As much as we love to organize our trips on our own, we were not born knowing everything. Preparing a trip is part of its adventure. That is why we make use of traditional travel guides, not only to organize them but also to seek travel inspiration.

There are many hours we spend with paper and pencil investigating what the next destination can offer us. It is there where the tingling begins that produces you to undertake a new adventure. The moment to leaf through the guide to travel page by page, expectant of what the next page will reveal to us.

For this reason, today we want to recommend the best travel guides that have come into our hands and have made us discover the destination in a special way:

Guides to travel around the world

Recommended travel guides

Did you know that there is more than one world travel guide? In this article with the best travel guides, I want to start looking for inspiration. The world is so big that sometimes it is difficult for us to even choose a continent to travel to. That is why the following guides for travelers seem essential to me:

The world – Lonely Planet

His name says it all. This Lonely Planet travel guide gives the traveler the whole world in one book. It takes us on a tour of planet Earth, country by country, highlighting the most important places in each of them and the basic information to know. Reading a travel guide like this can be an adventure in itself. Try closing your eyes and randomly placing your finger on one of its pages. That will be your next travel destination.

50 Great trips to take in life – Globetrotter

There are several travel guide publishers. It is clear that Lonely Planet is well-known, but we must not forget Trotamundos by the hand of Anaya Touring. His guides from him usually offer a more personal, close, and deep component to the trip. This guide to “50 Great Trips to Take in Life ” has been one of our latest acquisitions and we are delighted. We want a guide to travel and not to cross countries off the list. In this book, we will find, by continents, routes that can take us through one country or more. Some are mythical, like Route 66 or the Silk Road. What they all have in common is that they tell us a story.

Where and When – Lonely Planet

In this selection of world guides, I wanted to add one with a useful and different touch. The “Where and When” guide will provide us with where to travel depending on which month we have vacations. It is not the same to travel to Japan in March with the cherry blossom as in the middle of summer with the suffocating humidity. So this tourist guide will make your job easier.

Are you going to tour Europe? We did a great deal of research to prepare for our two-month route through Europe and there were many travel guide books that we leafed through. Here are recommendations for travel guides for Europe:

Travel in freedom through Europe

Europe may be much easier to get around than Asia or America, but it still has a huge number of destinations and routes. During our two-month route through Europe, we noticed the numerous corners and unknown towns with a lot of charm. In this tourist guide, they offer you 30 essential routes to do in Europe and you can buy them on Amazon.

150 plans to conquer Madrid–Oberon

We could spend thousands of words talking about guides through the countries of Europe, so I want to recommend a couple of guides that are very different from each other. This has been one of the last acquisitions that we have had. This Madrid guide is one of those guides for travelers who want to discover the destination in a different way. As the name says, if you decide to buy this guide you will get a lot of different plans of what to do in Madrid. In addition, it is so light that you can carry it in your backpack.

Switzerland – Lonely Planet

Now we go to a very different type of travel guide. This guide to Switzerland brings us the most important places to see in the country, proposed itineraries, and practical information. They are the traditional guides of the good price that will give us the essential information to prepare for our trip. We quite like this one from Switzerland, but there is the same format for almost all destinations. It depends on the tastes of each one who chooses a travel guide, one more inspiring or another more practical.

South America for Backpackers

This is not a guide to read on a trip. It is a fat book loaded with information from each country in South America. They gave it to us at an event and the truth is that we have leafed through it many times. Backpacking or not, it gives a lot of information if you plan a route through South America and not just one country. In addition, it proposes travel itineraries and talks about culture, safety, tradition, and basic information about each country.

America on 4 Wheels

The American continent has a fairly large area of ​​land. Therefore, considering a trip to America can mean many things. If what you are looking for is to make a trip to North America, we recommend this travel guide to discover everything that the United States, Canada, and Mexico offer from a close point of view. Also, this is one of many Kindle travel guides, meaning you can read it digitally and not physically.

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