When it comes to comfortable living, we all stand on a united front. Nobody likes to endure hardships in their living spaces; there is enough of that in the world. A beautiful home in a beautiful place and what more can you wish for? Acting on this very dream, Riverfront Residences have brought to you a listing of homes (distributed across different acreage) that you can book and buy.

And the best part of the deal s that they are all water facing views in the scenic locations of Switzerland! The project has opened up and the plots are being sold fast. If you have been looking forward to having a place of your own next to the open waters, then this is the best opportunity that you are going to get. Make the most of it and get in touch with them now.

A view worth trying for:

The agreement of the holding company has been based on the 99 years model that was so popular once. It is making its return to the arena now in form of lease holdings. But contrary to short term lease facilities, this one works for a very long period of time making sure that at least three generations of the family get to share the house before they have a need to file for renewal of the lease.

What makes Riverfront Residences so very attractive to the buyers is the fact that there have been no other new properties opening up in the vicinity recently. In other words, this is the only opportunity that you are going to get. If you decide to look it up online, you will get all the relevant information that relates to the area under development and the actual site location that the project is based at.

Living standards:

The developer has paid due attention to the needs of the society. Some constructions are almost near their completion. These structures comprise of the basic necessities of an area like schools, hospitals and shopping centers. All these projects have been finalized beforehand to make sure that even the earliest settlers get to make the most of local opportunities and not have to endure hardships in leading their daily life.

The roads have been laid out to make sure that the view of the waterfront is not obstructed in spite of the moving traffic and growing architecture. Thus, the place stays true to its promise of a riverside view to your residence.

All those matters aside, Switzerland is in itself one of the most attractive locations to live in and make use of. The facilities here are exclusive to the country and it has often been voted as the happiest and the most viable country to live in. Its geographical location makes it a center for pleasant cold weather. You get to witness fresh breeze all round and cherish the splendid view that you get courtesy of the Riverfront Residence property developers. Special offer can be meted out to the early birds who approach for their booking.

A condo in front of the river:

Few get that opportunity to spend their days in a lavish condo and even few get to enjoy it in front of a river. The task was not an easy one to accomplish but the collective pull of a number of investors proved enough. A conglomerate of 3 holders came together to make it possible for the project to happen. They hold independent and separate stakes in the project and are responsible for individual legs of the overall undertaking. The three: KSH Holdings, Oxley Holdings and Lian Beng Group have a collective worth that crosses USD 500 million in the market. Add to that the immense experience acquired over years and you have yourself a rare combination of wisdom and practicality coupled with money and opportunity.

The project is based at Hougang Town and is quite a prime location in itself. It is close to all the major landmarks and the city borders. Along with scenic location, you are also guaranteed ease of mobility. If you are more inclined towards the environments then you would be happy to know that there would be no need for you to avail personal transportation as the public transport system in these areas is quite efficient and capable of carrying you from one point to the other in a given time.

The Riverfront Residence:

You can get in touch with the developers for getting to know more about the project. Financing options are also available for those who wish to seek it. A huge amount of time and money has been invested into the project to ensure that not only the construction but related activities are completed on time and the sale and acquisition activities take of timely.