There are a variety of suits available in the market with a broad range of prices. Spotting the difference between a cheap and costly suit depends on your expectation and budget. Expensive suits do not mean that the quality of cloth is good or better than the cheaper ones. The material may be valuable because of its brand name. The cloth may or may not be of high quality, but it is not necessary that the quality of the fabric must be better than the cheaper material.

If you pay may more and expect to get more than you might not always get more, so you must make up your mind on what suit you need to get for your appropriate occasion for the budget you have planned out.

Difference between Cheap & Expensive Suits

The following are some of the major difference:

  • The fit.
  • The Build Quality.
  • The Fabric.
  • The Service.

The Fit:

A cheaper suit gets designed with the aim that it should fit everyone who is a bigger size and everyone who are smaller in size. The suits get designed in a box shape that fits everyone. But expensive suits are designed with the aim that the suits must fit everyone perfectly. The expensive suits give you a correct fit, and it is intended based on everyone’s body shape and size. Even if you give the cheaper suit to your tailor and get it altered, it would not give you the fit the expensive suites provide.

The Build Quality:

The quality of the cloth and the materials used in the suit is not very good. Say for example you are buying a $200 suit from a retail store, imagine that the retailer would have bought it from the manufacturer for about half the price and the cost of manufacturing the suit can get very low. So you might get the quality of the price you pay. But then again this case may not be right in all cases.

If a suit has hand work in them, then it is going to cost you more money because hand work is art and artwork are something which you need to pay.

The Fabric:

The material milled from a cheaper suit is made from recycled wool in most of the time. While an expensive material gets made out of high-quality wool that lasts for a longer duration. Again this is not the case in all suits. Some suits are expensive, but they do not provide you with a good fabric so make sure that you get a good material for the price you buy.

The service:

The cheaper suits usually purchased from a cheaper store, and you might not get a tailored service there exclusively for you. You need to buy the suit and take it out to your tailor to get it altered. When you buy an expensive suit the shop, you buy the suit from might offer you a great personal tailor who might fix your buttons or any damages caused to the suit.