There are different ways to enjoy Kratom, but tea is one of the most enjoyable forms. Our step-by-step guide on how to make Kratom tea will help you make a perfect cup each time you make one.

What you need for kratom tea

Making tea is an art, and the first step in every artwork is to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. When you’re making Kratom tea, you will need:

  • A tablespoon of powdered Kratom leaf as they can provide stable alkaloids that won’t break down with heat.
  • 2-4 cups of pre-boiled water, depending on how strong or light you want the flavor to be.
  • Two receptacles: one for preparing the Kratom leaf, and the other for the tea.
  • A tea bag that you can fill with Kratom or;
  • A fine strainer or filter to help separate the leaf from the liquid.
  • Spoon for stirring.
  • Taste enhancers such as lemon, honey, sugar, or artificial sweetener.

Water should be pre-boiled and hot enough to extract the alkaloids but not too hot that it will destroy the essential compounds. Also, the higher the volume of water, the weaker your tea will be. You can take a more diluted preparation if you’re still getting used to the taste. Just make sure you consume all of the tea to appreciate Kratom’s full effects.

How to make Kratom tea

There are two ways to prepare the Kratom tea. One is by steeping Kratom leaf in a cup, and the other is by heating a teapot.

Steeping method

  • Fill the teabag with a tablespoon of Kratom leaf and seal, or place a tablespoon of Kratom leaf powder in a cup with a lip.
  • Optional: add lemon juice and let the leaves soak to release the alkaloids.
  • Carefully pour the pre-boiled water while stirring the leaf gently to diffuse the leaves and remove the clumps.
  • Let the tea steep for 5-20 minutes, depending on the strain. If you’re not using a tea bag, let the leaves settle at the bottom of the cup.
  • Remove the tea bag or pour out the tea to a second cup with a strainer or filter. Be careful not to disturb the sediments as much as possible.

Hot pot method

  • Boil 2-4 cups of water in the pot, then take it out of the heat. Let it cool down for 3 minutes to prevent scalding the leaves and destroying the alkaloids.
  • Add your kratom leaves or prepared tea bag to the water, then put it back on the heat.
  • Keep it on a low simmer for 20 minutes. Don’t let the water come even to a near boil. You want gentle bubbling to help extract the alkaloids without damaging them.
  • After simmering, you can strain out the leaves or powder.

Ways to enjoy your Kratom tea

You can add taste enhancers depending on your preference to make drinking the tea more enjoyable. You can prepare as much as you want and then store in the fridge for a refreshing drink the next day. However, you can only keep your prepared Kratom tea for 5 days before it starts to become stale and lose its potency.

Two things can affect the intensity of the flavor and your tea’s strength: water volume and brewing time. The higher the water and the shorter the brew time, the weaker your tea will be. Adjust accordingly, and you’ll always look forward to your Kratom tea time.