Conservatories were originally invented by the Victorians so they could bring delicate plants inside over the winter and conserve them – hence the name. Nowadays they’re more often used as a cheap and easy way of extending the living space in a home.

Provided it doesn’t exceed certain size limits, a conservatory won’t usually require planning permission, so it’s little wonder that they’re popular with homeowners. But exactly what can you use a conservatory for? These days it’s about more than looking after your plants.

Living Space

You can of course use your conservatory to extend your living space. You can use it as an extra sitting room and take advantage of the natural light to show off light-colored furniture that you can highlight with darker cushions or rugs. You can add solar inserts to help control the temperature so that it’s usable more of the time.

Another popular use of conservatories is as an extension to a dining room. By exploiting a mix of natural and artificial light, you can create a dining experience to suit any mood and use the space all year round.

Adding a conservatory to the kitchen allows you to have an extra space in which guests or family members can relax and chat whilst food is being prepared. It also means that the cook isn’t shut off from what’s happening

Other Uses

Increasing numbers of people work from home at least part of the time, and a conservatory can make a great home office. Using solar inserts by Polycool, you can ensure it doesn’t suffer uncomfortable extremes of temperature. The natural light makes it an ideal space for creative work such as design.

The same things that make it a good office space also make a conservatory good for hobbies. If you’re into crafts, painting, or model-making, the light and space are ideal. Select the right furniture and you can simply close the doors on your work so you don’t have to clear it away every time.

You could of course use your conservatory for its original purpose. For enthusiastic gardeners, a conservatory means a wider range of flowers and plants can be grown. It also extends the gardening season, allowing you to enjoy plants all year round by having them indoors.