modern world. Dwindled away with material pleasures, people don’t care about their personal health and hygiene. One of the most common lifestyle disease that has penetrated the society is obesity. While obesity is curable in most cases, the fact that makes the disease so harmful is that the majority doesn’t care to accept that the disease exists. People tend to overlook the fact that obesity is very much real and present in virtually every pillar of the global society.

While most fitness programmes require time which most people don’t have in spare, others require a lot of money to be invested, another luxury which the majority isn’t graced with. In these times of health crisis, scientific research and medical progress have given birth to a few revolutionary products and procedures which make sure that the population stays in shape. Dietary supplements such as the rapid tone offer an economic and pocket-friendly alternative. Instead of archaic dietary plans, Rapid Tone diet supplement offers an alternative pathway to achieve a desirable body shape and battle the problems associated with obesity.

Why choose Rapid Tone over other dietary supplements?

The best thing about medicine is that it offers equal opportunities of development to everyone. Dietary supplements have flooded pharmacies and nutrition shops ever since there penetration in the market. However, most supplements resort to chemical and synthetic materials. Such supplements sadly have more side-effects than the positives they deliver. On the other hand, Rapid Tone dietary supplement is made from completely natural ingredients that don’t leave any lasting negative effect on the body. It is essential to ensure that that your dietary supplement is harmless to your body because artificial supplements can lead to severe ailments and diseases, some much serious than the ones you are currently battling. Rapid Tone diet uses common and traditional ingredients such as ginseng, gardenia cambodia and forskolin. These herbs and roots are known for their medical properties and are effective in removing harmful toxin from the body. In such a way, these common yet exotic ingredients burn excess fat from the body and ensure effective weight loss.

How to get the best results?

Fitness required patience and hard work. It is a known fact that having a lethargic outlook towards the overall personality won’t serve you any good when it comes to fitness plans. Regular exercise, eating healthy food and restricting the intake of excess and unhealthy fats is crucial in the path to achieve a good figure. If a proper exercise regime is followed alongside the regular intake of Rapid Tone pills, weight loss is guaranteed.

Interestingly, consuming a pill is as easy as it is to purchase one. A bottle can be purchased from the official website. Each bottle contains ninety Rapid Tone pills, which must be consumed two times each day before breakfast and dinner.

What are some other benefits of Rapid Tone?

Apart from being an industry leader in weight loss, Rapid Tone also serves as an effective warrior against more common disorders like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is estimated that more than 10 million cases of hypertension occur in India every year yet people continue to ignore the deadly disease. However, the Rapid Tone dietary supplement and its completely natural composition can help you detoxify your body and eliminate some common symptoms associated with these lifestyle diseases. Furthermore, the supplement also cleanses your body and helps maintain positive sleep cycles. It is essential to monitor our sleeping patterns as lack of sleep over long periods of time is known to have very bad effects on the body system. Rapid Tone diet can help you conquer over all general problems associated with your health and fundamentally help you achieve that perfect shape you’ve wanted for so long.

It is about time we put our health and body first. Rapid tone diet – weight loss pills can help us truly refigure ourselves and make us a healthier individual.

Top Features of the Phenq

It is getting very common these days that taking the weight loss drugs is the first choice of the majority. The phenq for weight loss is the ultimate solution in men and women. This product is intended to return back your attractive personality by reducing your weight. Do not hesitate and buy the product from the site or the store. It offers the vitamins and stimulates the body cells to be energetic. It will help you in managing how to control weight and it is the authentically an approved product that is highly efficient for hair development and change of the health.

About Phenq

As per phenq reviews, you will come to know that it is the best alternative to phentermine tablets. These are not as much popular due to their side effects. Phenq does not have harmful effect on the body. It is a fat burner that burns the fat naturally by decreasing the fat storage in the human body. It is formed to address all possible causes why people have weight gain.

  • gives a solid Support to muscle growth
  • Diminishes food cravings
  • Increases metabolism and energy
  • improves your focus, concentration and mental sharpness
  • It provides hospitability and mood improvement
  • It burns stored fat and stops fat production

This product contains multiple weight loss power for the users.

Phenq Ingredients

It is formed to pharmaceutical standard. This feature makes it a potent and all-in one weight loss product for men and women. Alpha Lycys Reset is the most important ingredient in the phenq that is used to lose weight. The other important ingredients are L-Cartinitne, Chromium, nopal cactis, piperine, calcium carbonate, caffeine, capsicum extract, Vitamin B3, niacin and others.

Pros of PhenQ

  1. Reduces fat from body
  2. Prevents the skin from the aging effects.
  3. Allows the collagen production under the skin cells.
  4. Provides better shape and volume.
  5. Offers natural youthful look.
  6. It is safe for the skin
  7. Anti-toxic and nourishes the skin
  8. It can be used after any skin treatment

How does it work?

Learn more about these products from the phenq review. By releasing pressure and the tension from the nerves this product starts working. Stress is the prime cause of several health issues. By recovering the problems of tension it works efficiently. It controls anxiety, irritability, dizziness and heartbeat. For keeping your nerves calm is the primary feature of the drugs. It is good to increase energy level.

  • Safe and comfortable
  • Gives a solid vitality on your body
  • Increases the strength, stamina,
  • improves libido and sexual orgasm
  • improves testosterone production in the body
  • boosts metabolism
  • increases blood flow
  • 100 % secure and harmless
  • Empowers you for hard work out and muscles gain
  • increases serotonin level

Ultimate Solution for weight loss

It provides the dependability for weight loss and maintains the better health. The most vital benefit of it is to render the base of influential weight loss is to enhance the productivity. You need to follow the diet for weight loss. This is not very hard to follow for the users.

In this plan the recommended diet contains fewer calories and metabolizes the body for the whole day. Taking fat burners in empty stomach is an ultimate solution for those who want to reduce weight quickly. This plan recommends the diet that is full of fiber that is highly useful for consuming fats. It sheds extra pound from your body by burning fat rapidly. It is the best item that helps in rapid weight loss. This product detoxifies the body and increases the energy level of the body.

Fat blocker

It is used for weight loss because it is a natural fat burner and fat blocker. By using this product o, users can get rid of obesity. It dissolves fat and raises metabolism of the body. By increasing the energy level of the body it helps to lose weight naturally. Using this product for reducing weight and to stop further weight gain is a great idea.

Ways to get good discount

All the supplements are formed by using natural products. These are quite safe for human use because there are no harmful chemicals are used in it. Due to the mild ingredients it is safe for your body.

  1. Make the most of this benefit and save maximum amount by using coupons
  2. Shop at the same low prices in the independent store
  3. Benefit from the sale and top offers
  4. Save on shipping costs with the exclusive offer of the brand
  5. Redeem coupon codes
  6. Avail the opportunity to shop at the official website of the brand.

How to get this product?

Where to buy? This weight loss supplement is available for the customers for discount shopping. You can buy this product online.

Any Lawsuits

No there is no lawsuite. It is safe product that does not have very severe side effects. It is an FDA approved product that is based on the natural ingredients. This is the reason; it does not need any lawsuit against this product. This is an effective product that is used for instant weight loss.

Riverfront Residence: You Dream Living Realized

When it comes to comfortable living, we all stand on a united front. Nobody likes to endure hardships in their living spaces; there is enough of that in the world. A beautiful home in a beautiful place and what more can you wish for? Acting on this very dream, Riverfront Residences have brought to you a listing of homes (distributed across different acreage) that you can book and buy.

And the best part of the deal s that they are all water facing views in the scenic locations of Switzerland! The project has opened up and the plots are being sold fast. If you have been looking forward to having a place of your own next to the open waters, then this is the best opportunity that you are going to get. Make the most of it and get in touch with them now.

A view worth trying for:

The agreement of the holding company has been based on the 99 years model that was so popular once. It is making its return to the arena now in form of lease holdings. But contrary to short term lease facilities, this one works for a very long period of time making sure that at least three generations of the family get to share the house before they have a need to file for renewal of the lease.

What makes Riverfront Residences so very attractive to the buyers is the fact that there have been no other new properties opening up in the vicinity recently. In other words, this is the only opportunity that you are going to get. If you decide to look it up online, you will get all the relevant information that relates to the area under development and the actual site location that the project is based at.

Living standards:

The developer has paid due attention to the needs of the society. Some constructions are almost near their completion. These structures comprise of the basic necessities of an area like schools, hospitals and shopping centers. All these projects have been finalized beforehand to make sure that even the earliest settlers get to make the most of local opportunities and not have to endure hardships in leading their daily life.

The roads have been laid out to make sure that the view of the waterfront is not obstructed in spite of the moving traffic and growing architecture. Thus, the place stays true to its promise of a riverside view to your residence.

All those matters aside, Switzerland is in itself one of the most attractive locations to live in and make use of. The facilities here are exclusive to the country and it has often been voted as the happiest and the most viable country to live in. Its geographical location makes it a center for pleasant cold weather. You get to witness fresh breeze all round and cherish the splendid view that you get courtesy of the Riverfront Residence property developers. Special offer can be meted out to the early birds who approach for their booking.

A condo in front of the river:

Few get that opportunity to spend their days in a lavish condo and even few get to enjoy it in front of a river. The task was not an easy one to accomplish but the collective pull of a number of investors proved enough. A conglomerate of 3 holders came together to make it possible for the project to happen. They hold independent and separate stakes in the project and are responsible for individual legs of the overall undertaking. The three: KSH Holdings, Oxley Holdings and Lian Beng Group have a collective worth that crosses USD 500 million in the market. Add to that the immense experience acquired over years and you have yourself a rare combination of wisdom and practicality coupled with money and opportunity.

The project is based at Hougang Town and is quite a prime location in itself. It is close to all the major landmarks and the city borders. Along with scenic location, you are also guaranteed ease of mobility. If you are more inclined towards the environments then you would be happy to know that there would be no need for you to avail personal transportation as the public transport system in these areas is quite efficient and capable of carrying you from one point to the other in a given time.

The Riverfront Residence:

You can get in touch with the developers for getting to know more about the project. Financing options are also available for those who wish to seek it. A huge amount of time and money has been invested into the project to ensure that not only the construction but related activities are completed on time and the sale and acquisition activities take of timely.

How to broadcast live video over the Internet

At the time of live transmitter from our phone there are several options, and here we present the best that there is currently …The live broadcast has become something every day, and this was obvious after they placed this possibility of content sharing in our hands. Today I want to talk about the best applications that there are to transmit life, the best pair Kodi. For some people, radio is more than entertainment, a form of distraction or of ‘killing time’. Radio is magic, with which you can explore, learn, have fun, get excited, and learn. It is a passion for those who seek by all means to realize their dream of having their voices heard by hundreds, thousands or millions of listeners on the other side of the microphone. The truth is that it is a medium from which very few people live professionally. Access and get to earn money on the radio is achieved by very few.

With Streaming today you can create your own radio on the Internet. You do not need a lot of money to put it online and feel the satisfaction of dedicating yourself to what you like most. Even you can be your boss, plan your music, news or content programming that will be attractive to your audience. With the talent and effort that will surely accompany you, you will be able to monetize the emissions of your online radio.

What do you need to achieve pair Kodi?

Only acquire access to an online radio server with a player or audio player that can embed in your website or in the main applications that play radio stations from anywhere in the world and start broadcasting with your own radio on the Internet. Remember that before starting this project it is suggested to choose a theme in which your online radio specializes to make a difference in a spectrum of thousands of signals that exist today. It is not impossible!.

Another alternative to creating diverse content, rich in quality and of interest to audiences is to invite groups of friends on social networks to participate in their online radio, either live or in the podcast recording that they can then broadcast. The immediacy of Internet radio also allows you to link, in real time, participants from anywhere in the world with the use of tools such as Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts or Messenger, among other applications.

The impact of video streaming by pair Kodi

While it is true that radio is the means of communication with more reach, now the roles begin to be reversed and with the use of mobile the video acquires more power. At the moment, television on the Internet is the medium that attracts the most audiences. A PwC report indicates that video advertising grows 46 percent a year, plus more than 50 percent of Google and Facebook earnings come from advertising. HubSpot, meanwhile, estimated that 43 percent of people want to see more content on video, while 52 percent of marketing professionals in the world believe it is the most effective method to get a return on investment. (ROI)

At this moment, in which audiences are migrating from traditional TV to online TV or streaming video, a business opportunity is opened for associated or independent producers who have the freeway to flood the web with live audiovisual proposals. In Streaming, pair Kodi are willing to strengthen your video streaming project with the provision of servers and players or video players for the transmission of your content anywhere in the world. This is an effective way to take advantage of the moment of weakness through which traditional media and communication channels go through. They work in migrating to new digital platforms, but you can start from scratch adapting to the new demands that society has when it comes to consuming television.

At present we are already used to live broadcasts on Facebook and Twitter through Periscope. In fact, Twitter has just added a new feature in which you no longer need to open the Periscope app to transmit on your platform, just press the option to publish a multimedia file and there you will find that function. Despite its many benefits, live broadcasts also have some limitations. Without the opportunity to edit the content before making it public, the limited distribution control can be detrimental to a brand or celebrity (as was the case with footballer Serge Aurier). Issues of subjectivity can also be problematic, especially if transmissions cover more controversial issues, such as political or religious debates.

Benefits of a live broadcast

These new tools for distributing live images address multiple needs for business. Internet streaming opens the door for consumers to see a “behind the scenes” of corporate operations. This more personal communication can help a company create loyalty in its subscribers or fans by offering an interactive experience. In addition, the use of this technology has a greater appeal in those born during the digital era, as they are very active in these live transmission channels. Transmissions are a good way for brands to achieve greater visibility and position themselves as “innovative”.

How to create a live broadcast

The list of applications to transmit live every time is longer. The most popular platforms include Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live Video, but other tools to broadcast live, such as Livestream and Ustream, offer the possibility to broadcast live to more specific audiences. Here’s a list of some tools you can use to stream live video.

How to broadcast live on pair Kodi? pair Kodi is an application that allows users to broadcast live videos to their subscribers, as well as watch live webcasts. Presenters have the option to publicly broadcast or limit their broadcasts to a more specific audience. Periscope videos are available for 24 hours after they are released. In August 2015, just four months after its arrival on Twitter, Periscope announced that it had reached 10 million users worldwide.

Advantages and benefits that bring you benefits of crypt currency alerts

Information provided by the alert systems

As we have already advanced in the previous section, crypto currency signals are trading alerts, which means that they will also offer us all kinds of information so that we can carry out our movements in this market. So that we know better what is all that we have available in these signals, we are going to see some of the elements that cannot be missing in these alerts so that they really are beneficial for us. Have a look at the

Data necessary to carry out operations

Whenever we choose a system of cryptocurrency signals, we must take into account that provides us with exhaustive information about this market and provides us with the necessary data to be able to carry out trading operations. This information has to do with the state in which the market is located (bitcoin quote, there, market trend, etc.) and, above all, what data we need to be able to carry out successful operations. The basic data would be the following:

  • Active: the asset with which we must operate in the cryptocurrency market (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.).
  • Entry price: it is the price at which we must buy said asset.
  • Take profit: used to define an order to close the transaction when the value reaches a price (in which we are making money with the operation) determined.
  • Stop loss: used to define a closing order for an operation when the value falls to a price at which we are losing money.
  • Expiration date: the date on which the signals issued ceases to be valid.

Something that we must take into account when contracting a service of signals of trading in cryptocurrencies, is that the majority of services usually use automatic software that emit the signals but some (the really good ones) employ professionals and specialists in the matter. Therefore, if we give with one of these systems we have a more added guarantee. since we will have complete signals and we will know that they have been elaborated by experts who have a great knowledge within this sector.

Where can we get these signals?

After knowing all the advantages that we have if we work with cryptocurrency signals, without a doubt, the next thing to do is to know where we can acquire this type of alerts, in order to obtain the best information about this market and also, about the digital currencies we want to work with. That said, we have to say that the signals to operate in cryptocurrencies can be obtained through two main routes.

Our trust broker

Increasingly, traditional brokers are including the possibility that we can make use of these alerts, since, as we have already mentioned, the cryptocurrency market is booming and has a greater popularity, due to all the profits that we can obtain thanks to these digital currencies. In the case that we use this type of alerts through brokers, it is important to mention that, as a general rule, these services are usually included for free, so we will not have to pay anything to use it.

In any case, also has the possibility to consult these signals through different channels. Thus, if we work with these alerts we can obtain all the information about the cryptocurrencies we want, directly from the broker’s platform. Also, if we prefer, we have the opportunity to receive these signals using an email address and if we need to know all these data more immediately, we can also ask to send us these signals through a text message to reach us to our mobile phone.

Providers (free and paid) of live signals

In addition to being able to obtain these signals with our usual brokers, in the market, there are other ways through which we have the possibility of being able to do with this type of Thus, if the broker we have chosen does not offer this kind of service, we can always hire them through specific suppliers that are exclusively dedicated to issuing these alerts. We can find a large number of them on the Internet although, unlike the signals that brokers give us, in the case of suppliers we will have to pay for these services. The usual thing is that they offer us the possibility of being able to make monthly or quarterly payments, although also, for the large investors who are professionally engaged in this activity, the option of being able to hire these services for a year is available.

Also, some of these platforms also offer the opportunity for us to test the system for free for a limited time, which is usually around two weeks. Taking into account all the things we have said, it is clear that cryptocurrency signals are fundamental tools to be able to obtain the best benefits in this market and work with these digital currencies. The market of virtual currencies is growing by leaps and bounds, for this reason, it is essential that we can have a tool of this type that will provide all the information we need to carry out all the operations we want with cryptocurrencies. As have seen throughout this analysis, within the sector, every time we have more services in relation to these digital currencies, since they are presented as the currencies of the future, according to some experts.

For all these reasons, it is clear that having such signals in order to make our investments in cryptocurrencies is fundamental. Since is a complete tool so that we have all the necessary information and also perform our operations in a more secure way. In addition, we must bear in mind that these signals are included within an exclusive system or platform, which also provide us with other types of services in relation to these alerts. Taking all this into account, we are clear that the trading signals are fundamental for our investments and within this context; they will also be for the operations in crypto currencies.

What to consider for the best flower delivery?

We each, most probably, have our own perception of the purpose of flowers in our lives. One could bring out an uncountable number of reasons this natural beauty exists for. Purchasing the Flower bouquet for all occasions we wish, and how we wish, is not that simple as one may think. After all, the delivery of products (and even services), and in this case of flowers, presents a risk of deterioration on the way to its recipient. Natural flowers, which is the domain of interest of this article, are equally exposed to this delivery matter. Therefore, knowing and understanding the delivery aspects of flowers, is a crucial part in the acquisition of the precise flowers we desire. Hence, the words that follow, aims at providing a brief insight on the points to consider, whenever one will wish to deliver or be delivered a handful, or a quantity of flowers.

So, to begin with, three elements of flower delivery, shall be considered; the sender, the recipient and the reason of the delivery. In the case of the sender, the following should be thought of;

  • Who is the sender? Individual or an organization?
  • What does it cost the sender?
  • The best means to send the flowers, congruent the sender’s options (conditions).

For the recipient;

  • Is it an Individual, an organization, or animal?
  • Location of the receiver.
  • The conditions in which the flowers should be delivered, like; in the hands of the recipient, or will it be in front of the recipient’s door?

Then, the reason.

  • Is it for a special day, like Valentine’s Day or a birthday?
  • An event such as; marriage, awards or graduation celebration?
  • Particular condition, for example, when hospitalized in the hospital, or going through a depressive therapy?

Those three elements mentioned above will considerably affect the rate of a flower delivery. Why? Because of its perish ability. However, the predominant factor among the three listed above, will always be, the reason of the flower bouquet for all occasions delivery. Whoever the sender or recipient is, the most important element to consider is, the why.

One may need to get the flowers on the same day, in some hours, or it may be for next week or month. It might be because, the sender has a limited budget, or he or she doesn’t want to forget the sending date, and schedules for the delivery before D-day. It might be because the recipient wishes to add a card, bouquet or gift to the flowers. Maybe that type of flower is particular, it’s highly perishable, and needs to be sent as fast as possible. It might be because, the person desires to travel with the flowers, during a long period. Wit forints online, théière many categories of the flowers as per various occasions like wedding flowers, birthday flowers, valentine’s day flowers, mother’s day flowers, flowers for love and lots more.

Whatever the situation is, the reason will always be the prime element to consider when delivering flower bouquet for all occasions. Generally in life, it’s the why that makes the difference. This exactly holds for flower delivery. To get the best rate from flower delivery, consider the why. Sheer mention of the flowers brings some of the beautiful emotions to people minds. Flowers are well known to please any moods of the people. Flowers also make your atmosphere pleasing and you’re your atmosphere with fragrance and freshness. Gifting beautiful flowers to your friends or relatives is the old practice. Even now, no function or occasion is done without presence of the flowers. You may see flowers at the death ritual as well. However, kinds of flowers are quite different at the celebration and mourning. Flowers are said as a living art creation. It takes plenty of effort and planning to create these beautiful flowers in the garden.

You may enjoy beauty of the flowers even though you don’t have the garden. You may buy them from the florist and then arrange it in the vase. You may place this vase on a centre table or on corner table. Everyone of us generally go to florist shop to buy some unique and beautiful flowers. However, at this age, shopping online has provided huge convenience even though you wish to buy some of the fresh flowers for the home and for gifting this to the friends. New age technology has offered plenty of methods to shop for saving your effort and time of buying the flowers.

It is a miracle of technology, fast transport and communication that you may purchase and get the exotic flower; suppose growing it in Mexico and you are having in India and at minimum time. Obviously travelling part of flowers requires huge care in order to keep it in shape and fresh.

What are the SERPs or Google Results Pages and what types exist?

What does SERP mean?

SERP means in English Search Engine Result Page or Search Results Page. It is neither more nor less than the page resulting from a search performed in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. This local rank tracking service is use is to abbreviate the word “search results page” or “search results”. It can be used, for example, in the following way:

    • My page appears well positioned in the SERPs
  • Google made a change in the way to show the SERPs
  • I want to measure the ranking in the SERPs of my site before keywords.

SERPs are the abbreviation of “Search Engine Results Pages” and means Searcher Result Pages. It is neither more nor less than what results from having done a search in a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. However, nowadays the search engines have been perfecting their results and the text links are only a small part of the SERPs, because after conducting a Google search, we obtain a variety of types of results, among which we find pages web, videos, images, local pages and social networks. This combination of content is what we call Blended Search or Universal Search (also called “Google everything” by Google).

Types of page results

There are different types of content that you can see in the SERPs, here are the most important:


To be in the top positions you must do a good job of Search Engine Optimization and optimize the Page Title and Meta Description since it will be what users will see. On the other hand, rich snippets are also an important element when talking about this type of content. These are the lines of text and images that appear below each of the search results, as a brief summary of what is inside that website and service to give users an idea of what they will find when doing click on it


You can also see some news related to the topic you have searched. In fact, this is one of the few, if not the only, ways to reach the top positions of the search engine in a matter of hours and without paying for it.

Local Pages:

In the event that your search is related to a local business, such as a hotel, restaurant or any type of physical business located in a city, you will see results related to it, in the Google Maps service. These results get great visibility and a very high percentage of clicks … so if you have a local business, I recommend that you create a Google Plus account to start out with this type of SERPs.


The images play a very important role in the search engine, since you can position with them, and thanks to it, get new visitors to your website. But for Google to take your images and index them into the search engine, it is important that you include the ALT attribute in each of them.


It is common for Google to include Youtube videos in search results, in fact, they are taking more and more prominence in Google searches. It is the best local rank tracking service. I will recommend an article for you to read, which explains how to do SEO for YouTube.

Types of SERP

Although sometimes it is difficult to differentiate them, there are two types of SERP or search results. On the one hand, there are the organic results, and on the other the results paid. Organic results work through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), while paid results or paid advertising work through the SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Paid out

As you can see in the image above, the paid results are located at the top and bottom of the SERP. They are managed through the advertising platform Google Adwords, which as we have seen is known as SEM. These results look very similar to organic ones but differ from them because they are accompanied by the word “ad” next to the destination URL. It is difficult to explain briefly how advertising works in Google , but for you to have a general idea, you should know that it is managed through an auction system where the positions (SEM) are decided by two general criteria: the quality level of the ad that you have written and the economic aspect, the CPC (Cost per Click) that you are willing to pay for your keywords.


The organic results, as we have said before, are governed by SEO. SEO is a discipline in constant change and movement since the criteria that govern it, besides being many; they change constantly. Despite this, we could say that two of the fundamental factors that positively influence the SEO of a website is its relevance and authority.

Rich Snippet or rich formats

The Rich Snippet, also known as enriched formats, appears on some occasions highlighted in the SERP on organic results, to give a direct response to specific queries. They are a relatively new and untapped format since they were introduced by Google in 2013. Since then they have not stopped evolving and their importance has not stopped growing. Through Rich Snippets, Google highlights one of the results above the rest and offers detailed information on various topics such as recipes, people, articles, mathematical formulas, products … offering in each one different information. The plugin ” All In One Rich Snippets ” will help you implement the Rich Snippets in your WordPress because for Google to interpret the content and highlight it as such, it needs special labelling and marking; known as structured marking.

In case you use a different CMS and want to try to highlight part of content through an enriched format to your web, Google has a guide on the structured markup that you must make and also a test tool so you can check that the data is correctly structured. If you are one of those people who prefer to avoid code, Google also has a data highlighter so you can enter structured tags from Search Console without typing a single line of code.

Advantages of buying a car

Buying a car is an idea that appeals to a greater number of young people, because it represents the beginning of a stage of personal independence, at least to what is in comfort. Being honest, everyone has ever thought about having a car, and it is not for less, because it offers the possibility to avoid the annoying lines to wait for the mass transit system, in addition to going safe and confident without needing to run from a whereabouts to another not to be late to class, however, there are also other reasons, financial for example, which indicate that this is a good time to take the step.

Within the framework of the entry there have been many speculations that have been generated about the probable price decrease in the lines of cars produced by used cars in fontana, despite the real advantage of this panorama falls in the competition between firms and the financing and credit plans that target the consumer of the decade, the university students. Most people do not have enough funds to buy a cash vehicle, which is why they resort to one of the financing methods available in the market, traditional loan or sign a lease or finance lease.

For those who like to have and keep their cars for long periods, the purchase may be the best option. The purchase transfers the ownership of the automobile with a pledge guarantee in favour of the financier, which will allow the latter to repossess the car in case of non-payment. This guarantee is lifted at the time the entire vehicle is paid. It does not present any limitation on the miles travelled annually.

In addition to being more economical, used vehicles have the advantage that depreciation is lower compared to a new car. However, being a car that had one or more owners previously, it may come with some faults or marks. Therefore, when choosing between several options you have to be clear that a perfect vehicle is simply impossible.

In this situation, we give you tips that will help you used cars in fontana.

Test drive

The idea is to be able to test the car on the street and on the road. It is important to be attentive to be able to listen or observe strange noises or behaviours in the vehicle.


Check the upholstery, the plastics inside and the bodywork well. Look for marks, scratches and defects, but always keep in mind that, as we said previously, the chances of there being no damage is negligible.

Leasing makes sense to people who buy a new car every few years because the payments are lower, repairs are usually covered under the warranty, and the value of the car depreciates quickly in the first few years it is under your property. Because luxury cars depreciate so much, it usually makes sense to rent them!

On the other hand, the decision to buy favours more someone who keeps a car enough to finish paying, and then continues to handle it for years without making payments. To clear your doubts and help you create your individual argument, at used cars in fontana.

  1. ECONOMY – Taking out accounts, investing in the purchase of a car equals the sum of the daily expenses for transportation that you must cover, modest fees that do not exceed the amount of a legal monthly minimum wage in force, are those that you can choose to build your own payment plan, it is a matter of financial order, not the amount of the budget.
  2. PUNCTUALITY – Having your own means of transport avoids depending on the route of other passengers and expedites the arrival at your destination, which decreases the time of transfer from one place to another.
  3. BUSINESS – If you have an entrepreneurial project in mind, this is a way to start the constitution of your idea, depending on the nature that you have.
  4. FACILITIES – Both in the social, as in the family, gives you the advantage of being able to collaborate if an emergency arises.
  5. PROFITABILITY – Creating routes between neighbours and classmates, you can earn a daily amount that helps you afford gasoline or parking.
  6. TRAVEL – Setting up a walking plan and being able to enjoy the landscapes, travelling by road from one city to another, is easier in your own car. Share expenses with your friends.

Benefits of buying a used car at used cars in Fontana

The market for the purchase and sale of the user has become one of the main business options, however, it is important to remember that you should seek the support of trusted entities and agencies, which allow you to analyze in depth all the variables. If you are thinking about making this important investment, we bring you a list of the benefits of buying used cars:

  1. Greater access to different models of high-end vehicles, such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, among others at used cars in fontana are available.
  2. It is the best option if you do not have enough money, you can also buy a full risk policy to cover the initial investment and so the car does not lose value before any damage you may suffer.
  3. Less time for payment of fees, it is cheaper to buy a used car, than to pay a new one on credit, with higher fees and also interest.
  4. It is a more rational than emotional purchase, which will represent great advantages.
  5. A good option against little-known brands and that does not generate confidence.
  6. Option to be able to go to service and spare parts outside the official network, which for many people is something attractive due to the reduction in costs.

It is advisable if you plan to buy a used vehicle, have it checked by a trusted mechanic and seek a guarantee. Do not forget to ask each of the important details such as mileage, mechanical history, affiliation or coverage of insurers or even if you have suffered an accident.

Get your fitness goals by following these 7 steps

Have you decided to hit a change and improve your body? Great! Is it frustrating to think that in a week of training you have not achieved much? You can pass. But you should not give up so fast. You will need hard work, motivation and time. Keep reading and discover how you can achieve your goals step by step. Having a varied training routine is essential. And that’s what the new feature of the fat decimator review offers you: the option to change and add a cardio goal. All the activities that you register with your fat decimator review will be synchronized automatically. This will give you the perfect combination of strength and cardio.

When the bull has been taken by the horns and it has been decided to carry out the exercise in order to meet the established objectives, the path is taken to achieve them depends. Regardless of what the sport, exercise, competition or any process is, the steps to follow will be decisive to achieve success. Nothing is random or magical. The fundamental thing is to establish the goals for oneself and stay on that line to reach them. With these simple tips, you will increase the chances of drowning yourself in the Fitness objectives. Meeting objectives depends mainly on the path taken to achieve them. The steps programmed or see the fat decimator review to reach the goal are those that determine success.

In the same way, it happens in the world of sports. Nothing happens at random or by magic, and the best way to achieve the goals is to fulfil a plan. It does not matter if the steps are well detailed or only serve as a guide, the fundamental thing is to set goals for oneself and stay on the path to reach them. With these are 7 steps you will increase the chances of reaching your fitness goals:

  1. Know your long-term goals

Thinking about the future is essential to be active and committed. If you want to lose 30 kilos in the next twelve months, a good method is to write it on a piece of paper and place it in a visible place so as not to forget it. It is important to maintain the pact with oneself and be responsible to achieve that goal.

  1. Establish short-term objectives

Detailing the long-term goals makes it easier to reach them. The short-term objectives are those steps that will help you lower those 30 kilos gradually. An example is to create monthly and weekly calendars detailing guidelines such as “download 1-2 kilos per week”, always being reasonable with the metabolism and physical conditions of each.

  1. Maintain measurable goals

The best way to be able to verify that the objectives are met is through goals with measurable results. One of the keys is to do it from the weight. Carrying weekly or monthly weighings and keeping a record ensures that goals, both short and long-term, remain active and standing. Carrying out a registration allows you to evaluate the process. If the short-term objectives are not being achieved, it is possible to adjust the diet or increase the exercises that are being carried out.

  1. Set achievable goals

Unrealistic goals only lead to failure and rapid frustration, which deviates from your long-term goal. Aggressive goals can be counterproductive. It is necessary to be logical when considering them, to remain realistic but at the same time patient and committed.

  1. Follow specific plans

A correct plan of action is all you need to achieve short-term objectives. This includes planning a workout and nutrition that will help you lose 1-2 kilos per week or adapt to your needs. It is important to be specific and responsible when choosing schedules and training days so that later it is feasible to do it. For the nutritional plan, it is possible to consult a specialist and keep a register of calories and food consumed weekly.

  1. Find personal motivation

What is really intended with the long-term goal? While some objectives are more accessible than others, the final goal will only be achieved if you are working for yourself. Putting the heart and self-interest in the struggle to achieve success is essential so that discouragement does not have space and the fire stays on.

  1. Reward and have fun

The road to travel can be long and not all the objectives are pleasant or of our preference. If reaching goals becomes a constant effort, with no activities that you like, success is likely to be more difficult to achieve. It is important to practice sports that seem more attractive to you and avoid those that bother you. If you like basketball, your cardio exercises should focus there. It is also possible to modify certain vegetables or foods in the diet for others that are healthy but do not dislike eating. Have fun and reward yourself for the effort is the best key to avoid failure or fatigue.

Feeling stuck or on a plateau is a very common feeling to travel this path of long-term goals. The important thing is to remain patient, be constant and responsible in the established plans. Continue forward and be creative when it comes to innovating meals and workouts to not get tired or annoyed. Rewarding yourself when you achieve your goals is also an interesting incentive to feel comforted and motivated.

This can be as simple as buying a new shirt to train or change shoes. The important thing is to be able to enjoy the process of reaching your goals. The feeling of pride and satisfaction for having achieved your goals and doing something to improve your life is worth all the time and effort committed. All that remains is to have patience, be constant and responsible in the established plans; the feeling of pride and satisfaction to achieve each of the objectives to stay fit and healthy, worth all effort and time. So the fat decimator review, is a must see.

How to choose lighting for fish tank?

It is not easy to choose lighting for fish tank but it is not difficult either. You just have to know what to look for , and that’s what we’re going to see.

How to choose lighting for fish tank?

Today, there is a wide variety of led light for fish tanks available in the market. It is normal that initially the LED lighting for aquariums is quite confusing. But if you know the right questions, it will not be a difficult road to travel. If you have doubts, you can consult aquarium lighting, our special on the subject of the use of light for aquariums. There is one thing that you have to have clear, not any led lamp for aquarium DOES NOT work for all types of tanks. You should also look if you want that elegant black light for fish tanks that is also called UV , or if in the mounting system you will prefer suction cups, whether it is clamp or any other installation mechanism.

It is crucial that you know if your species are fish of light , such as the so-called light bulb fish or if they prefer darker areas, if you want a marine environment , if it is freshwater and if you prefer white or yellow light . As you can see, buying an aquarium is not a song, but we will help you to make the best selection.

Size of the aquarium

The first thing you should keep in mind to select the best LED aquarium lighting is the size of your aquarium. Logically, depending on the size of the tank, the right type of LED will vary. The bigger the fish tank, the more amount of light it will need. If you have a very large aquarium, and you want to illuminate it in its entirety, you will need lighting for fish tank with LED whose light coverage is wide and its intensity is very widespread. When you go to buy an aquarium lamp, keep in mind the width of your aquarium. LED aquarium light lamps come in a variety of standard lengths. This is especially important when selecting a LED fish tank light that sits on top of the aquarium’s frame.

Type of plants in the tank

The type of plant life you have in your aquarium is the second factor, and very important. If your plants and corals are in their growth phase, you will need a different level of light intensity than you will need in other cycles of your life. The different types of plants have different light requirements, so there are different LEDs for planted aquariums. Therefore, you have to know how to choose an appropriate one for the plants of your aquarium.

Intensity and light spectrum for lighting for fish tank

Exploring in the market the different options of led lighting for aquarium, you will see that there is a wide range of intensities and spectra of colors to choose from. This is very useful when you have to provide optimal lighting levels for a wide range of plants. Also, when it is necessary to provide all of them with a variety of biological phases, or in the case of corals, with their specific living conditions! The different intensities and different colors of the led fish tank light are suitable for several plants and their individual growth phases.

Budget – lighting for fish tank

The last factor is the budget for lighting for fish tank. But there is no need to worry, since the price range of aquarium led lights on the market is huge. That’s why everyone can find what they need within their budget. The LED lights for aquariums provide wonderful and efficient functionality for your aquarium at a very affordable price. The best part is that the range of features and prices makes this excellent product available to everyone in a way that fits every budget.

Benefits lighting for fish tank:

If you ask yourself: What is good about LED lighting for aquariums? Continue reading because here we expose the main advantages of using LED in the aquarium.

Benefits of led lighting for aquarium

Let’s see now the benefits of the aquarium led lamp , and why you should use it to light up your aquarium. Here are some points that will help you understand why:

  • These LED lamps for fish tanks use much less energy. They are extremely energy efficient, and will save around 30% in energy costs compared to traditional aquarium lighting.
  • The lifespan of each LED for aquariums is quite high compared to the other available lighting systems. The LED aquarium lamp lasts at least 80,000 hours compared to 20,000 hours for fluorescent lamps. Because of this, LED aquarium lights are very profitable in the medium to long term.
  • The LEDs for fish tanks do not waste energy in the form of heat, so they do not alter the temperature of the aquarium water.
  • LED lights can be programmed to produce specific lighting for a marine tank, or for a freshwater aquarium.
  • The LED lamps for aquariums and are easy to use, also are friendly to the environment. They do not produce toxic gases in the lighting process, which keeps the overall environment and aquarium environment clean.
  • These LED aquarium lights have been manufactured water resistant and compact for a perfect use as an aquarium light.
  • The LEDs for aquarium of good quality can produce light of different intensities and colors. This produces an optimal environment for growth in the aquarium, whatever its type and stage of growth.
  • Some automatic LEDs also have the ability to find out the different growth phases of the plants in your aquarium. This fantastic LED lighting for aquarium can be adjusted accordingly, and produce required wavelength and color intensities.
  • Several small LEDs are what make up the complete unit, therefore, there is no possibility that the entire device stops working at the same time.

Have a look at the best earbuds under 50

There are many features that these hearing aids incorporate today, based on the continuous improvement of sound perception. The manufacturers present innovations that go from the technical to the aesthetic. For now, we will look for best earbuds under 50 of the market tailored to your expectations and budget.

Best earbuds under 50:

Have a look at the best earbuds under 50:

  • T450 JBL Supraaural Headphones
  • Bass of great depth
  • JBL T450 – Supra-aural headphones for cable
  • Pure Bass JBL Sound
  • Control music playback with the remote control with just one
  • Thanks to its lightweight materials, these headphones are comfortable
  • Durable flat cable that does not get tangled

Listening to music with clear sounds and powerful bass is possible with this model of the JBL brand, which among its main attractions highlights the comfort offered by its internal padding helmets with great insulation capacity. The cable it has is long and flat, perfect to avoid entanglements. It has a button for remote volume control and selective playback of tracks. Fits most player and PC devices folding and compact and are the best earbuds under 50.

  • Sennheiser HD 206 Stereo Headset
  • They effectively isolate environmental noise
  • Sennheiser HD 206 – Stereo headphones, color …
  • Powerful and sharp bass response
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Good attenuation of environmental noise
  • Extremely resistant

When you want the maximum bass amplification you need a good pair of headphones, and in this case Sennheiser offers a product that is well worth it. Its power is relative, according to the device it is connected to. The cable is long enough to move freely. Its materials are strong and of great resistance. The outside noise does not overshadow the listening experience, thanks to its efficient insulation properties. The best earbuds under 50 comes with padded and adjustable helmets for long sessions.

  • Sony MDR-XB550APG Headphones Headphones
  • High strength materials
  • Sony MDR-XB550APG – Extra Headband Headphones
  • Extra Bass for deep and powerful sounds
  • Microphone with integrated control compatible with Smartphones
  • Adaptable metallic headband for a perfect fit
  • Padded cushions for extended comfort
  • Choose one of the 5 colors that best suits your style

The best earbuds under 50 has a comparison option that stands out for its manufacturer, and with the advantage of an opportunity price. The Extra Bass function gives power to the bass sounds, and its built-in knob will allow you, among other things, to answer the calls when connecting it to your Smartphone. The headband is metal adjustable to the size of the head. You can get them in 5 different beautiful colors to choose. The best earbuds under 50 is ideal for lovers of loud music.

  • Sennheiser CX 300-II in-ear headphones
  • With asymmetrical cable
  • Sennheiser CX 300-II – In-ear headphones
  • Dynamic speaker system
  • Extremely durable structure
  • Optimized for professional monitoring

A simple system headphone earpiece or ” in-ear “, as they are called, which have the quality of noise reduction. This condition gives us the possibility to enjoy our favorite melodies without sound pollution from the outside. Its structure is strong and comes with replacement suction heads. They come in a convenient bag to store them. Best earbuds under 50 are a perfect alternative to recreate while you exercise or in outdoor activities. It is recommended for use in mobile phones and portable players.

  • COWIN E7 Wireless Headphones
  • Realistic and clean sounds
  • COWIN E7 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • High quality built-in microphone and NFC technology
  • Patented 40 mm wide opening conductors
  • The professional protein earphone and 90 ° rotating headphones
  • 30 hours of playback time per charge in Bluetooth mode.
  • Remote microphone control on board to take calls, and volume control

The technological advantages and advances in data transmission are evident in Cowin’s E7 model. Get rid of cables with this wireless version, which relies on your Bluetooth system with a stable connection to listen to good quality sounds. It incorporates a microphone to increase its functionality. Charging your batteries via USB allows continuous enjoyment of up to more than 30 hours. Its adjustable helmets and its modern design make it very attractive.

  • Philips Wireless Headphones SHB3075RD
  • So far the best earbuds under 50 and a powerful sonority at low cost
  • Philips SHB3075RD – Wireless Headphones
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • The rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of playback
  • Comfortable hands-free calls
  • Sound isolation for a better audio experience
  • Included: USB cable, quick start guide

If you want to buy more affordable headphones with all the benefits of wireless devices, you can consider this offer. Of minimalist design but current, it has on its helmets the buttons for ignition control, volume levels, track selection and activation of the Bluetooth connection. The built-in battery can provide average charge duration of 12 hours. You can choose between 4 colors which is best for you. The level of the bass is quite optimal.

  • Headphones for video game V3 Micolindun
  • Quality stereo sound
  • Gaming Headset Gaming Headset Gamer for PS4 PC
  • Extreme Comfort- Professional gaming headphones with super design
  • Unique Game Style- First Micolindun gaming headset that looks
  • Extraordinary Sound Effect- Tuned strictly by the technician
  • Omnidirectional microphone Updated-The soft omnidirectional microphone

Live all the realism of your favorite video games with these built-in microphone headphones. With excellent performance and sound quality, it is remarkable the futuristic design of this model, which adds lights on its helmets and front, to integrate the emotion in each play. The best earbuds under 50 are a modern device for young people who combine all their activities of entertainment and contact in social networks, being perfect for chatting and videoconferences. It is compatible with the main consoles of today. They are light and easy to carry, just by hanging around the neck, magnetically joining both ends. They withstand sweat and moisture. Bring a microphone to allow you to answer calls. The volume and selection of tracks are controlled by buttons on its cable.

So what have you planned are you planning to get the best earbuds under 50 or not!

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If you have e commerce site and you are looking for the Ranking an eCommerce Site, then you are the right place, through us the Ranking an eCommerce Site is very easy! You are looking for the main objective of getting your site classified in the search engines more important as are Google and Yahoo. To achieve this, the first thing you need is to focus on in-situ SEO, which consists of simple adjustments made within the pages and the general structure of your website. One thing to keep in mind is that SEO on site requires the optimization of each page of your website, not just the landing page or the home page, so it is always easier to optimize your website successfully. during the initial phase of development, instead of having to go to each page after having created it.

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The 10 Most Read Books in The World

Everybody loves to enjoy a good literary work, but do you have any idea about the 10 most read books in the world? Hundreds of thousands of books have been amazed us so far, but very few have the status of most read books around the world. Here in this article, you will go through an elite list of the greatest pieces of literary work by world-renowned authors.

The 10 Most Read Books in The World

The Bible By Various Authors:

The Bible as we know is about God’s action in this world and his actual purpose with all the creations we see. This holy book saw its writing accomplished over 16 centuries and is an astonishing collection of 66 books depicting God’s own messages.

Quotations from the Works of Mao Tse-tung By Mao Tse-tung:

The Quotations from the Works of Mao Tse-tung, or as it is widely known, the ‘little red book’ written by Mao Tse-tung, teaches the people of China about the ideology and history of the Chinese Communist Party.

Harry Potter By J. K. Rowling:

The famous Harry Potter books include a fantasy series of 7 novels which are British writer J. K. Rowling’s masterpiece as we know. Most of these 7 masterpieces have been made into action-packed adventure movies in Hollywood. Not only children, adults have also heartily accepted this fiction character like their own family member.

Lord of the Rings By J. R. R. Tolkien:

Another epic fantasy book and its tipped to be philologist J. R. R. Tolkien’s best literary work. The novel initially began as a sequel to his earlier, far less appealed children’s fantasy book The Hobbit, but later emerged as a much larger creation depicting the human civilization.

A film trilogy of three live action fantasy epic Hollywood movies was made inspired by this book; namely The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and the last one is The Return of the King.

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho:

This literary work was actually published in 1987 and quickly became a Brazilian bestseller. You would be amazed to know that this book has sold a staggering 65 million copies around the world. The Alchemist was translated into more than 67 languages according to its demand and even won the Guinness World Record for the most translated book.

The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown:

This fiction novel is another classy literary work by influential American author Dan Brown. The story is based on the thrilling investigations of Professor Robert Langdon following a murder in the Paris Louvre Museum. He finds out a controversial fact that Jesus Christ may have married Mary Magdalene and was even a father of a child.

Twilight: The Saga By Stephenie Meyer:

Twilight happens to be the first book from a famous young adult series written by American author Stephenie Meyer. The story follows a young girl who eventually falls in love with a vampire facing a constantly changing society. The beautiful girl says “First, he was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him”.

Gone With the Wind By Margaret Mitchell:

It is a romantic drama from Margaret Mitchell that remained best seller on the market for months. The story will lead you to Georgia during the American Civil War and tells an intriguing story of Scarlett O’Hara, who was the daughter of an Irish immigrant plantation owner.

This romantic piece grabbed the prestigious Pulitzer Prize and was even adapted into a Hollywood movie of the same name to win an Academy Award.

Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill:

This is one of the best motivational books you would come across. It helps you to understand the basics of personal development and self-improvement which the author learned from the Scottish-American billionaire Andrew Carnegie.

Diary of Anne Frank By Anne Frank:

This best-seller is based on the writings from a diary that was written by Anne Frank while she was in a hiding place for more than 2 years during the Nazi infiltration of the Netherlands. Expert termed this book as one of the vital literary artworks of the twentieth century.

Difference between Cheap & Expensive Suits

There are a variety of suits available in the market with a broad range of prices. Spotting the difference between a cheap and costly suit depends on your expectation and budget. Expensive suits do not mean that the quality of cloth is good or better than the cheaper ones. The material may be valuable because of its brand name. The cloth may or may not be of high quality, but it is not necessary that the quality of the fabric must be better than the cheaper material.

If you pay may more and expect to get more than you might not always get more, so you must make up your mind on what suit you need to get for your appropriate occasion for the budget you have planned out.

Difference between Cheap & Expensive Suits

The following are some of the major difference:

  • The fit.
  • The Build Quality.
  • The Fabric.
  • The Service.

The Fit:

A cheaper suit gets designed with the aim that it should fit everyone who is a bigger size and everyone who are smaller in size. The suits get designed in a box shape that fits everyone. But expensive suits are designed with the aim that the suits must fit everyone perfectly. The expensive suits give you a correct fit, and it is intended based on everyone’s body shape and size. Even if you give the cheaper suit to your tailor and get it altered, it would not give you the fit the expensive suites provide.

The Build Quality:

The quality of the cloth and the materials used in the suit is not very good. Say for example you are buying a $200 suit from a retail store, imagine that the retailer would have bought it from the manufacturer for about half the price and the cost of manufacturing the suit can get very low. So you might get the quality of the price you pay. But then again this case may not be right in all cases.

If a suit has hand work in them, then it is going to cost you more money because hand work is art and artwork are something which you need to pay.

The Fabric:

The material milled from a cheaper suit is made from recycled wool in most of the time. While an expensive material gets made out of high-quality wool that lasts for a longer duration. Again this is not the case in all suits. Some suits are expensive, but they do not provide you with a good fabric so make sure that you get a good material for the price you buy.

The service:

The cheaper suits usually purchased from a cheaper store, and you might not get a tailored service there exclusively for you. You need to buy the suit and take it out to your tailor to get it altered. When you buy an expensive suit the shop, you buy the suit from might offer you a great personal tailor who might fix your buttons or any damages caused to the suit.


Colombia’s search for peace and prosperity

COLOMBIA has been undergoing an economic transformation in the last few years.

It has now become an attractive place for foreign investment in the energy sector after a series of reforms which relaxed labour laws. Since then, there has been a dramatic increase in exploration and production of oil and gas.

There also has been some extraction of shale gas by US giant energy company, Exxon-Mobil. The estimates of reserves are highly optimistic.

The government has, for the first time, also started to auction potential oil and gas zones offshore for exploration, with the hope that it can match the huge success Brazil has enjoyed

The mining sector is also experiencing a boom, most notably in the production of gold.

On the political front, the government of President Juan Manuel Santos has balanced the country’s budget and eased tensions with Venezuela. But crucially, it has started to try to end internal conflicts with guerrilla groups which have lasted for more than half a century.

Peace negotiations started in November 2012 in the Cuban capital, Havana, with the largest guerrilla group, known as the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). This has been a major step in the peace process.

It also marked the biggest move in decades by the Colombian state to reclaim control over the nation’s territory and to bring peace to the country.

Colombia has also signed a number of free trade agreements with the United States, the European Union and its neighbours.

If there is progress in the peace talks, however slow, Colombia should be able to play a major role in the global energy market in the next few years. But the guerrillas are not the only armed group operating outside the law in Colombia. For the past 20 years, paramilitaries have operated with government acquiescence to fight the guerrillas in places where the country’s armed forces could not operate.

This has been carried out in some cases with vast financial support from the United States via Plan Colombia, which supports various activities in the country, such as the training of armed forces.

When President Santos distanced his government from that of his predecessor, Alvaro Uribe, by declaring that he would do everything possible to make amends for the atrocities of the paramilitaries, tens of thousands of refugees sued the government for compensation and the return of their land.

But as the paramilitaries are demobilised, many of their members are forming organised crime groups, which are responsible for widespread violence in several regions.

Colombia continues to be the principal hub of the massive trade in illegal drugs for the United States. Nothing the Colombian government has donehas succeeded in reducing the illegal trade to any significant degree.

Estimates within the World Bank during the 1990s showed that the laundering of money from the illegal traffic in drugs exceeded 10 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product.

Yet in spite of this knowledge, the government and the bank published reports each year indicating that the Colombian economy was growing.

Colombia’s other problem is diplomatic. After 10 years of deliberation, the International Court of Justice at The Hague has issued its findings in the dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua over the San Andres island chain, just off the coast of Panama.

The judges confirmed Colombia’s sovereignty over the islands. But, in recognition of Nicaragua’s maritime rights and the extension of the continental shelf off the coast of Nicaragua, it has granted sovereign rights to Nicaragua to waters just to the north and to the south of the islands.

The judgment has infuriated Colombian public opinion. The Santos government, in response, has denounced the court, rejected its judgement and announced that it was withdrawing from the Treaty of Bogota, under which Colombia and all Latin American countries agreed to resort to the International Court of Justice to resolve territorial disputes.

The Colombian reaction to the court decision comes at an unfortunate time when President Santos is trying to reposition Colombia as a loyal and cooperative player in the international community.

Security crisis delays the expansion of Iraq’s economy

IRAQ’S officially proven oil reserves are approaching 115 billion barrels. In 2013 the Iraqi Ministry of Oil reported an increase to 143 billion barrels. If this is correct, Iraq is the fifth biggest producer in the world.

Most of the oil is in the Shi’i south – Iraq is led by Shi’i Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who seems irresponsive to the grievances of his country’s Sunni population as it edges slowly towards a civil war.

In the Kurdish autonomy in the north of the country, where Western companies are signing deals, proven oil reserves are estimated at 11 billion barrels.

In 2012 Iraq’s oil production was around three million barrels per day (b/d), some 75 per cent of which came from the south. However, by the end of 2012 production had reached 3.2 million b/d, the highest since the early 1980s.

By the end of 2013 Iraqi Kurdistan will probably produce 400,000 b/d; by 2015 Kurdish leaders promise to bring production to one million b/d and that will be doubled by 2019. By 2012 oil represented between 93-95 per cent of total government revenue. However, development is slow.

ExxonMobil decided in 2012 to give up its contract over the huge West Qurna field in the south in favour of developing oil fields in the Kurdish autonomy.

Kurdistan’s infrastructure is healthy, electricity supply is adequate and there is little corruption involved in signing contracts.

If Iraq repairs all or even most of its oil pipelines and prevents sabotage it will be able to market much larger quantities than it does today.

Between late April and early July 2013, the Iraqi dinar lost about 10 per cent of its value because of the sharp spike in sectarian violence. Otherwise inflation is low.

Iraq’s oil revenues are substantial even now. According to a UN Joint Analysis Policy Unit (JAPU) report in January 2013 the annual budget for 2013, approved in March and based almost entirely on the expected oil revenues, is US$118.5 billion (ID 138 trillion).

The expenditure of the central government in Baghdad – defence, the central bureaucracy etc – is US$34.6 billion or about 30 per cent of the total budget. The regions are demanding a higher share, but provision of funds is already quite high. The problem is that the spending rate for provincial development is low and most provinces cannot spend all the cash allotted to them by Baghdad.

One reason for that is the deterioration in security that slowed economic activities, including those of foreign companies.

There are also local inefficiencies. As a result, in 2011 less than 60 per cent of the substantial allocated provincial budgets was used.

The infrastructure development needs are very high. Some 32 per cent of households still lack safe drinking water and 25 per cent receive less than 12 hours of uninterrupted electricity per day from public networks.

Education, too, is in poor shape – 23 per cent of the population is illiterate and although 90 per cent of school-age children are enrolled in primary schools, the figure for secondary schools is only 49 per cent.

Iraq is a rich country. This, however, is not benefiting most Iraqis, whose income – the equivalent of US$3,900 a year in 2011 – and standard of living, are low because of a slow rate of development.

Foreign entrepreneurs will find attractive opportunities in Iraq. Official corruption can be circumvented if entrepreneurs approach the provincial authorities and local sheikhs (elders). If they can employ local workers, the regional leaders will use their electoral power to get the needed approval from Baghdad. Substantial funds are available.

Indian satellites provide new era for space

INDIA is set to launch more of its own rockets in 2013 than it has in any previous year. Its budget is less than a tenth of NASA’s US$17.7 billion, but it has increased every year since the early 2000s, jumping from US$591 million in 2004-2005 to US$1.3 billion in 2012-2013.

India now has one of the world’s top six space programmes. But its record year for space launches marks a ratcheting up of the Asian space race.

India’s year in space opened with the launch of its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) ferrying six foreign satellites to orbit .

The PSLV has launched 28 Indian and 35 foreign satellites since 1999.

Another PSLV mission planned for the end of 2013 will carry France’s Spot 7 Earth observation satellite into orbit, demonstrating the inroads made by the commercial division of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in marketing Indian rockets for the launch of foreign satellites.

The PSLV launched, on its 23rd flight on July 1, 2013, the first of seven of India’s new navigation satellites – IRNSS-1A – which will form the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).

The successful deployment of IRNSS-1A marks a new era of space application for India where it could benefit marine traffic, response times for emergency services, mobile communications and mapping.

Each satellite cost around US$27 million (Rs 125 crore) and is expected to operate for at least 10 years.

Before the end of the year the Indian space agency plans to launch its first mission to Mars using its PSLV. The US$ 75 million (Rs 450 crore) Mars Orbiter Mission will carry imaging cameras and atmospheric sensors.

Apart from India’s primary aim to demonstrate they have the capability to go to Mars, it also plans to study the Martian surface and atmosphere, map mineralogy and attempt to detect methane. On Earth, methane results primarily from biological or active geological processes, and could indicate the presence of living organisms on Mars today.

NASA will provide deep-space navigation and tracking support services for India’s Mars orbiter mission as part of expanding cooperative ties with the United States.

The two space agencies are also exploring the possibilities of a joint Earth observation satellite, by looking at the compatibility between the US Global Positioning System and the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.

The new IRNSS satellite system will remove India’s reliance on GPS, allowing it to acquire accurate positioning data independently.

Navigational independence gives nations daily control over satellite navigation for civilian use, such as transport, aviation, banking and communication.

But it can also be vital during military conflicts when the use of foreign GPS systems may not necessarily be guaranteed.

India already has one of the largest civilian remote sensing satellite systems in the world and the largest domestic communication satellite systems in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sectors within India which have benefited from remote sensing include agriculture and natural resource management.

Monitoring water levels and the spatial extent of surface water during rainy periods has helped scheduling for irrigation, while longer-term studies provide feedback on crop rotation and estimates of the quality and quantity of annual crop yields. Satellite data has also been used to identify sites for drilling wells to give access to drinking water for deprived villages.

India’s new advanced weather satellite INSAT-3D was launched on July 26, 2013, by Europe’s Ariane 5 ECA rocket, sharing the ride into space with Europe’s Alphasat telecom satellite.

INSAT-3D will advance India’s capability in weather forecasting and disaster warning.

The satellite is also equipped with a search and rescue payload which will help coastguards, fishing and shipping services, and air traffic control over much of the Indian Ocean region.

Two more Earth-orbiting Indian satellites are expected to launch during August 2013: the GSAT-7 communications satellite intended to serve the Indian Navy will launch on an Ariane, while GSAT-14 will launch on India’s largest rocket, the GSLV.

The launch of IRNSS-1A puts India on its way to becoming part of a select group of nations which can offer independent navigation services that would give it the potential to expand civilian applications and to explore a new niche for its economy.

Belarus ‘dictator’ plays cat and mouse with Europe and Russia

Belarus is Europe’s last dictatorship. And despite Brussels’s steadfast concern over the harsh repression meted out by its president, Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus stands defiant in the face of Western pressure for change.

Europe’s ambitions to encourage liberalisation in the country of 9.5 million have not met with success. Moscow too has grown tired of constant resistance from Minsk.

But where some experts believe the country’s economic crisis and increased military cooperation may be about to bring Belarus firmly into Moscow’s orbit, past performance demonstrates 59-year-old Mr Lukashenko has an ability to play Moscow and Brussels off each other.

Alexander Lukashenko, a former farm manger and KGB guard, is dismissive of Western democracy. He was first elected in 1994 in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse and has, controversially, remained president ever since.

Mr Lukashenko is unconcerned about his reputation as the ‘last dictator in Europe’. Nor is he concerned over general incredulity that he is grooming his pistol-carrying nine-year-old son Kolya to succeed him.

During his years in office, the Belarusian president has ensured his country remains a replica of the old USSR. Elections are charades. Parliamentary elections in September 2012 did not return a single opposition candidate.

Though the streets are clean and safe, the authorities keep a close watch. The security service – as in the USSR – is still known as the KGB. All opposition is dealt with harshly via intimidation, beatings, arrests, and disappearances. Belarus is the only European country that continues the practice of execution.

Mr Lukashenko irritates Brussels. Although a Partnership and Cooperation agreement was signed in 1995, Belarus remains the only country in the region that has not even applied for EU membership. Neither is Minsk – considered too undemocratic – part of the European Neighborhood Policy.

Following the violent crackdown on demonstrators protesting over widespread fraud in the December 2010 presidential elections, the EU slapped a visa ban on members of the ruling elite and froze their assets in Europe – to little effect.

In the spring of 2012, a European Dialogue on Modernisation was introduced, but civil society in Belarus is too weak to constitute a partner.

Brussels insists political prisoners are released and worries Belarus will succumb to complete dependence on Russia. Minsk suspects that the EU’s real objective is regime change.

Much presently depends on Lithuania – the first Baltic state to hold the rotating chair of the EU. Lithuania maintains a lucrative trade with Belarus, in potash and petrochemical products, and its capital city, Vilnius, is home to a Belarus free university.

The Lithuanian city will host the third European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) summit on November 28 and 29, 2013. But few believe that any breakthrough in relations with Belarus is imminent.

Moscow too finds the self-proclaimed dictator troublesome. Although Belarus has, since 2000, been treaty-joined with the Russian Federation in a ‘Union State’ to provide greater political, economic, and social integration, the proposals have never been seriously pursued. While Moscow would like to see Belarus as little more than a subject of its own federation, Belarus demands to be treated as a sovereign state.

Some believe, however, that a combination of economic crisis and increased military activity may end Belarus’ standoff.

As a result of joining the Customs Union with Russia and Kazakhstan, firms in Belarus have had to compete on equal terms with those in Russia and Kazakhstan, and are ill-equipped to do so.

And Russia’s recent accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has added pressure on Moscow to remove subsidies which will have a major effect on Belarus.

While increased economic control would be in Russia’s interest, the true value of Belarus lies in the territory itself, which borders NATO member states Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

American plans to deploy missile defence in Europe have been met by threats to deploy missiles in Belarus.

Russia now intends to base fighter jets at a military airbase in Belarus by 2015. It also plans to deliver four battalions of long-range surface-to-air missiles in 2014. And in September 2013 the two will hold a joint military exercise, Zapad-2013.

It may look as though Moscow has its troublesome neighbour over a barrel, and that Brussels may have missed its final opportunity to support Belarusian independence from Russia. But one should not discount the ability of Mr Lukashenko to continue his long-successful game of playing Moscow and Brussels off each other.

Azerbaijan is the winner in European pipeline race

AZERBAIJAN can be seen as the biggest winner in the race to decide the route for the final leg of the trans-European pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Italy.

It cooperated with Turkey in building the TANAP pipeline and made the supply of Caspian gas to Europe ultimately realistic, while undermining Russia’s monopoly as the only Caspian gas supplier in central and south eastern Europe (CSEE).

It also raised Azerbaijan’s future geo-economic and geopolitical influence in the Eurasian energy and pipeline game, as well as boosting its commercial interests by expanding its downstream business projects in Europe.

Turkey is becoming an increasingly important oil and gas hub for importing European supplies, but it is Azerbaijan which is sitting in the driving seat by controlling the TANAP consortium and 80 per cent of the European supplies from the Caspian region.

Any Caspian gas supplies to Turkey and Europe can only be implemented as a continuation of the Azerbaijani-controlled TANAP project.

Azerbaijan is already expanding the annual capacity of the transit pipeline in Georgia and Turkey to equal the presently planned TANAP.

The European Commission, Turkey and Azerbaijan had favoured the Nabucco-West project until the beginning of 2013.

Azerbaijan and Turkey had expressed frustration at the slow progress of the Nabucco-West project and its financial support since 2012.

Italy and Greece, in addition to Albania, backed the TAP project once the ITGI pipeline had been removed from the competition to take Caspian gas to Europe. The TAP project requires no government subsidies, EU grants or other contributions from European taxpayers so far.

The rival Nabucco-West pipeline depended on loans from international financial institutions and only 30 per cent from shareholders’ equity.

The original TAP pipeline route was to start near the Turkish-Greece border at Komotini and run across northern Greece and Albania to Fier on the Adriatic coast and then, as a sub-sea pipeline, to the outermost point of the Italian peninsula’s heel.

Confronted with a saturated Italian gas market, TAP has been re-configured since 2012. It will now use the Italian south-north transmission pipeline network onward to the Swiss transit pipelines and connect with the German grid system, with a newly-adapted reverse-flow use in the future.

From there, further multiple opportunities for transporting natural gas to Austria, France, Belgium and even the UK would become available.

The Belgian energy company Fluxys, a major operator of gas transmission pipelines and storage sites in six countries, decided in June 2013 to join the TAP consortium.

The scalable TAP project will also allow extra volumes of gas to be transported from the Caspian region and other areas such as Israel’s large Leviathan offshore gas deposit in the east Mediterranean.

The TAP consortium has also proposed installing reverse flow capabilities for gas into Bulgaria and creating natural gas markets from scratch in Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

TAP is considering using connections to regional bilateral pipelines such as the planned 500 km-long Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (IAP) traversing Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia.

Leaders from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia signed an international goodwill agreement in May 2013 for the westbound IAP to overcome regional gas disparities and to reduce their gas dependence on Russian energy giant Gazprom.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro also supported TAP and the IAP-project in June.

Another plan, the Western Balkan Ring (WBR), would allow Caspian gas supplies to Macedonia and Serbia. Bosnia and Herzegovina are planning a joint 200 km-long gas interconnector, which the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (ERBD) has already said it is willing to finance.

Azerbaijan is still considering other gas supply options to south eastern Europe and Ukraine.

Azerbaijan’s original strategic preference for the Nabucco project changed finally with its acquisition of the DESFA pipeline network in June 2013 shortly before the Shah Deniz Consortium made its decision.

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) acquired a controlling share of 66 per cent in the privatised Greek natural gas transit firm DESFA on June 21, 2013. As the fully-owned subsidiary of DEPA (Public Gas Corporation), DESFA not only operates the Greek gas transmission pipelines and distribution networks, but also the Revithoussa LNG terminal. It is also a shareholder in the planned Greece-Bulgaria gas interconnector (IGB).

It was strategically essential for Azerbaijan to acquire the DESFA majority stake given its strategic interests for a direct continuation of its TANAP project to Europe.

It also allows Azerbaijan much greater opportunity for future investments in Europe to enlarge its foothold in the European energy markets.

China’s ties with North Korea show growing signs of strain

THE geopolitical relationship between China and North Korea is starting to show subtle but significant signs of change.

China’s vice president, Li Yuanchao, on a visit to North Korea on July 27, 2013, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice day, referred simply to ‘The Korean War’ rather than using the emotive phrase, ‘The war to resist America and aid Korea’, which is how the Chinese people have been brought up to regard the conflict.

He also said, ‘The Korean peninsula must be nuclear free; problems must be solved by dialogue.’

It is the first time the people of China have heard such a tough tone used by one of their leaders towards a North Korean leader.

China is North Korea’s most important economic and political supporter. It provides its neighbour with an estimated 80 per cent of its oil and up to half its imported food.

But North Korea’s nuclear ambitions are causing China increasing frustration and embarrassment, particularly as the international community believes China can shape North Korea’s actions.

When North Korea conducted its third nuclear test in February 2013 in defiance of UN resolutions, it drew condemnation from the world, including China.

Beijing summoned the North Korean ambassador to protest over the test which had been carried out in spite of China’s call on North Korea to avoid escalating tensions. Previous tests were staged in 2006 and 2009.

China agreed to a UN Security Council resolution in March 2013 which expands sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear weapons programme.

But it is not just the leadership in China which is reconsidering its relationship with North Korea. There is growing disquiet among Chinese people as they discover more about their neighbour.

The Chinese believe that North Korea owes a great deal to China because of the help it gave North Korea in the 1950-1953 Korean War. Near half a million young Chinese lives were lost fighting for North Korea.

Memories of the war run deep and have lingered, sometimes bitterly, in the minds of millions of Chinese to this day.

My mother ran away from school and joined the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army when she was 12. She was told by her teachers that ‘American devils killed many Korean and Chinese soldiers’, and that North Korea needed more soldiers to fight back otherwise the Americans would ‘occupy our country and everyone would be a slave to the capitalists’.

I asked her whether she would allow me to join the army if this type of war were to happen again in China. Her reply was a firm, ‘Never’.

When I asked her if she regretted taking part in the bloody war in which she won two medals, she kept silent. Until her death at the age of 55, she never talked about the war she had experienced at such a young age, but we know that the illness she suffered was related to it.

China shares an 800-mile border with North Korea. Many analysts say that China’s leadership does not want to abandon North Korea, no matter how badly behaved it is. This is, in part, because China would not want the regional instability and potential refugee crisis that would follow regime change in North Korea.

Major oil nations warned over failure to develop shale

MAJOR oil exporters are warned they could see a significant deterioration in their balance of trade if they fail to develop their own shale oil resources. Countries such as Russia and the Middle East could see a drop of around four to 10 per cent of GDP, according to a study by accountancy firm PwC.

The United States, the largest oil consumer in the world, is leading the shale revolution. But while it enjoys many economic benefits, the shale revolution has several geopolitical implications.

The US is not the world’s largest holder of shale oil resources – Russia is. However, there are doubts over whether other countries can successfully replicate the US experience.

It remains uncertain what impact the shale oil boom will have on the price of oil. Experts expect a drop in oil prices. However, adverse political developments can change all this.

In 2009, US oil production reversed its declining trend. Within four years, production of shale oil or – more accurately – tight oil increased by 217 per cent, reaching 2 Mb/d by the end of 2012 and accounting for more than 30 per cent of the country’s total production. US production grew more in 2012 than in any year since the beginning of the domestic industry in 1859. Compared to 2011, production in 2012 increased by 15 per cent, 92 per cent of which came from shale oil.

The direct economic benefits to the US include job creation; additional taxes paid by upstream producers; improvement in the balance of trade as oil imports slowed; and an improved sense of energy security. Between 2008 and 2012, US oil imports from the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) declined by 26 per cent.

Experts argue that, geopolitically, as the US becomes less dependent on oil imports especially from the Middle East, it will become less involved (directly and indirectly) in that region. However, unrest in the Middle East can cause spikes in the price of oil – which will be felt globally. Self-sufficiency does not mean independence from international oil prices. The difference, however, is that the redistribution of wealth in the US would flow from consumers to domestic producers instead of to foreign suppliers.

According to shale resource estimates by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) in 2013, global resources of technically recoverable shale oil are estimated at 345 billion barrels (bnbls), adding approximately 11 per cent to the 3,012 bnbls of technically recoverable oil resources.

Although the US, the largest oil consumer in the world, is leading the shale revolution, it is Russia which is sitting on the largest resource base. China too holds substantial resources.

What spurred activity in the US, apart from its resources, was a combination of factors – including high oil prices, advances in technology, private ownership of below ground mineral rights, well established service industry and infrastructure, water availability, competitive fiscal terms and an overall investment friendly environment. Experts argue that other countries do not possess a critical mass of these qualities and as a result they doubt that the US experience will be fast replicated elsewhere.

Production of shale gas has significantly reduced domestic gas prices in the US. In the case of oil, the US consumer will still face a price set in a global market, i.e. through the interaction of global supply and demand.

On the supply side, OPEC’s decisions on output will have a major impact on the oil price, since the organisation accounts for 43 per cent of world oil production. Traditionally, OPEC cuts production to support prices. This might become more challenging as new unconventional oil resources are brought on stream.

The PwC study concludes that the increase in shale oil production could reduce oil prices in 2035 by around 25-40 per cent (US $83-100/barrel in real terms) relative to the current baseline EIA projection of US $133/barrel in 2035.

If this materialises, OPEC members and other oil exporters will face a challenging environment.

Russia’s hold Europe’s gas market is changing rapidly

THE 28 countries in the European Union form the world’s largest energy importer with Russia its biggest supplier of oil, gas, uranium and coal, as well as the third-largest electricity exporter to the EU.

The EU is Russia’s largest trade partner, accounting for more than half its foreign trade, 45 per cent of its imports and 55 per cent of its exports. The EU takes 88 per cent of Russia’s total oil exports, 70 per cent of its gas exports and half its coal exports. Seventy-five per cent of cumulative foreign investments in Russia are from the EU.

Thirteen European countries relied on Russia for more than 80 per cent of their total gas consumption in 2010 and 17 depended on Russia for more than 80 per cent of gas imports.

Russia’s export capacity to Europe will increase to 250 bcm a year by 2020 and more than 300 bcm by 2030. But Russia only has gas contracts for 158 bcm a year to Europe.

The recession in Europe since 2008 and America’s shale gas revolution have led to a global gas glut.

These, combined with a decline in Russia’s long-term contracts based on oil-indexed prices and its controversial ‘take-or-pay’clauses – which lock in customers to specific quantities – have undermined Russia’s traditional business strategies and price models.

The EU’s gas demand decreased by about 10 per cent – the largest recorded decline – in 2011 and by a further 2.3 per cent in 2012.

Russia’ supplies declined in 2011 and Norway overtook Russia as the EU’s largest gas supplier for the first time in 2012. Gas imports from Norway to the EU rose 12 per cent while imports from Gazprom fell 10 per cent.

Gas is taking the role of a swing fuel to guarantee the base-load stability of European countries as a back-up to renewables. Gas-fired power plants across Europe are struggling to make a profit.

This has decreased the overall European gas demand growth. It has resulted in Gazprom’s European gas partners demanding a gas price decrease and a new price-setting mechanism based on spot-market gas prices.

In the future, Russia will have to compete with Azerbaijan’s growing gas exports of up to 60 bcm to the Turkish and European gas market and new gas supplies from new sources and producers which exploit Europe’s own shale gas resources, America’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, and new conventional off-shore gas resources in Romania, Bulgaria and the east Mediterranean Sea.

Turkmenistan, with its fourth largest conventional gas reserves in the world (17.5 trillion cubic metres), is also still interested in exporting gas to Europe.

The EU also wants to expand its LNG share in the next decade to increase its diversification of gas imports away from Russia.

The Kremlin and Gazprom have seemed more interested in maintaining the highest gas price linked to oil prices rather than defending their share in the European gas market.

Russia’s share of EU gas imports has fallen from almost half in 2000 to 31.8 per cent in 2010 and to a quarter in 2012. The EU share of Russia’s total gas sales revenue has dropped from 60 per cent to 40 per cent in the last decade to 2010.

Russian pipeline gas has become the most expensive option for European gas importers and Gazprom’s main gas buyers as a result of changing conditions in global and European gas markets.

While Russia may benefit from high oil prices – and its resistance to give up its oil indexed gas price system – it may further undermine its own future gas market share.

Other competitors, like Statoil, have renegotiated many of their long-term contracts to spot price indexation.

The European Commission is not only concerned about its gas supply security, but increasingly by the rising gas price difference between the US and the EU.

Gas prices in the US industry sector reduced by 66 per cent between 2005-2012, primarily due to America’s shale gas revolution, but they rose by 35 per cent over the same time in the EU.

Disputes over natural gas prices forced Gazprom to cut them by an average of about 12 per cent in 2012. But only 20 per cent of Gazprom’s gas exports to Europe in 2012 were spot-market deals, and the remainder were fixed formulae

Kursk disaster still haunts Russia’s naval renewal

THE Russian Navy is staging a spectacular comeback, following a long period of severe neglect.

The State Armament Programme (SAP) for 2011-2020 includes up to 100 new ships by 2020, submarines as well as other surface vessels. And the first half of 2013 has seen a flurry of unprecedented activity:

• In January 2013, Russia staged a major exercise in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

• In March, President Vladimir Putin ordered a large-scale surprise exercise in the Black Sea, involving dozens of ships and an estimated 7,000 troops from different services

• In early June, Russia said that from 2014 it will to expand its strategic nuclear submarine patrol area to include both the northern and the southern hemispheres

• And in early July, Russia and China staged their largest joint naval drills in the Sea of Japan.

The transformation is striking. During the decade after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Russia’s main naval bases were transformed literally into scrapyards.

The message was driven home in August 2000 with the accidental sinking of the submarine Kursk. To newly-elected President Putin, it was an ordeal.

Initial navy denials of the event and Russia’s refusal to accept help from Norway and Great Britain caused the rescue to be bungled and all 118 crew members perished. Mr Putin was blamed for lack of empathy and for ineffectual leadership.

The disaster caused severe dislocation of plans for naval renewal. But that is now long forgotten.

During a meeting in July 2012, convened to discuss the SAP, Mr Putin emphasised the importance of naval shipbuilding. The audience was pleased to hear that although fiscal problems had forced the government to reduce spending on state defence contracts in 2013-2015, the navy would be protected.

The SAP includes building eight Borei-class nuclear powered missile submarines, eight Yasen-class nuclear powered multipurpose attack submarines and eight diesel-electric submarines. In addition, 51 modern surface warships will be built.

The showcase project is the Borei-class missile boat, designed to carry 16 sea-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs). The lead boat – the Yury Dolgoruky – was laid down in 1996, launched in 2008 and formally introduced into the navy in January 2013, following extended sea trials.

All told, it appears that the Russian navy is well on track to recapture its past glory. But there are important snags.

The Borei-class boats are designed to carry the Bulava SLBM, held by some as the only truly modern component of the ongoing modernisation of the military as a whole.

The Bulava is designed to carry 10 manoeuvrable and independently targeted (MIRVed) nuclear warheads. But its track record has been troubled.

The Borei was originally intended to carry the Bark SLBM, which ran into technical trouble and had to be abandoned. As the replacement is much smaller, the boat had to be re-designed.

By 2009, when the Yury Dolgoruky began sea trials, there had been six failures in 13 flight tests and one failure during a ground test.

The first launch of a Bulava from its intended platform took place on the Yury Dolgoruky on June 28, 2011, and was declared a success. Following two further successful launches on December 23, then President Dmitry Medvedev announced that the Bulava would be adopted for service.

The wisdom of this decision has been questioned. Only one of the Bulava’s first 12 test launches was entirely successful, according to Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer.

And Russian military analyst Viktor Baranets said commissioning the SLBM was ‘reckless’ and ‘dangerous’ because the missile remains underdeveloped.

‘In its current form the missile could be even more dangerous for the (Russian) navy than for an enemy navy.’

For all its apparent technological sophistication, the Russian navy still has some way to go before it has completely shed its legacy of the Kursk disaster.

Gas consortium backs the Adriatic route to Europe

YEARS of corporate rivalry in the energy industry and international competition has ended with the decision to award a contract to build a pipeline to take gas from the Shah Deniz gas field in Azerbaijan to Europe.

The BP-led Shah Deniz Consortium selected the 876km Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), to take the gas as far as Italy via a 105 km sub-sea-trans-Adriatic section. It beat the 1,300 km Nabucco-West pipeline proposal, which was a more expensive project and would have taken a longer route through Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

Nabucco was favoured by the European Commission because it passed through southern European countries which are almost completely reliant on Russian gas via its state-owned company, Gazprom.

But the strategic profiles of Nabucco-West and TAP changed at the end of 2012. While Nabucco-West originally had a larger strategic impact because of the route, TAP had larger commercial advantages for the consortium in terms of the relative cost of each venture, the price the developers were able to procure for Azerbaijan’s gas and the operating cost over the life of the project.

TAP will be the westward extension of the Turkey-Azerbaijan project, TANAP (Trans-Anatolia Gas Pipeline), which will take gas from the Shah Deniz offshore field in the Caspian Sea.

The European link will only provide 10 billion cubic metres (bcm) or two per cent of total European gas demand of 500bcm.

But the opening of TAP will represent a milestone in European efforts to create a new southern supply route because it opens up a fourth gas corridor for Europe in addition to Norwegian, Russian and North African gas supplies. It will also break the Russian pipeline monopoly of supplying Caspian gas to Europe.

Russia, through state-owned company, Gazprom, exported 130bcm of gas to Europe in 2012. It amounts to 26 per cent of Europe’s gas or 13 times the projected quantity of TAP’s supplies.

The pipeline extension will be particularly important for the southern EU countries Italy, Spain and France, which depend on gas imports from increasingly unstable regions in North Africa. TAP will also provide 6bcm to Turkey, which as one of the world’s fastest growing gas markets, also wants to reduce it gas import dependence on Russia and Iran. Demand for power in Turkey is increasing by seven per cent annually. The gas market is expected to grow by four per cent in 2013r and by five per cent a year thereafter.

Plans for TANAP to boost the EU’s southern corridor project emerged in 2011 between Turkey and Azerbaijan in response to a perceived threat from Russia’s planned rival South Stream gas pipeline.

The South Stream pipeline would have allowed Russia to dominate and monopolise gas exports from central Asia to Europe.

The decision to build the US$10 billion TANAP pipeline was also driven by concerns from the Azer¬baijan government and its state oil and gas producer, SOCAR. They were concerned at plans by British Petroleum (BP), a 25.5 per cent shareholder in the Shah Deniz consortium to build its own South East Europe Pipeline (SEEP) as a cheaper alternative for transporting Azerbaijani gas to Europe.

BP abandoned its SEEP pipeline proposal in June 2012.

Statoil and BP have been mostly interested in small scale, low fixed infrastructures with minimal investment risks and maximum short-term returns. But Azerbaijan and SOCAR want to acquire new upstream and downstream assets in Turkey and Europe, by implementing new export projects from additional gas fields beyond their borders.

SEEP had been one of the reasons why the Nabucco consortium submitted new plans for a shorter route from 3900km to 1300km in May 2012. But Nabucco also cut the route because of uncertainties in the Europe gas market.

The 2,000 km-long TANAP pipeline route was approved in June 2012. It will mirror the original route planned by the Nabucco consortium through Turkey from its eastern border with Georgia to its western border with Greece and Bulgaria.

The pipeline will have a capacity of 16bcm. Construction is due to start in 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2018. The costs of TANAP have increased by US$3 billion to around US$10 billion. It is expected to boost Azerbaijan’s total investments into Turkey’s economy by up to US$20 billion by 2020.

The new pipeline will make the EU much more dependent on Azerbaijan, which has an 80 per cent stake in TANAP, and Turkey, an increasingly important transit state and hub for gas from central Asia.

Nabucco-West pipeline’s strategic advantages over rival Trans-Adriatic for European link

THE FINAL choice of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), from the Caspian Sea to Europe, by the Shah Deniz Consortium (SDC), was no big surprise. But many experts had still expected the Nabucco-West pipeline to be selected because of its important strategic advantages.

The Nabucco pipeline was the only strategic project regarding capacity, intercontinental scope and the market impact of breaking Russia’s gas exports monopoly in central and south eastern Europe (CSEE).

It was the ‘flagship of the EU’s Southern Corridor’ and was much more challenging to Russia’s energy giant Gazprom for market share in Europe.

But the original Nabucco project faced financial problems and difficulties in finding sufficient gas to fill the pipeline.

Nabucco’s committee appealed to the European Union to support the project’s goals when the final pipeline selection decision was made in June 2013. It asked for Nabucco’s strategic advantages to be considered:

• The shortest route for Caspian gas to lucrative European gas markets

• Direct interconnection to CSEE gas markets and supports one of the major strategic objectives of the EU’s Southern Corridor project and European gas supply security

• Direct gas transportation for Greek, Albanian and Italian companies because of existing or planned gas interconnectors from Bulgaria or Greece

• Countries along its route need extra gas supply volume and supply diversification options.

• It would function as the backbone for numerous planned bilateral gas interconnectors as part of the EU’s strategically planned North-South Corridor

• Many existing and planned gas storage sites along its route

• Full backing from the EU, with EU energy regulators and host-country governments exemptions and 200 million euros of funding earmarked from the European Parliament.

It is difficult to understand, with these facts, how the TAP project beat Nabucco on seven out of eight evaluation criteria – market opportunities, timing, scalability, management operability, funding availability, project quality and transparency.

The Nabucco consortium’s biggest failure was that it drew up a gas pipeline infrastructure without including the Azerbaijan government, gas supplier the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) or other members of the consortium as strategic partners from the start to ensure it had the gas supply.

The TAP consortium re-defined its pipeline route and from 2012 targeted European gas markets by developing a more strategic profile to get more support from the European Commission and EU member states.

Other reasons favouring TAP included:

It appears to have had support from two major members of the Shah Deniz Consortium (SDC) from the beginning.

Norway’s Statoil, a member of the SDC, with 25.2 per cent of shares, is the only consortium member with a major stake in the TAP project itself.

Both BP and Statoil opted for the TAP pipeline’s limited capacity for commercial reasons.

TAP’s original costs have been estimated at 4.4 billion euros compared with 6.6 billion euros for Nabucco-West.

Both Statoil and, in particular, BP are still very dependent on other oil and gas projects in Russia. This is often overlooked. The Russian government and its energy companies, Gazprom and Rosneft, have made it clear that they view the Nabucco pipeline project as dangerous to Russia’s future commercial and geopolitical influence in CSEE.

The chosen TAP pipeline appears to have fewer risks for Russian gas exports. Russia has warned Statoil and BP repeatedly of the repercussions in future energy cooperation with Russia, such as the Barents Sea and the Arctic, if they backed the Nabucco project.

TAP received Third Party Access (TPA) exemption for the initial capacity of 10 bcm from the EU before the final decision of the SDC in June 2013. The commission also approved exemptions from regulated tariffs on both TAP’s initial and expansion capacity, as well as from ownership unbundling, for 25 years on the grounds that the project will enhance security of supply.

But legal experts have questioned these exemptions.

The TAP consortium has not made public a detailed cost investment overview of its re-defined project. The available cost and investment overview covers only the original TAP project which targeted Italy as the main final gas market for Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz gas supplies. It appears questionable whether the new reconfigured TAP project, still based on the more costly 105 km long sub-sea interconnector between Albania and Italy, will be less costly than the Nabucco-West pipeline.

Commercial concerns have grown in Switzerland about the new investment needs for the reconfigured US$5.3 billion TAP pipeline and its economic efficiency.

Fukushima legacy overshadows Japan’s nuclear re-start

THE traditionally pro-nuclear Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) has regained control of both Japanese Houses of Parliament, but the government remains cautious and non-committal about a return to nuclear power.

Japan has recently succeeded in selling nuclear technology to Turkey in a joint venture with a French firm, but at home, the situation at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant remains uncertain.

The plant is not under control almost two and a half years after the catastrophic events of March 2011.

Japanese media report almost daily on the technical problems that plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) has in dealing with toxic groundwater that is believed to be spreading at the site and leaking into the sea.

After months of denial, Tepco admitted on August 2, 2013, that an estimated 20 to 40 trillion becquerels of radioactive tritium from the plant may have flowed into the Pacific Ocean since May 2011. A becquerel is a unit of radioactivity, the quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second.

The company emphasised that the release is roughly within the allowed range of 22 trillion becquerels a year but admitted it was not happening in a controlled manner.

This news presents a huge obstacle for the plans by the government and the utility sector to re-start nuclear reactors slowly over the next months, for three reasons.

First, the mere fact that the Fukushima Daiichi plant is still not under control undermines trust in the technology itself.

Second, Tepco’s belated method of communicating the issue indicates that the company is dealing with bad news in the same way it has always done: sweeping it under the carpet.

Third, the excuse Tepco used for the belated announcement is alarming. The company said: ‘The staff on the ground had the data, but the HQ was not informed.’

Tepco’s handling of the Fukushima Daiichi crisis will influence the Nuclear Regulation Authority’s decision on re-starting reactors.

Four utilities applied in July 2013 to get 12 of the 50 functioning reactors back up. Separately, Tepco said it would seek to re-start two reactors at its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant, the world’s largest by capacity, in Niigata Prefecture along the coast of the Sea of Japan.

Currently, two reactors are online. These will be switched off soon for a regular inspection and Japan will be nuclear-free again.

The fact that the country will continue to function without the slightest restriction in day-to-day life will prove the technocratic doomsayers wrong once more.

Accordingly, the key arguments of the pro-nuclear camp have shifted towards economic issues: the high cost of electricity, which gives Japanese companies a competitive disadvantage, and the record trade deficit, largely caused by huge gas and oil imports.

The outcome is uncertain. A slow, modest return to nuclear power over the next five years remains the most likely scenario.

Japan will shift towards a rather small but highly advanced nuclear sector with a focus on exports.

Domestically, about 10-20 reactors will be re-started. Those currently under construction will be finished.

The technological know-how gained from dealing with the threat of tremors will be a key selling point in the global market for civil nuclear technology.

Sharif foreign policy unlikely to ease US-Pakistan tension

PAKISTAN’S first democratic transition from one elected government to another marked a significant milestone in its democratic development. But the elections are unlikely to herald significant changes in Pakistan’s foreign policy, which means relations with the US are likely to remain fraught with tension.

The elections demonstrate that the Pakistani military is staying out of internal politics for the time being but the army will continue to dominate decision-making when it comes to core national security issues like Afghanistan, the India-Pakistan dispute over Kashmir, and the nuclear weapons programme.

Nawaz Sharif, who was sworn in as Prime Minister on June 7, 2013, for an unprecedented third time, faces significant challenges in reviving a faltering economy and stemming rising terrorist violence and sectarian strife.

One of Mr Sharif’s first accomplishments at the helm was to negotiate a three-year loan package worth US$5.3 billion with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). To meet the IMF loan obligations, the Sharif government must reform tax policies and control fiscal deficits. Less than one million Pakistanis – out of a population of around 180 million – currently pay taxes and the fiscal deficit stands at an unsustainable eight per cent of GDP.

The new government’s laser-like focus on the economy brings some hope that it will make a serious attempt to implement much-needed economic reforms.

Prospects for Mr Sharif’s government to deal effectively with the burgeoning terrorist threat seem less certain. The Pakistani Taliban terrorist group (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan or TTP) has killed hundreds of Pakistani security forces and civilians in attacks throughout the country since its formation in 2007. Most recently, the group conducted a string of targeted assassinations against Pakistani election workers, candidates, and party activists in the run-up to the May 2013 elections. Prime Minister Sharif’s offer of talks with the TTP during his election campaign have not stemmed the terrorist onslaught.

Drones will continue to be a point of contention in relations between Islamabad and Washington, but is unlikely to derail ties altogether. Nawaz Sharif made a campaign promise to curb the use of US drones on Pakistani territory.

There has been a sharp reduction in the number of drone attacks conducted in Pakistan in 2013 compared with the previous three years. But until Islamabad cracks down more aggressively on the plethora of Islamist terrorist groups operating on its territory, drones will remain an essential tool for the US to fight terrorists hiding in Pakistan.

It is no secret that some drone strikes benefit Pakistan, as in the May 29 strike which killed the number two leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Waliur Rehman. The extent to which the US will continue to rely on drone strikes ultimately depends on Islamabad’s willingness to develop more decisive and comprehensive counterterrorism policies which include targeting groups like the Haqqani Network.

A major issue threatening to disrupt the Sino-Pakistani alliance is the rising influence of Islamist extremists in Pakistan. China is particularly concerned that Uighur separatists in western China receive training at militant camps located in Pakistan’s tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.

If the new Pakistani government wanted to get a better handle on the terrorist threat, it would shun the idea of talks and instead carefully develop a plan in coordination with the military that cuts off TTP financing and supply-lines and delegitimises the group’s cause. The Pakistani goverment’s past attempt to negotiate with militants in the Swat Valley in 2008-2009 failed miserably.

The most likely scenario is that the Sharif government will try to ignore the terrorism issue and when there is an attack, blame it on US policies in the region. This approach will only perpetuate the problem and fuel tensions in US-Pakistani relations.

Cyber threats are growing in size, volume and sophistication

CYBER attacks and cyber crime have become a massive threat to industry and governments across the globe.

Dozens of American online banks were attacked by a state-sponsored hacker group in 2012. The attacks, which are presumed to have come from Iran, showed an unprecedented level of sophistication, scale, scope and effectiveness, far beyond that of amateur hackers.

The aim was to disrupt online banking rather than steal money or blackmail for ransom. No bank accounts were breached and no customers’ money was stolen. Attackers also hijacked computing clouds and used computing power to disrupt US banking sites.

Another new trend has been the increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Rather than data theft, the attackers bombard computer servers with so many requests that they ultimately collapse and can no longer be accessed by customers. These kinds of cyber attacks are only halted by payment of a ransom.

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) has, in the past, been largely confined to government and military targets. But ultra-sophisticated threats have evolved and been defused throughout critical infrastructures (CI) in the last two years. Infrastructure operators are often at least one generation behind the attackers, even in advanced Western countries.

Cyber attacks have caused worldwide losses amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. The Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police Office) estimates that cyber criminals caused losses of US$92 million (70 million euros) in Germany in 2011, but the real figure has been estimated to be up to US$65 billion (50 billion euros).

The Russian Business Network (RBN) is believed to be one of the most powerful and dangerous cyber crime organisations, and the only one that Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) has rated a major threat.

The organisation is accused of being responsible for 40 per cent of the world’s cyber crime. The US Treasury has reportedly estimated that RBN’s global cyber crime activities could amount to more than US$100 billion a year – more than the global illegal drugs trade.

Security experts consider critical infrastructures to be at particular strategic risk because they are essential for a state’s survival. They include information systems, telecommunications, transport and traffic sectors, energy supply, healthcare, financial services and other sensitive services.

A recent report by the security company, Solutionary, concluded that American organisations are at greater risk from domestic threats than they are from foreign threats.

Eighty-three per cent of cyber attacks against US organisations came from US-based IP addresses – 23 per cent of the organisations were US government agencies.

All industrial sectors are believed to have been targeted, particularly for espionage purposes, and will become more vulnerable as they grow increasingly dependent on digital technology and the strategic information of the data they manage.

Emerging threats are becoming more multifaceted and have moved ahead of adequate measures to protect against them.

The arms race between attackers and defenders has shifted from exploitation to disruption.

Cyber criminals are finding new methods to circumvent protection systems, making it increasingly difficult for defenders to monitor them and keep them out.

New cyber attack trends expected to emerge in the years up to 2020, particularly of transnational cyber crime, have been set out by McAfee, other private security companies and cyber experts who have based their prediction on attacks since 2011.

They include:

• More attacks against critical infrastructure and strategic financial, socio-economic and other services, using vulnerable relays or active groups to disrupt and paralyse systems, and black out communications or power grids, especially at times of diplomatic conflicts;

• Attacks against power distribution networks, transportation networks, and communication networks which could cause unprecedented crises to a country’s economy, safety, health, sanitation and civil peace.

Resilience concepts for security against cyber attacks are being broadened from just being reactive to become more comprehensive, deeper, resilient and integrated.

But finding sufficient financial resources to implement concrete solutions will be one of the greatest challenges for companies and governments.

Brazil builds fleet to parade military on world stage

BRAZIL has several reasons for wanting more submarines. A larger, modern submarine fleet would be a strong deterrent to protect Brazil’s extensive coastline and its offshore and onshore resources, including oil, wood and uranium.

A nuclear-powered submarine, which Brazil plans to have built by 2025, would have worldwide reach, deep-water stealth, and strike capability.

The hope is that this would deter any possible foreign invaders after Brazil’s abundant natural resources and gain the country military prowess to match its economic status. This would elevate the country’s position on the world stage.

The shipyard which will build Brazil’s new submarines is south of Rio de Janeiro and was inaugurated in March 2013.

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff said: ‘This facility allows our country to affirm itself on the world stage and, above all, develop in an independent sovereign way.’

She said Brazil, which is one of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) group of emerging national economies and Latin America’s largest nation, was a peaceful country but a defence industry was needed to deter and prevent violent conflict.

The plan is to build four conventional diesel-electric Scorpene attack submarines and then a fifth nuclear-powered submarine. The first conventional submarine is due for completion by 2015. The nuclear-powered submarine is due to be commissioned in 2023 and enter operation in 2025.

Brazil’s motivations are as much economic and industrial as they are military.

The technology, infrastructure, and human capital required to build modern submarines and to design and operate small nuclear reactors can contribute to numerous other industries and scientific projects.

Yet the nuclear submarine programme is not without risks. The costs are estimated at up to US$4 billion or more over 15 years.

Brazil’s experience with its aircraft carrier is not encouraging. The carrier Sao Paulo, purchased from France in 2000, has been plagued with mechanical problems and has been deployed only a few times for training purposes.

Such investment in naval assets with no clear purpose is questionable for a nation that still struggles to provide critical services such as education, healthcare, electricity and police for millions of its citizens.

If Brazil’s economy continues to slow, and state revenues fall, the continuation of popular anti-poverty and education programmes could require cuts to the submarine project and other expensive security programmes.

These projects would supply aircraft and ships to Brazil’s armed forces and generate opportunities to export.

Brazil aspires to export submarines and other warships, unmanned aerial vehicles or drones, and other defence equipment.

These projects would like to emulate the success of the Super Tucano fighter jet, made by Brazil’s aerospace conglomerate, Embraer. The small, durable jets have sold around the world, especially in Latin America and Africa. The US has bought 20 of the jets for use by the Afghan military.

Brazil’s new state-driven efforts to build submarines and other warships are a gamble. If they are to compete globally, these projects must weather the financial winds from slowing gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates, and the mismanagement that frequently comes with state involvement.

Transport ships, small-deck amphibious ships and frigates with helicopter pads are useful for important missions in the South Atlantic such as humanitarian assistance, disaster response, and stopping drug traffickers and pirates.

Aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines are designed chiefly for war, particularly to give a country the ability to wield force far from its own territory.

According to some military analysts, the UK’s nuclear submarine was a deciding factor in the Falklands/Las Malvinas conflict, one for which Argentina had no answer.

Brazil has always been a vocal advocate of Argentina’s claim to the Falklands in 1982. If Brazil successfully produced a nuclear-powered submarine and was capable of operating it effectively, its navy would be the pre-eminent power in the South Atlantic.

Japan’s economic boost as it struggles with globalisation

JAPAN has voted to return to the past.

The outcome of its general election implies four things:

First, the election was primarily a defeat of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) under former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. The electorate voted the DPJ out of power overwhelmingly due to zero achievements, lack of strategy, and broken promises.

The winning Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP), under the leadership of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, had based its election strategy and positioned itself as the political force with more than 50 years of government experience.

The LDP is well aware of the fact – and has acknowledged publicly – that it won the election on December 16, 2012, because none of the other parties really caught on.

The winning formula for the LDP was a strict focus on their core supporters – the elderly in the regions and economic players who tend to profit from the old ways and exporters who seek to take advantage of a weaker Yen-Dollar exchange rate.

Second, a large group of the electorate has turned its back on the Tokyo-based political system which is widely seen as dysfunctional and self-serving. The election turnout at 60 per cent was the lowest on record.

Non-voters have been unable to find a political force to represent their views. The turnout among the young was particularly low.

Third, the LDP has benefited from the constitutional architecture of Japan’s political system: the heavily gerrymandered constituencies, which give, mostly elderly, voters in the countryside between two and three times more voting power than those in large cities, and the mix of seats in the Lower House where among 480 members, 300 are elected from single seat constituencies by simple majority, and 180 are elected by proportional representation.

The LDP has learned from the tactical mistakes it made before it lost power in 2009. But it has not renewed its political personnel or agenda.

The two key players in the new government – Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Taro Aso, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance – actually led the party into the crushing defeat of 2009.

Both men stand for the past – Mr Aso announced plans on January 11 to spend an additional 10.3 trillion yen (US$116 billion) on a stimulus package during the current financial year ending on March 31, 2013.

The entire amount will be debt-financed and the debt will be bought by the Bank of Japan (BoJ) and paid for by simply printing money.

Neither Mr Aso, 72, or his backers, seem to care about the potentially disastrous consequences of aggressively increasing public debt, which is, as a ratio to GDP, already among the highest in the world.

Similar stimulus packages have failed completely in the past two decades.

Mr Abe and Mr Aso indicate that their planned ‘quantitative easing’ (QE) follows the American example. However, the context of aggressive QE in Japan is very different from the United States.

Fourth, the election has shown that neither the electorate nor the political establishment has a recipe for the future of Japan in the era of globalisation.

The LDP merely reflects the dominating sentiment in a country which has not yet made its peace with globalisation. Japan has not developed a consensus on how to position itself in a world that will be dominated by the Asia-Pacific region very soon.

Japan is geographically almost perfectly located in the middle between America, China, Russia and the Southeast Asian boom region comprised of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

But Japan keeps losing Asia-Pacific headquarters and research facilities of foreign companies to Singapore and other locations in the region.

It has outstanding companies, infrastructure and beautiful land, but it does not capitalise on it by inviting international investors.

It had a chance to be a key player in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the projected free-trade area in the Asia-Pacific region including the United States, and it seems it is going to abandon the opportunity under pressure from the agricultural lobby.

Rare earths: the US fights back

THE United States is at a crossroads over the production and use of rare earth elements (REE).

The 17 minerals, essential for products and processes from cruise missiles to smartphones, are widely used in the US defence industry, but this represents only a fraction of their overall consumption in America.

The defence sector is not facing any shortages, but the US manufacturing supply chain has increasingly been seen as vulnerable to disruptions caused by a lack of domestic resources.

American experts have warned that ‘the US has gone from the world’s top producer and supplier of rare earths to being completely dependent on one country – China – for its supply’.

China controls world REE supply, accounting for about 95 per cent of output.

A US government report warned in April 2010 that despite having one-fifth of the world’s known commercially available rare earths reserves, it could take the nation 15 years to break its dependence on Chinese REE supplies because of the lack of either expertise to turn the elements into metals and alloys, or a supply chain that connects the production with the end use of those products.

The imminent re-opening of Mountain Pass, the California mine owned by Molycorp, the largest producer of REE outside China, may not necessarily mean that the full supply chain will be in place.

The supplies of the middle and heavy rare earths dysprosium, terbium, neodymium, europium and yttrium, coming almost exclusively from Chinese mines, have been seen as critical in particular because they are absolutely important to the manufacture of small powerful electric motors, energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs and other clean energy technologies.

These Chinese ‘technology minerals’ may have profound implications for US national security, even though the Pentagon only uses five per cent of the world’s REE supply.

From the mid-1960s to the early 1980s, 70 per cent of the world’s rare earths supply came from Mountain Pass, south of Las Vegas. In the mid-1980s, it guaranteed 100 per cent of the US demand and simultaneously supplied 40 per cent of universal demand.

With significant increases in the production in the late 1970s, China’s growing rare earths exports caused a price depression that forced many existing US mines to close.

By 2003, Mountain Pass had shut, leaving no production capacity in the US, although it still has plenty of rare earth elements left to mine.

Molycorp is restarting the mine and expanding its capacity of light rare earths. It plans to become a ‘mine-to-magnets’ producer that both extracts and processes the materials, with an annual target of 40,000 metric tonnes of rare earths oxides.

Although the US has the world’s second-largest deposit of rare earths metals (around 13 per cent of worldwide reserves, compared with China’s 36 per cent), its plans for increasing production will not solve all the supply problems.

In 2010, the US Department of Energy published its first ‘Critical Materials Strategy’. It highlighted the importance of substances such as REE for wind turbines, electric vehicles, photovoltaic thin films and energy-efficient lighting.

The updated 2011 strategy also included criticality assessments and market and technology analysis to identify challenges to the provision of the critical raw materials for the US industries and supply chains.

It identified five REE used in magnetic wind turbines and electric vehicles or phosphors for energy-efficient lighting as critical in the short-term (2011-2015).

The report also highlighted growing worldwide competition for REE supplies, as many other governments have recognised the growing importance and demand growth of critical raw materials to their economic competitiveness.

It also analysed three in-depth technologies and their dependence on a stable supply of REE: petroleum refining, manufacture of wind power and electric vehicles, and energy-efficient lighting technologies. To cope with these manifold supply challenges, it recommended a three-pillar strategy:

(1) diversifying global supply chains by multiple sources of materials and imports

(2) developing substitutes by expanding research and development of those critical materials

(3) expanding recycling, re-use and more efficient use to lower the overall demand as well as the imports of REE from foreign producers.

Lebanon’s oil and gas bid is set to attract global energy firms

THE Lebanese government has, for the first time, announced a timetable for the first stage of a bidding process for offshore oil and gas exploration contracts.

The launch of the pre-qualification round is expected to be on February 1, 2013.

Some companies have been waiting for this opportunity for up to a decade – even though Lebanon has no proven gas or oil fields in its territory.

Seismic surveys have indicated the possible presence of offshore hydrocarbon accumulations but, until a hole is drilled, the existence of oil or gas is theoretical.

If a discovery is made, there is no guarantee that oil or gas fields will be developed because it may not be commercially viable to do so.

The decision to develop will depend on technical considerations such as the cost of extracting the oil and how much can be produced; future oil and gas prices, which remain volatile; commercial factors, such as taxation; and political and legal considerations.

Several features distinguish natural gas from oil and require investors to give additional considerations before committing capital for some years.

Investment in gas is more capital intensive and expensive than for oil. Investors need to guarantee a long-term market for their gas before committing to expensive infrastructure, such as building pipelines and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals. LNG terminals require the presence of significant reserves which can delay the decision for development for many years.

The value of the gas reserves off Lebanon’s coast has been estimated at between US$300 billion and US$700 billion. But there is a danger that estimates can create unrealistic expectations on the government’s side and impose additional challenges on companies if they fail to meet those expectations.

Cost overruns and project delays are common in the oil and gas business, especially in deep water, while geology and prices are well beyond the control of governments and companies. The risks are highest for companies during the exploration phase.

But in Lebanon, they are compounded by regional and domestic political instability. Syria’s prolonged civil war risks spilling over into localised areas of Lebanon and causing outbreaks of violence.

Tripoli, in northern Lebanon, is being considered as a suitable location for a future LNG plant. But the city has witnessed armed clashes between forces who are anti- and pro- Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

There is also a dispute over the maritime borders with Israel. Conflicting delineations between Lebanon and its southern neighbour have left a triangular overlap of some 854 square kilometres in the Mediterranean Sea.

The dispute is also having an effect on Cyprus, on the other side of the sea, which shares maritime borders with both countries.

Cyprus has already made discoveries in its waters and carried out licensing rounds, but it cannot fully begin its own oil and gas exploration activities until the matter between Israel and Lebanon is resolved.

Maritime boundaries disputes are common. But strong exchanges between Lebanon and Israel – two countries that remain officially at war – will increase the perception of risk for investors.

Lebanon’s economy suffers from a large public debt, which accounted for nearly 134 per cent of its GDP (US$54.2 billion) at the end of October 2011. It is among the highest in the world.

Lebanese officials hope that the oil and gas sector, which could dwarf any other sector in the country, will generate the necessary finances to tackle the debt problem. It will also alleviate the large fuel import bills and the chronic problem of electricity shortage.

The sector could completely transform the economy but only if sizeable oil and gas reserves are found, and if petroleum revenues are managed properly.

In many developing, particularly post-conflict, countries, such revenues have been a curse, fuelling corruption and domestic conflict, and increasing poverty. The risk of this happening in Lebanon is high.

Opinion split over Obama’s national security nominees

A TOP priority for US President Barack Obama is to get his national security cabinet confirmed by the Senate.

There has been a good deal of controversy over the President’s nominees for Secretary of Defence, Secretary of State, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The US Senate reconvened in January 2013 following Mr Obama’s inauguration for his second term as president. President Obama has begun his four-year term by choosing nominees for these three most important positions in the federal government for managing foreign policy and national security – a new cohort which is expected to continue on the foreign policy course the White House set in the first term.

President Obama put forward former US Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of the Defence Department; sitting-Senator John Kerry to serve as Secretary of State, and he has tapped John Brennan from his National Security Council Staff to become the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Each of these must be confirmed by a majority of the 100-member Senate.

Chuck Hagel, nominated as Secretary of Defence, is a Republican, who served as the US Senator from Nebraska from 1997 to 2009. He is a Vietnam-era combat veteran with a long career in politics, public service, and business. He served as co-chairman of President Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board and a member of the Defence Department’s Defence Policy Board Advisory Committee. He also has a reputation for bipartisanship.

Despite his credentials, Mr Hagel has also proved to be a controversial nomination. Much press attention has focused on statements he made in the past on subjects such as his support for 80 per cent reduction of US nuclear weapons, and what many see as his anti-Israel views, and his past opposition on sanctions against Iran.

But unless Mr Hagel makes a major misstep during the nomination process he will probably be voted in.

John O. Brennan served 25 years in the Central Intelligence Agency rising to Deputy Executive Director. He established the National Counter Terrorism Centre. President Obama appointed Mr Brennan as chief homeland security and counterterrorism advisor on the National Security Council Staff.

Mr Brennan is the architect of President Obama’s counterterrorism strategy – and the White House’s expanded strategy of using targeted drone strikes – which has engendered criticism from both the right and the left.

As a former presidential candidate and current head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry had extremely strong credentials to take over at the State Department. Mr Kerry served as a senator representing the state of Massachusetts since 1985. Of all the picks, Mr Kerry was the least contentious – as was shown when, on January 29, 2013, senators voted overwhelmingly (94-3) to confirm him to replace Hillary Clinton as the country’s top diplomat.

If all three are confirmed they will likely endorse the President’s current foreign and defence policies.

There will be continued enthusiasm for relying on international organisations like the United Nations and active support for UN-peacekeeping missions. There will be a renewed push to press the Senate to ratify treaties such as the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Likewise, US policies toward major powers such as China, Russia, and Europe will largely see more continuity than change. Major US initiatives such as the withdrawal of US combat troops from Afghanistan; heavy reliance on the use of armed drones as the cornerstone of US counterterrorism strategy; and the duel use of sanctions and negotiations with Iran and North Korea will likely stay the course.

The US may face significant challenges in protecting its interests in East Asia where conditions could bring a new round of troubles in a region where the President had hoped to devote less focus in his second term.

While President Obama has clearly mapped out his foreign policy and national security game plan for the second term, new problems and a new team may mean that the White House 2.0 that is less effective at managing international affairs.

Israel’s view of Syria and its radical Sunni groups

MANY Israeli Jews view the Syrian government and the country’s Sunni radical movements as bitter enemies – an attitude further exacerbated following the eruption in March 2011of the Syrian civil war.

Frosty relations and periods of hostility have punctuated Israeli and Syrian relations since the signing of the Armistice Agreement in 1949 which ended the Arab-Israeli war. Border disputes, including disputes over the Golan Heights, have left the two nations perpetually on the brink of conflict.

Israel’s leaders have largely reached a consensus that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s departure from power is preferable. But there are concerns about what government would take his place.

A secular regime would gain Israel’s support. But due to limited influence – and the fact that Israel’s views gain little credence in the Arab world – Israel is maintaining a passive stance.

Since the establishment of their state in 1948, Israeli Jews have considered Syria to be their most bitter Arab enemy.

There is concern that should the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood defeat the Assad regime and assume power, it would then adopt a more aggressive strategy against the Jewish state.

Until recently, many Israeli officials believed President Assad’s survival would better serve Israel’s interests, in accordance with the notion: ‘better to work with the devil we know’.

Examining Israeli’s attitudes and concerns, it can be seen that a significant number of the population do not distinguish between the various Sunni radical groups nor understand their various attitudes toward Israel. The most extreme groups are Salafis, Jihadists, and al-Qaeda elements such as Jabhat Al-Nusra (The Front of Support/Help).

These Sunni Muslim elements infiltrated Syria during the ongoing civil war, taking part in the fight against Assad’s troops. They are certainly enemies of Israel and Jews, but are unlikely to take over Syria.

This is not only because they are small in numbers, but because they are also considered dangerous, both ideologically and politically, by the majority of Sunni Muslims in Syria, including the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood.

The latter are more likely to participate in a future Syrian Muslim government, and possibly adopt pragmatic attitudes toward Israel. But this is not how it is seen by most Israelis.

In considering a future role of the Syrian Ikhwan, compared with the more radical Sunni movements, most Israeli Jews are not aware of the following:

a) The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood make up a small part (between 15-20 per cent) of the Sunni community, which is largely secular

b) Prior to the Ba’th party rule in Syria (1963-present), Muslim Ikhwan participated in democratic elections and served in Syrian parliaments and cabinets

c) They struggled for years against the autocratic and oppressive Ba’th regime

d) Their leaders have called for the establishment of an Islamic-democratic, pluralist regime in Syria (perhaps similar to Turkey, revolutionary Tunisia, Libya, and possibly Egypt), but under religious supervision

e) The Muslim Brothers, as well as other Sunnis, oppose Shi’ite Iran and Hezbollah – the staunch allies of President Assad. Some Israeli analysts and politicians believe Israel must publicly support the Syrian Muslim rebels, including the Ikhwan (though not the Salafists/Jihadists).

This would signal to the Sunni-Muslim countries that Israel supports not only a regime change in Damascus but to help destroy the Shia axis and weaken Iran and Hezbollah.

The Syrian conflict has the potential to bring the damaged Israeli-Turkish relationship closer to normalcy – which in itself would create a new configuration of regional security. If the two nations could resolve their dispute over the Mavi Marmara incident – the deadly raid on the Turkish boat as it tried to break the blockade of Gaza in 2010 – they could foster a stable post-President Assad government in Syria.

It would serve Israel well to re-engage with Turkey and earn goodwill in the Arab world by restarting the Palestinian peace process.

Russia’s street protests melt away

THE winter of 2011/12 will long be remembered as the time when Russian society was mobilised in earnest, demanding regime change and showing little fear of repression.

For some time, it looked as though Russia was heading for serious change.

But a year later the opposition is faltering and the regime is displaying restored confidence.

The tens of thousands who took to the streets of Moscow and other major cities in anti-regime demonstrations which became known as the Snow Revolution were clearly elated by the experience.

Early indications also suggested that the government was truly shaken. But in retrospect we may conclude that there never was much of a risk of a true retreat.

The reason is that those who demanded change had so very little in common. They made up a ‘negative coalition’, united in anger but deeply fragmented on what should be done.

The anger was certainly real. Dissatisfaction had been building for some time, fuelled by revelations of massive corruption within the elite.

When it was made clear that a brazen deal had been made for President Dmitry Medvedev to step down and for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to replace him, it was as if something had snapped.

And when it transpired that national elections to the lower house of parliament, the Duma, in December 2011 had been rigged, massive protests followed.

On March 4, 2012, seven months before his 60th birthday, Mr Putin was duly elected to his third, non-consecutive, term as President of the Russian Federation.

On May 6, the day before his inauguration, a rally in central Moscow disintegrated into street fighting.

The momentum of protest was maintained for some time. On June 12, tens of thousands again took to the streets. But then came the long summer holidays.

When the political season resumed, the momentum had been lost. A rally on September 15 did attract tens of thousands, but it would prove to be the last.

The reason could be found in an incendiary speech by Aleksei Navalny, the designated icon of the early protest movement.

‘We must come to rallies to win freedom for ourselves and our children, to defend our human dignity,’ the anti-corruption blogger said to cheers of support.

‘We will come here as to our workplace. No-one else will free us but ourselves.’

Mr Navalny’s vision of people attending rallies like going to work was self-serving, if not outright naive.

The main challenge to the opposition leaders had been to come together on a constructive agenda on what should be done.

By failing to do so, they gradually allowed the initiative to slip into the hands of the regime.


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