The process of getting braces fixed is simple as a reputable orthodontist will put them on you, you wear them, you get them taken off, then you wear a retainer. You might be knowing several people who are having or have had braces and chances that, you are among the statistics and that is why you are interested to read more concerning braces.

Here are some incredible facts about braces that you might have not known.

  1. They have been around for over 300 years

If you read more about the French physician Pierre Fauchard, who is known to be the father of modern dentistry, he is the one who invented the first braces in the year 1728. During that time, they only consisted of a flat metal piece that was connected to the teeth of the wearer using a thread. Almost 200 years later, Edward Angle, a dentist, made important advancements to effectively fix tooth alignment by creating in 1915, brackets by either using 18 or 14 karat gold due to their malleable properties.

  1. Braces Have More Function than Just Straightening Teeth

Although it is wonderful to have perfectly aligned teeth, one of the main benefits of putting on the brace is to fix your teeth. If your lower and upper teeth are not well balanced then that is a problem. A good dental is where your upper front teeth are covering your lower teeth making the cusps of your molars not to touch, and this is something that not many people enjoy nature. Apart from some people viewing braces as a cosmetic investment, apart from fixing your teeth, they can correct

  • Problems with swallowing and chewing food
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Breathing difficulties
  1. NASA Invented the Wire Type Which is Used For Braces

The wire which is used to create your braces was an invention by NASA. Though the development of Dr. Angle was a milestone in this direction, the braces made of gold were expensive for everyone to be able to afford. When NASA developed a metal alloy in 1959 called nickel-titanium, there was a giant leap in the field of orthodontics. Though the heat resistant metal was created for shuttles that were space-bound, it became good for making highly flexible, thin wires which could maintain the shape even after bending it and be able to attach it to the teeth of the wearer.

dental braces – lingual braces, before and after

  1. Why The Urge for Straight Teeth?

The desire to have straight teeth can be traced to the 18th century into ancient Egypt. It is a mystery how the people of ancient Egypt knew the health benefits of having healthy teeth or if it was just for beauty but some mummies were found to be wearing makeshifts in the form of braces. According to archeologists, the animal intestines which were wrapped around the teeth of the mummies in a design similar to the modern wiring of braces might have been an attempt by them to straighten teeth which were not straight.

  1. Not all Dentists are Orthodontists

Just the way that all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares, the same applies to orthodontists and dentists. Not all Dentists are Orthodontists, but all orthodontists are dentists. Orthodontists go to dental schools to specialize in the treatment and prevention of malocclusions and other irregularities in the teeth. So after dental school, they attend an additional one or two years in a residency program of orthodontic.

  1. There are Over 10 Different Types of Braces

When you look around people wearing braces, you might think that they are all the same. But if you read more, you will come to learn that, they are actually different types of braces. You, together with your orthodontist will decide on which braces are the right ones for you. There are braces that you can put on and they become invisible and thus, if you are the type who doesn’t want people to easily notice you have braces, you can go for this particular type.

  1. You, Will, Need to Unearth Some Myths

If you are thinking about putting on braces, you might be having questions about the dos and donts due to what has been doing rounds. Don’t allow the myths to get to you. Here are some of the myths about braces which you could be relieved to know the truth:

  • With braces, you will still play your favorite sports
  • You will be able to play your musical instruments including those that require you to use your mouth
  • Braces don’t get off metal detectors
  • Braces at no given time, do they interfere with the radio frequencies
  • There is no magnet in braces
  • You will not lock braces when you kiss someone else

So rest assured that, even after you put on your braces, you will not have to give up your favorite sports or hobbies; you won’t have issues with security at the airport, and there will be no trouble with your love life.

  1. Braces are Not Just for Teens and Tweens

In the past, braces were only meant or tweens and teens, but not in modern times and age. Several adults are going for braces to correct their dental problems. The earlier you get your child to undergo consultation, the earlier you will be able to correct any abnormalities in the dental formula. The recommended age by the American Association of orthodontists to get your child checked is 7 years.