Today, the online communication strategy is the most important part of a global communication strategy. For this reason, it is necessary to know the most consulted digital newspapers to be able to address them.

In an online strategy, it is essential to get mentions, visibility, and links in digital newspapers. In addition, the more audience and traffic this medium has, the better since it will help your SEO and positioning in Google.

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We are increasingly digitally connected to reality both by social networks and by the most powerful digital media in the country and therefore an appearance in an online medium will guarantee you much more traffic and visibility.

The sum of ‘elite’ digital newspapers in our country is approximately 50, with a scope of national influence and influence capable of attracting important advertising advertisers.

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One of the companies that measure these audiences reports more than 330 headlines with news in the content and that meet the minimum requirements to enter this measurement.

And, with that, we Spaniards have a wide catalog that, although 50 make up most of the informative ‘monopoly’, there are more than 300 information proposals without counting blogs, local news portals, or other corporate companies.

Remember, we are only mentioning native digital newspapers here. That is, there are many more online versions of national media such as El País, El Mundo, Expansión, or Cinco Días, among many others.

Both the national press, radio and television have their online portals, however, in this article, we are going to focus on native digital newspapers.

The Ranking Of The Most Consulted Digital Newspapers

digital newspapers ranking

The digital newspapers that currently exist have very different data from the former with respect to the latter. From the twenty-four thousand readers, unique users of course, from the one with the lowest quota to the thirteen million unique visitors that the leader has.

In Spain, barely twenty digital newspapers have half a million users, there are another 7 that are between half a million and a million unique visitors and there are 11 that move in a section of more than one million. The leader marks a not inconsiderable figure of approximately 17 million visits, which is also a sustained and sustainable figure.

Here we leave you with the ranking of the 10 most consulted digital newspapers:

The Spanish

This digital newspaper peaked with more than 17 million unique visitors a few dates ago. This implies that at least half of the total readers read Spanish, but not exclusively. The total of visits exceeds 160 million according to the latest data.

The Confidential

The latest data shows figures of more than 15 and a half million readers. It is an important figure and it also consolidates the importance of managing information online.

Digital Economy

It reaches a third of digital press readers in Spain, with almost eleven and a half million unique readers and 121 million total visits.

OK Daily

With figures practically identical to those of the previous one, eleven million four hundred thousand unique readers bet on this digital newspaper. They are also a third of the total number of digital readers in Spain.


With more than eleven million two hundred thousand readers, it ranks right in the middle of this ranking. In a month its number of visits is around 90 million, also depending on the news as in all cases.

Huffington Post Spain

There are nine million unique readers that this project has in Spain. 26% of the total number of digital press readers in our country and has to its credit about 50 million monthly visits.


With a total of seven million unique visitors, they account for 20% of the total number of digital press readers in Spain. As a matter of interest, its best results are found among readers over 50 years of age.

Digital Freedom

An audience of almost seven million unique visitors to its website is the data of this online project. It represents 20% of all digital readers.

Digital Journalist

The project that is growing the most in recent years. With figures very similar to those of Libertad Digital, almost 50 million visits are recorded per month on a regular basis.

Diario Sites

The last of this group of digital newspapers collect figures of five million unique visitors and more than six hundred thousand users.

As you can see, in this ranking of the most consulted digital newspapers, the newspaper portals that were born offline and then created their digital version are taken out of the equation.

Newspapers such as El Mundo, El País, La Vanguardia, ABC, etc. .. are not included in this ranking, which is exclusively due to newspapers born digitally.

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