The La Manana host referred to the message of the singer Madonna for the “liberation” of Britney Spears from the “abusive” guardianship. It has weighed on her.

The journalist Víctor Hugo Morales highlighted the gesture of the “queen of pop.” Madonna supports the #FreeBritney movement that demands the release of superstar Britney Spears from guardianship. It has weighed on her and that prohibits her from making her own decisions. “She is a fighter who supports Britney for what she is suffering,” he exclaimed.

The main fact of the news

“It is one of those facts that become curious in the world but that are also really cruel. I want to highlight the role of Madonna who for many reasons is a much-admired woman. A combatant and openly supports Britney Spears for what she is suffering,” said the driver of La Manana in AM750.

Madonna shared a photo of herself with a “Britney Spears” T-shirt on her Instagram stories in which she wrote: “Bring this woman back to life. Slavery was abolished long ago. Death to the greedy patriarchy who has been doing this to her women for centuries.

For Morales, the singer of hits like prayer is a “true diva who whenever she has to say something she sends all the words that correspond.” “He supported everything that this young woman is suffering who rejects the guardianship imposed on her for reasons that have completely aged,” he considered.  “Spears, on the other hand, let us remember, she appeared before the Los Angeles court to ask for the end of the guardianship. It weighs on her and reappears in the information for this that Madonna has dedicated to her. We hope that indeed what Madonna claims is make it happen, “he stressed.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge recently denied a motion

It was Wednesday to remove Jamie Spears as guardian of the estate of her daughter, Britney Spears. Although the decision was made a week after the singer’s strong testimony, Judge Brenda Penny’s decision was not the result of that hearing.

The decision was made following a request made in November last year. In which Britney’s attorney asked that the Bessemer Trust serve as co-guardian alongside the singer’s father. Now, Judge Penny has decided that Jamie Spears will continue to control her daughter’s money. But gave rise to the singer’s request and allowed trust to act as co-guardian.

The pop idol has been under this “curatorship” by her father, according to what they said at the time. Britney was not in the mental condition to be autonomous.  Currently, legal guardianship is divided into two parts: the staff, still supervised by Jodi Montogomery. He temporarily replaced Jamie when he presented health problems. The financial one over the father still exercises control along with a fund investment.

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