Today it’s all about riding cross bikes and cyclocross and so let’s go cyclocross bikes and it might look fantastic for mountain bikers.

So, what cross bike race is great and It’s basically going off-road and it’s like many of us so here we are going to explain it in detail.

Basic Step to Follow

If you live near trails, which may be challenging if you don’t live near a beautiful mountain range, or if you’ve got few bits of a few bits of kind of hard patch and exactly or many areas of the UK pretty much.

Anywhere flattish or hippie cyclocross bikes, take average mountain bike trails that you may have progressed past can make them really fun.

I’ve always been interested in the cyclocross bikes when you proof have brought this one. Now if your tire is six 50 B It’s a really big tire.

Curious people want to know what is cyclocross and what type of bike need for it.

The monster cross there’s a monster crossbite. Yours is a 700 C. This I’ve actually borrowed from our colleagues and this is a Trek Crocket.

So, this is one of the Treks racing with cross bikes. So, you can see and there are a few key differences between this and probably the biggest one for me is the much narrower tires.

If you’ve got 47 then you’ve got a slight advantage there, but it’s still going to be fun and you’ve also got a dropper post.

I have got a drunk person and that’s bringing that man biking thing to it and that looks how wide minor compared to yours.

There are also key differences between this and a mountain bike got these brakes and It’s probably got wider tires and cross-country bikes had a few years ago.

So, not too much different there obviously it’s fully rigid again if you’re riding on trails that you find a bit simpler.

I think that makes it more fun and you know, I can’t wait to get out of there. We’re out here, Ashton court. There are a lot of trails here, so you’re going to teach me the fundamental bits of tips and tricks.

We’re going to run through a few skills that if you get across smoke, which personally I love cyclocross. I recommend you and he’s got more out of it.

Great so we’ve written the first little bit of trail first impressions and what are the big differences for you?

Trail Experience

It’s because I ride mountain bikes and then handlebars, literally like this and these are super wide compared to those and I thought my miss make it different and I’m super excited and curious what it’s like on the drops now.

Running through there, my whole-body weight, I’m like really low, but look, they’ve got to drop back and drop that saddle away when it comes to riding and also you need to concern about a neck injury.

Is there a preference like there or here on the hoods near the breaks or and I think broadly it’s a personal preference and like for most stuff, flat uphill and also gently downhill?

I’d probably be here and If I was chilling out on the flat or an uphill or not like in Charlotte, I do not bill anymore and I’d probably be here.

For certain slow speed downhills. That’d be all my hoods here and you know, like with these trombones, you’ve got a big car, you’ve got a big lever there, so you’ve got a really solid grip.

Then for like really steep kind of steep or faster downhills and I prefer to be here and there is no excuse. I just feel that you have more security when you’re there.

If you sink and like we said earlier, you are on a fully rigid bike and so if you hit a bump and you’re here and you’re not holding on properly, you just bounce off because you’re not holding it here.

It’s also more secure and You’re locked and can break, you can change gear and you also need to sort these all things carefully so when you jumped you should be careful.

It’s like and I feel like there are three minutes on the jumps and manipulate the bike a lot more than like pulling up because I feel like I pull them off.

Riding this on a mountain bike there’s full suspension is like we take this, been a trail for granted on how rough it is actually underneath you.

We get on one of these amazing races and everything changes. When you going on it’s really challenging and your line choice has to be the point is spot on.

It’s super important cause you hit a rock dead on and I did hit a rock and people also try to do it. You want to spit and I didn’t bring any different size tires on.

So, you got to pick your line super carefully and this is what we were saying earlier and you know some people will descend there but I think that’s the scent with the drops and stuff like that is really one where you want to be in the drops.

Just not being, I felt a little bit more secure I ride down like this, the first guy and the second guy went on the drops.

I was way better and alert my saddle, which I have the options, but sure and I’m sure it’s a good one and it’s a must for sure.

Remember it’s just a fixed step number. Bless your heart and we can go and it gets to get used to thinking like we’re ready to tie it all together. So, get off and get back on and there’s a bit in the middle and right.

For Mountain Biker

I think is probably most relevant to mountain bikers who are carrying your bike properly. So should have a look at that.

So first then get onto this other side of the boat. You can eat pedals ramps to be able to this one’s facing backward.

If you looking at this earlier with your bike and it’s a slightly smaller frame. So, you’re going to need to pick by the top tube. So, like that run underneath that and so like that.

So, if you lift in the back and you’re doing that and then you reach around the front. If your arms, no, your arms are enough.

There are some facts you must need to understand when you think about the cyclocross race and there is no need to feel any nervousness.

Then we can talk more about riding later and all together. We’re getting off the bike by putting it down. Then we got locked up and that was not a good get on there.

Now there is a question coming out what’s going on if I choose a gravel bike for the cyclocross race.

Like cyclocross run your bike across that field and I’m going to have to, but you can see what we were saying about a cyclocross. It’s not an inferior mountain bike.

It’s about making trails that you find less challenging but there are some basic things you need to focus on.

Especially on this greasy wet surface, but these little tires, which are called little compared to my two points, but thank you so much for giving me a bit of advice about, because I’ve not done a good.

It’s been good and I think I’m going to; I think after riding it and jumping in and how hard can I actually push them?


Here this content describes some basic and advanced topics about cyclocross and hopefully, this article helps you to figure out some critical issues.

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