Many of the people are addicted to consuming weed or cannabis. However, the drug is easy to detect in a urine test. So, if you are going for a medical test that includes a test of urine for substances and if you have consumed weed the previous day, then it is highly possible that you are going to be detected with cannabis consumption. With many employers asking for a complete medical test and a urine test for detecting substances, the situation is a wearisome one and all you think of is to pass weed out of your system. So this article is for those weed consumption who fear getting caught in a urine test. This article is all you need to know.

How Long Does Weed (Cannabis) Stay In the Urine?

Well, this is a question all weed lovers must seek knowledge of. The time you can finally relax and forget the fear of getting caught. This generally varies from person to person, basically on the frequency of the consumption of weed.

Our body cells generally tend to gel well with the cannabis metabolites. This means that the levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the active component found in weed, in our body rises as the intake of weed increases. Thus, this simply states that an avid consumer of weed has the substance present in his/ her urine longer than a first-time consumer of weed.

Generally, if one has smoked the pot only once, this urine will still test positive for the substance for up to eight days. However, the count of days rises to 18 for those who smoke weed thrice or four times a week. Regular consumers of weed can be caught for up to a good 30 days through the urine test. For the heaviest of weed smokers, the substance can be detected in the urine for about 45 days to a long 77 days.

However, the experts suggest that after a good three months, one is safe for the urine test.

It is also to be noted that this also depends on every individual with varying metabolism rate and certain other factors.

To summarize, the factors or aspects on which weed can be detected in urine can be listed as follows:

  • The time for which one has been smoking weed.
  • How frequent is the weed smoked?
  • How fast is the metabolism rate for an individual?
  • The percentage or fraction of the weed component (THC) one has smoked.
  • The body weight and body fat percentage.

How does THC end up in the Urine?

The urine test detects the substances which the body has produced as waste. This simply states that the THC consumed is metabolized and the waste excreted for the body which is known as a metabolite. The waste form of THC is THC-COOH, also called ‘carboxy’ in technical terms. This THC-COOH joins with uronic acid termed as glucuronic acid. This is passed from the body as urine.

Thus, to sum up, when one intakes or smokes weed, that is, when one inhales the THC in the weed, our body metabolises it quickly making one high in quick time. Our body then is responsible for converting this psychoactive THC into inactive THC-COOH, which is eventually detected in an individual’s urine.

How is the Urine Test for Weed Conducted?

Analysis of the urine for a substance like weed or any drug is the most common test of detecting it. The test can be easily be carried on with a requirement of just a urine sample of the subject.

The urine sample is passed through a screening test to detect the threshold sensitivity level. In case if the levels of targeted metabolites (THC-COOH) are found under the requisite of 50 ng/ mL, then the urine sample is marked negative for weed, meaning one passes the test. However, if the urine sample has THC levels exceeding 50 ng/ mL, then the urine sample is passed through a second test.

The second test encompasses the use of advanced equipment. The test uses a Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometer for analysing the urine for levels up to 15 ng/mL. This makes the detection of the substance extremely precise and accurate. If the urine sample is found to have more than 15 ng/mL levels, the test is considered positive for the substance and one fails the test.

There are other tests for the detection of weed such as hair follicle drug test, saliva drug test, blood serum drug test.

What to Do to Get Weed Out of your Body?

If one probably cannot escape the test and fears taking the test. There are certain ways one can pass positively through the urine test.

These tests involve several ways to pass the test. This includes certain things such as using synthetic urine or using a friend’s urine in case of an unsupervised test, using detoxifying agents or making use of detox pills.

There are even certain home remedies that will help to pass the urine test.

Also, drinking lots of water and intaking fluids can help to excrete THC-COOH out of the body. Exercising regularly and adding cardio exercises to the gym routine for more body sweat can also help. Moreover, having a diet rich in fibres helps to excrete the waste substance out of the body rapidly.


However, the most important thing here is to stop inhaling the toxic drug of weed. It does no good to the body and might result in avid addiction which can eventually result in chronic and serious health issues. So, stop consuming weed in the first place. Perhaps, if you have consumed already and want to pass the test, refer for the ways of passing the urine test on But make it a point to stop consuming the harmful drug for the betterment of one’s health.