At the time of live transmitter from our phone there are several options, and here we present the best that there is currently …The live broadcast has become something every day, and this was obvious after they placed this possibility of content sharing in our hands. Today I want to talk about the best applications that there are to transmit life, the best pair Kodi. For some people, radio is more than entertainment, a form of distraction or of ‘killing time’. Radio is magic, with which you can explore, learn, have fun, get excited, and learn. It is a passion for those who seek by all means to realize their dream of having their voices heard by hundreds, thousands or millions of listeners on the other side of the microphone. The truth is that it is a medium from which very few people live professionally. Access and get to earn money on the radio is achieved by very few.

With Streaming today you can create your own radio on the Internet. You do not need a lot of money to put it online and feel the satisfaction of dedicating yourself to what you like most. Even you can be your boss, plan your music, news or content programming that will be attractive to your audience. With the talent and effort that will surely accompany you, you will be able to monetize the emissions of your online radio.

What do you need to achieve pair Kodi?

Only acquire access to an online radio server with a player or audio player that can embed in your website or in the main applications that play radio stations from anywhere in the world and start broadcasting with your own radio on the Internet. Remember that before starting this project it is suggested to choose a theme in which your online radio specializes to make a difference in a spectrum of thousands of signals that exist today. It is not impossible!.

Another alternative to creating diverse content, rich in quality and of interest to audiences is to invite groups of friends on social networks to participate in their online radio, either live or in the podcast recording that they can then broadcast. The immediacy of Internet radio also allows you to link, in real time, participants from anywhere in the world with the use of tools such as Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts or Messenger, among other applications.

The impact of video streaming by pair Kodi

While it is true that radio is the means of communication with more reach, now the roles begin to be reversed and with the use of mobile the video acquires more power. At the moment, television on the Internet is the medium that attracts the most audiences. A PwC report indicates that video advertising grows 46 percent a year, plus more than 50 percent of Google and Facebook earnings come from advertising. HubSpot, meanwhile, estimated that 43 percent of people want to see more content on video, while 52 percent of marketing professionals in the world believe it is the most effective method to get a return on investment. (ROI)

At this moment, in which audiences are migrating from traditional TV to online TV or streaming video, a business opportunity is opened for associated or independent producers who have the freeway to flood the web with live audiovisual proposals. In Streaming, pair Kodi are willing to strengthen your video streaming project with the provision of servers and players or video players for the transmission of your content anywhere in the world. This is an effective way to take advantage of the moment of weakness through which traditional media and communication channels go through. They work in migrating to new digital platforms, but you can start from scratch adapting to the new demands that society has when it comes to consuming television.

At present we are already used to live broadcasts on Facebook and Twitter through Periscope. In fact, Twitter has just added a new feature in which you no longer need to open the Periscope app to transmit on your platform, just press the option to publish a multimedia file and there you will find that function. Despite its many benefits, live broadcasts also have some limitations. Without the opportunity to edit the content before making it public, the limited distribution control can be detrimental to a brand or celebrity (as was the case with footballer Serge Aurier). Issues of subjectivity can also be problematic, especially if transmissions cover more controversial issues, such as political or religious debates.

Benefits of a live broadcast

These new tools for distributing live images address multiple needs for business. Internet streaming opens the door for consumers to see a “behind the scenes” of corporate operations. This more personal communication can help a company create loyalty in its subscribers or fans by offering an interactive experience. In addition, the use of this technology has a greater appeal in those born during the digital era, as they are very active in these live transmission channels. Transmissions are a good way for brands to achieve greater visibility and position themselves as “innovative”.

How to create a live broadcast

The list of applications to transmit live every time is longer. The most popular platforms include Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live Video, but other tools to broadcast live, such as Livestream and Ustream, offer the possibility to broadcast live to more specific audiences. Here’s a list of some tools you can use to stream live video.

How to broadcast live on pair Kodi? pair Kodi is an application that allows users to broadcast live videos to their subscribers, as well as watch live webcasts. Presenters have the option to publicly broadcast or limit their broadcasts to a more specific audience. Periscope videos are available for 24 hours after they are released. In August 2015, just four months after its arrival on Twitter, Periscope announced that it had reached 10 million users worldwide.