The use of Kratom varies, ranging from energy boost and stimulation to deep relaxation and physical comfort. The leaves are often ground to loose-leaf or powder that you can take as is or steep to make tea. Tablets are also available for fast swallowing if you’re tastebuds are acutely aware of the herb. With so many possibilities to take Kratom, is vaping Kratom an option?

Why should you even consider vaping Kratom?

It’s normal for you to be shocked at the mere thought of vaping Kratom. For years, Kratom use involves taking the botanical orally either by chewing or drinking. However, there some anecdotal reports wherein some will roll cured leaves and smoke it. The taste of burning leaves is a bit overpowering, so it’s only for a very select few.

There isn’t a lot of research about vaping Kratom, and there’s no technology created for this specific purpose. Some show interest in vaping because you get Kratom’s essential components in vapor form minus burnt materials.

Unlike ingesting, vaping delivers the full potency of Kratom almost directly and instantly. Vapor travels from your mouth to your lungs down to the air sacks and is distributed to the bloodstream. You don’t have to wait for your body to digest the alkaloids and get half of it eliminated in the liver.

How will you vape Kratom?

You can vape the botanical in two ways:

Using a dry herb vaporizer

Herbal vaporizers have continually evolved to vaporize essential oils from herbs without producing smoke. The device heats the botanicals through direct heat contact (conduction) or hot air (convection).

The vaporization happens inside the oven, leaving behind dry, crisp leaves. Because of this, it is believed that vaping produces fewer toxins as there’s no combustion involved. Some vaporizers have pre-set temperatures, while others allow you to set the temperature in increments.

Dry herb vaporizers can heat your Kratom leaves to 347°F-392°F. You need to note that these vaporizers are specifically designed for cannabis, which is denser and sticker. Since vaporizers are specifically designed for cannabis, you need a vaporizer that has a deep chamber. This is because Kratom leaves are dryer and looser, which means they can potentially burn in a small oven.

Using a liquid vaporizer or e-Cigarettes

Kratom concentrates are also available, and you can add them to e-liquids or concentrates. Just like dry herb vaporizers, these devices have a temperature control setting. Others prefer this method because e-liquids come in different flavors, which can help make vaping Kratom more pleasant.

The downside is that Kratom extract is hard to get by, and they can be costly. You can make your own extract, although the process can be a bit complicated.

Things to consider when vaping Kratom

Although you get faster and stronger results from vaping, the problem is that you need a larger amount of kratom leaf or powder. Also, The quality of experience you’ll get from vaping Kratom is dependent on the quality of the product you’re going to vape. You should get Kratom leaves only from trustworthy vendors who don’t cut corners with their products.

The lack of Kratom regulation makes some vendors see this as an opportunity to sell subpar leaves. You should get them from companies that conduct third-party lab tests and confidently show the results. Ensure your safety by learning more about where you’re going to buy Kratom so that you’ll get what you deserve.